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I admire and value the consistent presentation of well researched and presented content. The stories about drug shortages, college scholarships and a world class tenor educate me as a citizen of the United States and our world.
Just can’t stop any and ever other story with anti-Trump work into a story. President always look into ways to hit back hit back at foreign enemies. He wasn’t the only one to look for ways with the military to hit the Mexican cartel. He is one of the few who didn’t use the military when he has the chance. The attempt to make Trump into a war hawk not working. Biden and the swamp are the war hawks
Follow their paymasters leanings to know their agenda, for each topic.
The ads by CBS business analysts are obnoxious and a turn off. Makes me less ignored to buy off listen. Please take her the podcast—the rest of the podcast experience will be better.
Left wing pukefest
Hospital shortage story is el-toro poo-poo. Never mentioned how politicians and hospital administrators fired doctors and nurses for refusing the jab. This in the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” right? This “story” did try to blame un-jabbed patients for being part of the problem. I have friends who were let go so this is personal. What a crock?
Has 60 Minutes ever told the Truth about any subject or remained unbiased on anything ever? More like 60 Minutes of Lies. Stahl is such a senile old hag and pure trash.
If you just want one side of the story this is the podcast for you. 10 thumbs down.
I agree with the review about the ads. Alaska seafood packed in Brooklyn, yes, the one in New York. Hmmmm
The ads that 60 Minutes agrees to have on their podcast are among the most obnoxious and out-of-character ads for such a serious podcast. Cheapens the experience to solemnly learn of the torture of children by the Assad Regime - only to be blasted by tacky and obnoxious advertisements.
The volume level of commercials is deafening. Please adjust. It’s very difficult to listen to the podcast with the sudden massive differences in volume.
Please, either increase the volume of the podcast to match ad volume and other podcasts’ volume levels or lower volume of ads. Holy cow!
I truly love this podcast — let me just make that abundantly clear. I have been watching 60 minutes since I was in my early twenties, and it is the most solid and reputable of (in my opinion) ALL broadcast journalism. It works perfectly fine in audio format, as there have only been a few episodes where I wish I could see the images of the screen. I am leaving only three stars here because of the longstanding annoyance of the un-normalized audio. The episode itself is at relatively low volume, but the ads are at an astounding, eardrum piercing volume, and they come suddenly. I am not using hyperbole here. It would be best to either: 1. Normalize the audio 2. Announce with a 3 sec notice of an upcoming ad I have a podcast show myself, and I normalize all audio tracks so that the listener has a good listening experience. It is my hope that 60 minutes can fix this issue sooner than later, as I have written to them about this problem before.
60 minutes asks relevant questions and pressing questions of newsmakers. There is a recent rash of clique criticisms (that are not intelligible) They appear to support the Trump. I was impressed by the coverage of COVID, the questions they asked and information provided (60 Minutes continued programming during the pandemic rather than go to hiatus) My only critique is some segments are too short to fully explain the issue they are covering. The 4/25 reporting Blinken interview was informative and Lesley Stahl asked good questions about the current microchip shortage. consistently Solid Reporting
Okaypools o. I I’ll have on plus in
There have now been too many examples of slick 60 Minutes editing to bolster a predetermined narrative irrespective of facts or differing opinions. I cannot simply trust any of their reporting any longer. Raw footage of events they cover show that they have abandoned any semblances of honest journalism.
You were a very trusted source of information for me. The attack on Florida’s governor is poor. Please, for the love, stop being so obviously biased with the defense of this report. I want to trust you again. There’s WAY to much evidence that your reporter was inaccurate. FIX IT!!!
60 mins has no officially turned into the white personal press of FAKE WOKE GOSSIP RAG
Please, release the UNEDITED videotape of Governor DeSantis explaining the decision to use the grocery stores for Covid vaccines. I am so disappointed at the disingenuous portrayal you presented by editing out all the steps he took in making the decision to allow vaccines to be distributed through Publix grocery stores. Your program used to have so much more integrity than this and many other recent “WOKE” stories you’ve reported on!!
How could you edit so deceptively? Poor
Listened to your report and then heard the same report on NTD News. They played the DeSantis interview. Lo and behold!! You left out All if the relevant bits- as in the whole point of the interview. So very sad to see a once great bastion of news media hit rock bottom.
I thought 60 minutes was mostly insulated from the partisanship... not totally but mostly.... but dishonest editing changed my mind on that. The journalist and the first line supervisor should get a lengthy unpaid suspension over the coverage of Florida’s governor and Publix distribution of the Covid vaccine.
Shame on you!!! You failed to give the accurate report of the vaccine distribution in Florida. I’m very disappointed in your editing which caused the report to give a false narrative! I will not watch your show again and will remove you from my podcast library.
Unfortunately just more lazy one sided journalism
LOUD and ANNOYING transition to advertisements from regular program are not representative of the news broadcast of record. Fix it, please!
What??? Jan. 6th was racism?
Tried and true journalism with factual, unbiased reporting. No surprise seeing the stain of Trump-era haters with their negative reviews. They can have their Fox News; I’ll stick with 60 minutes.


By Jax06J
Lies and propaganda. Totally biased
Long time listener, so sad to say this but 60 mins has been coasting for years. Occasionally, some really great stories but needs less Cooper, Stahl and Pelly. Finally had to unsubscribe


Journalism is dead in this country. I can remember back in the 1970’s when the journalist cared about the truth instead of just playing to the Polititians. Now there is no balance and when the journalist becomes the party they will and have not held all Polititians accountable for the past 20 years. Journalist would rather lie to the American people than tell the truth. What a shame and sham.
This is why I stopped watching 60 Minutes years ago, the station is so politically driven and biased, it’s impossible to believe anything. There are so many people that no longer watch this program and it’s understandable. The only reason I have given a one star rating is because I can’t send without one.
Democrat all my life however because I checked into the fake news it’s very clear that abc cbs nbc npr cnn HATERS of Trump! Why ? Because they are all democratic news outlets and they lied at any cost to sway the election DONE with Democratic lies! Trump 2020 !!Done with These lies
Absolutely love 60 minutes but as I’ve commented before the commercials are so loud and so painful compared to the level of the actual podcast I can’t get the earbuds out of my ears fast enough and I will unfortunately never hear the commercials because of it
This is some of the best journalism around and I would happily support it by at least listening to the ads but could you PLEASE normalize the volume? If I am listening to the podcast at a comfortable volume, then I get blown away by ads that are many decibels louder than the program. I have to turn it down to a comfortable level and then can’t hear the program when it resumes. If you don’t fix this, I will quit listening altogether, which is a loss for both me and your advertisers.
I just started listening a few months ago. I used to watch it on TV for years. I enjoy it. For those who find it “too liberal “ go listen to your Fox News propaganda
The liberal media is the enemy of a free people. Lenin said it best... useful idiots
I absolutely love 60 minutes but I don’t watch tv anymore. I love listening to this when I’m doing things, but if I want to share an episode that I’ve watched I can’t remember and everything is so unorganized. These episodes should at least have distinct titles, not dates. I also do not know what the episode is going to be about just from the date? No one watches tv anymore, please put more effort into your podcast if you want this show to continue we love Anderson Cooper thanks.
How biased can you be. This isn’t journalism this is a political ad including their commercials. I’m done. Leslie Stahl is terrible. And there are no stars.


I’m unimpressed with the current journalists who have failed to live up to what 60 mins once was
Fix the audio levels on this podcast. It goes from reporters talking at a reasonable volume to infomercials at 3X the volume.
Total biased crap news
Another spineless “news” program pandering to the virtual mob. They used to be real journalists, now they’re just virtue signalers and frankly, liars.
I look forward each Sunday to this lovely Podcast!!! Keep up the great work that you create for us!! Thank You
I really like listening to this as a podcast, but the sound is awful when it comes to the ads. They are considerably louder than the show. Can someone fix this?
This is unacceptable with today’s easy tech for balancing volume, so they are obviously doing it intentionally. Greedy corporate behavior. DON’T PUT UP WITH IT!!
Too bad they can’t just give me the news without trying to impose a point of view. It’s subtle, but the program has changed over the years.
Had no idea the review section was so intense on here. I remember watching 60 mins with my grandparents and parents all of them with different political ideas. I’m glad as an adult with kids of my own I can listen to it on the Alexa with them. I find it unbiased and full of factual evidence, while also showing both sides to a debate.
Was a time when the sound of the stopwatch signaled that my weekend was going down the drain! But as a educated adult I have come to really enjoy this progrum. Had to cut my television bill so now I listen on the podcast. Lots of ads for annuities and assisted living