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This is a great podcast, but it sounds like it’s recorded in a cement mixer. Echo is horrible. Please get a better mic and record this in a room with decent acoustics.
Father Finelli is a much needed bright light and very true to the faith. We need many more priests of his caliber. Thank you for all that you do and say Father Finelli. πŸ™πŸ»
I absolutely love this podcast! The iPadre is down to earth and absolutely in love with Christ and His Church. His delivery is smooth and convincing. Subscribe now!!!
Fr. Finelli is wonderful and real in his podcast and very relevant. Thank you.
I love IPadre he is very interesting!!! I HOPE everything is ok??? were are you??
Thank you Father for your recent lenten series. Your podcasts are always informative and uplifting.
I have learned so much and listening daily has helped deepen my faith and understanding by light years. Fr. Jay is one of the best.
I love this podcast, Fr Jay is informative, reverant, and passionate. Truely brings great information to catholics.
Father Finelli's podcast is in my opinion the best source of Catholic catechism, culture, and "much, much more" there is. Simply the best.
Great job Fr Jay! You give us a little bit of everything: great message, inspiring music, encouragement from correspondence.. Very well thought out.. Divinely inspired without a doubt. Your love comes through in your voice. This is a better way for me to make use of my iPod touch! Thank you very much. I am learning more clearly about how to put my faith in practice in these times. This really supplements direction. God bless!
Father Finelli's "iPadre" podcast is wonderful! I found it while browsing at the SQPN podcasts. I love the enthusiastic intro music, the advice he gives is always interesting and helpful , and the music that he plays between stories I find very compelling! I always look forward to what music Father will play and the comment letters he responds to. A definate Podcast to subscribe to!
Thanks Fr. Jay. Fr. John Randall was a great guest. You two make a powerful team broadcast team. I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit come through in your voices. I have experienced the power of the Spirit in my life and am continually looking and listening so that I may discern where the Spirit is leading me. I would love to be entered for a copy of Fr. Randall's book. If I don't win one, I surely will buy one. My wife Claire and I are truly faithful people of God and we have both devoted ourselves to the service of our Church. Thanks to you for all your hard work. I really appreciate the time you spend producing these podcasts. Your friend in Christ: Don Arsenault
Fr. Jay's love of his flock is evident through his podcast. It is like a one-on-one talk with a priest about all topics of our faith.
Father Finelli tells it like it is in a most peaceful manner. Thanks for all you do! God Bless
Great Podcast Father. I downloaded all of the episodes available and listened to them and am now current. Love the teaching and your love for what you do. Keep teaching and enlightening us on the teachings of the church!
Dear Padre Your Christmas special was a divine gift to me. Thank you so very much. Myra from Miami Florida
Padre, thank you for your wonderful and inspiring shows on all the variety of topics, they keep me educated and entertained! I only have 1 small problem and that is I am not in your parish :( Hope to meet you someday here on Earth or eventually up there ;-) Mark
Fr. Finelli, thanks for all the work you do on your podcasts. I love to learn about the church and all the information you speak on is great help and inspirational too. Lori
Some podcasts have come, and gone, from my iPod, but iPadre is here to stay!!!!
Essential Food for catholic thought.
I am new to this podcast and just love it. Fr. Finelli will keep you grounded in your faith, which is something we desperately need in this day and age. It's very well produced, entertaining, and most of all uplifting. Keep up the great work Father!!
Love this Podcast. Thank you so much Fr. Jay for bringing us closer to Christ:)
It is nice to learn a few new things about my faith and also to have some long held beliefs reinforced. Thank you Father Finelli.
What an awesome podcast!! It's perfect for old and new Catholics alike. I have tried several podcasts but the one I keep coming back to is iPadre and Father Jay. It is the perfect fit for me and my family. Thank you for all that you do Father Jay. May God always Bless you and the iPadre Podcast. Your Brother in Christ, Joe
This is a great podcast!!!
Fr. Jay Finelli often times has very insightful comments and the podcast is worth listening to.
Fr. Jay has the heart, compassion, and knowledge to bring meaning and passion to all things catholic. This podcast is a must have for all believers and non-believers.


Great podcast. I love listening to and learning more about our Faith
Father Finelli is a warm and deeply spiritual priest. He is able to deliver a wealth of information on the Catholic Church including history and current events in such a way that you feel you are listening to a friend. A must have in a good spiritual podcast library.


Excellent catholic podcast! Fr. Jay is a great host. His podcasts are both informative about the Catholic faith and entertaining. You will enjoy.
Fr Jay is such a blessing. In particular the Stations of the Cross have been a special blessing this year. The podcast really helped me to feel the passion of our Lord. God bless this ministry.
His podcasts are very reflective and holy, while at the same time I feel like I'm listening to a friend and occasionally having a lighthearted laugh :)
The thing I like most about Father Jay is that his love and humility shine through in everything he says in his podcast. Here is a truly loving, humble priest that is on fire about spreading the Catholic faith and inspiring and educating as many people as he can through his podcast. He answers all questions and has terrific homilies. If the homilies at your own church are somewhat "lacking," tune into Father Jay's podcast and I promise you will learn a lot about the faith. God bless you Father Jay!!
I'm not into "preachy" shows, but Fr. Jay manages to teach the faith in a gentle and interesting way. Each show is different, with topics like a visit to a factory that make altar bread, to sound seeing tours, interviews, and more. Listen to a few episodes and you'll see what I mean.
I have listened to a number of different Podcasts and I have to say, with all due respect to everyone else, that Fr. Finelli is my favorite. I enjoy the format of his podcast; I like the way he teaches the Catholic faith, his passion, and the real desire he shows in wanting to connect with all who are listening.
What an interesting and informative podcast, just right for learning about and deepening your Catholic faith. Keep them coming, thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to the next one, and keep them for future reference.
Great Podcast. Very inspirational!
Father Jay,I enjoyed this podcast about how the Hosts are made.Once again you educate me,. Thank you and God Bless you!
ipadre has quickly become my absolute favorite podcast. Father Finellis' teaching is orthodox, the music choices are great and the podcast itself is fun and engaging. Never a boring moment! I will continue to listen and tell my friends and family.
Hi Father, just listened to your podcast on the Multiplication of Loaves. I was fascinated by the process and it never occurred to me where all the hosts came from. Cool how a small state such as yours can supply so much of the world with altar bread. It must be a very efficient operation. Appreciate all the work you do. PS. I'm curious to know which breads are used where (ie. small, large, thick, thin, WW, etc.) Roger Red Deer, Alberta
Father Jay is great at teachng us a variety of things about being Catholic. He mixes his topics up well so that you don't get bored of the same themes week after week. Very fun podcast.
Fr. Jay Finelli is a very well spoken and lovable priest. If you think of Roman Catholic Priests as boring or out of touch, listening to Fr. Finelli will change your point of view. His love of people, pets, trains and technology shows his very human side, but does not detract from his love of God, the Sacraments or his faith. Give him a listen. I highly recommend episode 139 and his homily on the conversion of St. Paul.
I love to listen to Fr. Jay talk about any subject. He is kind and passionate. I look forward to each new episode.
Fr. Jay has created the best Podcast on the net. His insight will help anyone understand what it means to be Catholic in the 21st century!
Father Jay Finelli, the iPadre, with his wonderful Rhode Island accent is lots of fun while sharing the faith for us all. It is my absolutely favorite podcast (and when he does it there is ChantCast, rare but worth keeping as well.)
Fr. Jay will help you learn about the Catholic faith in a very simplistic, interesting manner. He takes the time to answer all his listeners questions, which shows that he is truly concerned with all his listeners.
I absolutely love Fr. Jay's quiet, patient voice. But more than anything, I love his devotion and care of his vocation and his dedication in sharing the Catholic faith with the entire world, one soul at a time. A good man, a good friend, and a good priest, all rolled into one great podcast.


Fr. Jay's topics are always hold my attention. There's always something to learn when you listen.