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Hi guys, I really love this podcast, I like the two person hosting style that you use, especially when you do an interview. I can't believe I only found out about this last month, I have downloaded and listened to almost all of your previous podcasts and they are so great. Please do more interviews, you guys are really good at them and always find such fine people to come on your show. I have traveled to India (form Alaska, my home)for two long trips so far and I swear I am going to move to Mumbai soon, and then I will buy you guys drinks nonstop until you let me join your team!!!!!!! Keep up the good work, you are truly a part, of making modern India, a great nation.
A diverse and varied cast of characters keep you updated with the happenings in India and around the world. Keep up the good work guys. Love your podcast.
Guys , you are doing a fantastic job. I am an iPhone user and came across your podcasts by chance while searching for something else . Since then I have been hooked on. This has literally replaced the lackluster local radio (while driving )for me . Keep up the good work, and don't worry too much about the lack of big following or higher number of reviews . I am pretty sure you guys will hit big soon . Keep it honest , enjoyable , simple and non commercial like now !
Good analysis. Better if reviewer sticks to Hindi, would be more free flowing I think. Overall good attempt.
An insight into news stories from India that I cannot get from anyone else.
I stumbled upon this podcast last week and should say it is very interesting. On one of the podcasts (Episode #44 about Govt. Subsidies), the comment Ritika made about Mr. Naidu took me down memory lane. I am basically from the outskirts of Tirupati about an from where Mr Naidu was born and went to school and heard this comment almost everyday he was the Chief Minister. The first of three podcasts I heard was about Mr. Santosh Ostwal and I have one word to sum up the interview and more importantly Mr. Ostwal. WOW. Keep up the good work, S Reddy.
Really nice podcast. Just enough personality without wandering too far off topic, the two person format works really well to touch upon the big issues, even when I disagree with the presenters, I find them engaging to listen to.
they are both so funny and great topics. I love the dosti (friendship) between them. Keep up the great work!!!
Great the free form...good work.
I like their free wheeling conversation. They are true trend setters in Indian podcasting.
Hey guys, I wanted to thank you. I appreciate your insight and humor. I am an American twentysomething who will be moving to India in a couple of months. It's good to hear what other young people have to say about these important issues, when there are no preconceived judments involved. Thanks for you honesty and your playful attitude. Please continue doing this!


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