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Repeat episodes... cutoff episodes...ad volume louder than actual podcast, I have to adjust my volume every time... you’re better off watching it on TV... get it together CBS!
I love 60 minuets however I hope one improvement can be made to keep the sound volume the same for both advertisements and the program. All advertisements are so loud comparing with the program. I have to adjust the volume every time they come on. I hope it’s an easy fix. Thank you for making the program more enjoyable to listen to.
I love 60 Minutes, and I would give this podcast version of it a higher rating if the producer would just take a minute to modulate the sound when transitioning to and from the commercials. There is nothing more irritating than having my eardrums blasted out every time a commercial comes on! Let’s face it - this is not TV, where you have to blast the commercials because people go to the kitchen or the bathroom, and you don’t want them to miss your commercial. I listen with my headphones, and the phone goes with me when I move! I usually listen while I’m working, and it’s really annoying to have to lower the volume at each commercial, then raise the volume at the end of the commercial so I can actually hear the program. This is the only reason I’m giving 3 stars.
I love 60 mins, but the dumb Rocket Mortgage ad volume is WAY too loud. If I’m listening to this, volume adjusted for for proper episode volume, as soon as the ad comes on, it blows my speakers out and would give anyone with hypertension a stroke. PLEASE LOWER THE ADVERT VOLUME. If not for that issue, I would give 5 stars easily.
This is a chance to listen to the show that has been aired the week before. One of the best written news shows on TV. The listener gets the opportunity to truly hear how well these stories are composed. Strongly recommend.
Podcast content is great, but deafening ads the podcast. Consistent audio levels should not be a challenge.
I had to unsubscribe today because I can't stand 60 minutes any more. It's too depressing every single week it's about Russia or Syria. Then overcompensate with a feel good story animals or musicians. Please it's too much. Give it some variety. In sick of stories about Russia or Syria. His is not the cbs Russia Syria program. Just wanted somethings informative and interesting to end the weekend or start the week but this just gets me down and annoys me at the same time. I'll give it a rest for a few months and check back if there is something besides wall to wall Russia hacking and Syria bombing episodes. Please for the love of all good things mix it up a little. !!!
I don’t understand how a program like 60 minutes doesn’t even review their own content before publishing. That would get rid of all the problems with this pod
Your sponsor ads are 3 times louder than the important content. It’s really painful.
The ads at the beginning of each program are 12db louder than the entire rest of the episode. It's absurd to do this with headphone media. There's also no indication when story re-runs are published so you'll burn data on that. 60 minutes is a great program, but this implementation is poor.
It’s great to have the podcast version so I can listen on my way to work and not regret missing the show.
You will get 1 piece every 5-6 shows that's not a fluff piece. What you do get is a question leading attempt to prove the reporters personal stance instead of what the facts are. And please quit playing the commercials at twice the volume the show is at. Does FCC laws apply to podcasts?
I only clicked on this to hear the Steve Bannon interview.


do you keep posting CBS Sunday morning instead of 60 Minutes. this has happened several times.
So Its Good content often. Always leading question and not always the tough questions. Very bad podcasts publisher. Used to publish Old episodes again and again so i quit subscribing
This could be good but there are way too many reruns covering the same shows again and again ;0(
The Clock's Ticking On “60 Minutes".
This is in interesting story's me and my friends love to listen to this station when we are bored


By Joect.
I've been a loyal 60 minutes viewer/listener for 25 years. Never missed an episode. I love discovering new facts and seeing things from a new or more insightful point of view. But lately I've been screening the episodes to weed out Trump hit pieces and anti Trump propaganda. I don't see why they're going there. It's insulting to Trump supporters and not at all enlightening to Trump haters. They should stick to what makes them great and leave thier personal biases out.
The fact that 60 just had four people blaming Terrance Krutcher for being killed is enough for me! She killed that man and had he been white they would have asked more difficult questions.


You don't have to use this populist, money grubbing Itunes to hear (and NOT view) 60 Minutes---just go to CBS and see both.
I enjoy it
60 minutes hasn't aged well and they aren't able to produce content that keeps up with the rest of the news media. There are great stories here and there, but overall it isn't good quality.
Audio podcast of the TV show. Even without the video (a common complaint through these reviews), the stories are entertaining and informative. Only complaint (which I *think* they finally fixed) was the sadist producer of the podcast who thought it was a great idea to BLAST THE COMMERCIALS IN BEWTEEN SEGMENTS AS LOUD AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD! And also, like the TV show, they have a tendency to rerun old segments on new episodes. Other than that, it's really great.
Why isn't this working it always says unable it's been this way for the last couple weeks
I really like 60 Minutes and wish I could listen to it as I do most podcasts with the earphones on. However the CBS show podcasts are produced with PlayIt which has comically, brain-rattlingly loud ads that blast away. It is clear that the editors never listen to their full shows with earphones because no one could endure the volume shift from the show to the BLASTING ad volume. (I wouldn't mind the ads at all if they weren't consistently played at what seems like 50x the volume of the shows.)
The commercials are turned way up in volume- this is extra terrible if you are listening via headphones.
Since I watched 60 minutes on TV. I can't say for sure whether I've changed and grown more skeptical during the intervening decades or if the show has suffered a loss in quality and integrity. The stories now seem too neatly wrapped up and too full of propaganda to be believable. Sorry, 60 minutes. I'm not buying it.
I decided I wanted to get going on 60 Minutes again. When I downloaded it on the podcast part of iTunes it came with a Play.it banner on the top of the picture. On playback instead of no commercials you get a BLASTING Play.it ad!!!!!!!! I'd say about 4 times louder than the show audio. Turn it down or it's gone off my player! I'm not always right next to my player to turn it down, and I'm not going to put up with it! Update- 12/23/15 I tried it again and was very happy that the blasting commercials are much quieter! So 4 star now. 5 star would be no commercials at all, like it used to be before CBS made the deal with play.it
Love everything about this podcast except it would be nice if it stated the original air date for rerun episodes. I've gotten about 6-7 minutes into several episodes before realizing I've heard them before. Also, the commercials(especially for play.it) can be EXTREMELY loud!
I love the content, but recently they have started increasing the volume on their commercial breaks...Bad business and bad on the ears.... Dec 1, 2015 - update Issue with volume on the last couple of podcast has seemed to have been elminated... 5 stars
Love the show, no problems there. But the advertisement volume is WAY TOO LOUD (get it? I was shouting). Hurts my ears when I'm listening it's so loud. Keep up the good work, but please tone down the ads.


By wh6276
I love 60 minutes and listen almost every week. But why I gave a low review is the ads... I don't mind the ads but you have to turn the podcast way up to hear it but the ads are not the same volume so when they come on it blast your ears.
All of the episodes are 45 minutes tops. Thanks for being so efficient CBS!
The content of 60 minutes is usually quite interesting. Unfortunately, audio levels are terrible. The audio of the content is very quiet, and the advertisements are extremely loud. This podcast is unlistenable until they normalize the audio levels.
The audio content and quality is not great. The podcast is literally the audio from the video program, which leaves listeners wondering when the audio makes references to the video content. No description of the referenced video content is described when it is discussed. Another annoyance, the content volume is much lower than the volume of the commercials - the difference between the two is too extreme. Other times, the sound contains a lot of static - I once had to plug-in headphones and only listen to one side because the left headphone was ALL static.
Despite the high quality of the 60 minutes program, these podcasts contain advertisements for CBS' competing podcast network play.it (ref. wikipedia.org) that are significantly higher in volume than the rest of the program and are played interspersed throughout the episode with no warning. The volume increases are significant enough to damage hearing, particularly when listening to the program through ear buds (which I expect is true for a significant number of podcast listeners). I have notified CBS of the problem, and over one month later they continue to play these ads at a significantly higher volume than the rest of the program. This failure to properly mix the audio is extremely unprofessional, but it is obviously not an accident. CBS clearly prefers to damage their listenerers hearing in advertisements for their own rival podcast provider, intentionally damaging the quality of the iTunes version. This is yet another example of a major corporation valueing its own profits over the experiences of their customers. I have now had to unsubscribe from this podcast twice, despite being an ardent fan of 60 minutes and its incredible journalism because of the damage listening to the podcast is doing to my ears, and I urge you to do the same.
I love the show, and wouldn't be bothered by the ads if they weren't so loud. When each ad plays I have to turn down the volume on my device. (My poor ears.)
Love the podcast but the balance of the audio needs an adjustment. I have to crank up the volume to hear the show and then I get blasted when the ads come on. Please fix!
Great radio program! Love the story! Couldn't stand the out of sudden loudened commercial!!! Every single time, I have to tune down just for the commercial!!! Sorry 3 stars only. Could be 5 stars
60 Minutes continues to have excellent content and analysis. However, the commercial volume is ridiculous. I will likely unsubscribe if this doesn't change which is unfortunate because I have been watching/listening to 60 Minutes since I was a child. But my eardrums just honestly can't handle this.
Yeah sounds like a great podcast but after all these complaints of earsplitting ads changin my mind. So get the friggin message! You are losing listeners, turn the darn things down,folks will go out of their way to NOT purchase whatever is being advertised.
This would be an excellent podcast but for the obnoxious play.it commercials interspersed after each segment. They are way too loud and jolting. 60 minutes is an interview show that reviews news headlines from the past week. It's thought provoking and has a quiet tone of an interviewer having a conversation. The bombastic play.it commercials are totally off the mark. They're loud and abrasive with an annoying volume burst that make listening with headphones really uncomfortable.
The content is generally good, however it is painful to hear the excessively loud advertising. There is a law to not do the same on TV, not sure why the online version can do this. It is too painful. Hope they can fix it.
This podcast is great, but when they splice in the podcast-only commercials, they are TWICE AS LOUD as the podcast. Most people listen to their iPhones with headphones and every time the podcast commercials come, it gives me a jolt. It's actually painful. If they want to ensure that people will skip the commercials, job accomplished.
I love the show, but by goodness ever time an add comes on it blasts the volume so high the I can't hear myself think! It makes me turn down the volume while driving or ripping my poor earbuds out till the add is gone. It's horrible please stop!
The show is great, always high production value, but the ads nearly blow my eardrums… please, tone it down or I’m not listening anymore.


By NancyRC
Listening to 60 minutes has become impossible, due to the addition of the PlayIT commercials - the volume is unbearable ! I'm going to unsubscribe - what a shame !
Can't something be done for this audio so that the volume of the commercials are consistent with the volume of the program itself? Can't stand it...