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Reviews For Notification Center

Excellent discussion of issues that are important to the development community.
Another great podcast from Ash Furrow. A must listen.
Subscribe! It's worth it
Very knowledgeable and entertaining way to learn about iOS.
Interesting discussion styled podcast. The hosts, especially Ash, know a ton and it shows. There’s always something Ive learned from the first few episode. Tom has such an enthusiastic voice and the podcast always feels like it ends sooner than it begins.
After reading tons of “best” practices for Objective C, you begin to realize that a lot of it simply contradicts itself or is just antiquated. These guys are different. They genuinely try to help you code better by introducing patterns they have found helpful without denying that there are other competing schools of thought. In that sense, “Notification Center” is a perfect name for this podcast. You won’t "subscribe" to all of their topics, but I’m sure you’ll find something worth listening to.
Great start for this new podcast! Awesome content.