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I’ve been listening to these guys for a while now and thoroughly impressed by the advice they give. Sensible, actionable thoughts that just about anybody can implement for long-term success. Definitely recommend.
I’ve been listening for a few years now once/twice per week. I’m now at the point that I can predict their answers to questions (well, the easier ones) and this has better prepared me with my portfolio decisions. I bought the Blueprint snapshot and loved the analysis/advice. I made a few adjustments out of the session. I highly recommend this podcast and look forward to more. Keep up the good work.
I heard Don in the Stacking Benjamins podcast. Tuned into this podcast and been hooked ever since.
I learned about Don and Tom through Paul Merriman’s podcast and have enjoyed listening to their very knowledgeable advice...keep up the good work!


By mhunt99
The investment information presented is generally good. I would strongly recommend that Don discontinue with the childish voices he uses when disagreeing with other people in the investment business - he can get his message across by just using his own voice.
This is my favorite podcast by far and is without question the best investing podcast in the world! Great advice and very entertaining at the same time! I have learned so much listening to Tom and Don. Great job guys!
I listen to this show everyday. Don and Tom are pretty funny and offer great advice. You can tell that they genuinely care about helping people invest in the safest manner.
Love the advise and your perspective.
That is what Don brings to the discussion. He is a sensible, intelligent and reasonable advisor. I find his insights o be reassuring, practical and wise. None better. If you have found this guy you are lucky indeed. Listen, learn and prosper.
Don and Tom do great job of keeping investing simple and calling out the frauds. If someone is looking for a podcast that gives investors the best chance of future success - this is it. Their advice is not based on hot tips or forecasts - but on proven academic research (evidence based investing). This is one of my go to podcasts.
If you want to understand how to invest start here. Don and Tom make it easy to get up to speed with everything you need to know. The path they lay out is easy to understand and takes very little time and effort. Low effort, low drama. If you already know how to invest you will enjoy the banter and will still learn from their valuable insights.
This is by far the best financial podcast and I would highly recommend.
Thankful for these guys for sharing their experience, insight and pro tips. Best of all is they’re trustworthy and that is priceless in the greed consumed world in which we live. Definitely learning lots and plan to share the podcast with friends and family.
Great job by Tom & Don...providing financial advice and guidance.
Great podcast for personal finance. Short and high energy.
Found Don and Tom several years ago through another one of my favorite podcasts Paul Merriman. The name of the show says it all, they do talk real money without all the unnecessary nonsense so many of the other so called financial podcasts out there tend to babble. I have a hand full of podcasts that are a must listen to and this is certainly one of them. Highly recommend!
Very informative!!!!!! nothing but the facts...luv it.
Tom and Don are great! They have great senses of humor and really do well together. They pump out daily podcasts and all are great.
Honest and productive information. Want to invest? Want to learn the truth? This is the place. Great show.
Outstanding program. Accurate, honest advice on challenging topics. Makes recommendations consistently with lowest cost and best return but a dose of reality about what can realistically be expected. Recommends solutions outside their direct benefit that are easy to validate and seem truly honest. Excellent work. Keep it up!
Don and Tom provide the most honest investing advice with their entertaining style of delivery. Easy to understand, too.
Thanks for stepping up to the daily podcasts. I really enjoy the short informative concentrated advice. I have been listening to Don Since the early 90s and can personally vouch for his no-load, low-fee, index approach. No get rich quick schemes here but if you are diligent and follow his approach you will surprise yourself with how well you can do and how wealthy you can become.
I like Suze Orman does she have a podcast? Thank you kindly. Keep up the good work.
This is one of the best financial podcasts around today. No BS.. quick & straight to the point! Glad to have more than than just “Money-thirty”. Talking Real Money has real substance and really useful information. Thanks again guys! AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++
I am so Thankful this radio show is available via Podcast. Tom and Don give honest fact based advice that will help you be a better investor and position yourself for a much better future. You should listen as often as you can. I do an feel blessed Talking Real Money!
I have been listening and taking Don McDonald advice for 25 years. I like my returns so much now investory handles our accounts in early retirement thanks. Don and Tom
This podcast is dedicated to saving you money and to help you navigate the investment world and the complexities being thrown at you. If you're a stock-picking gambler or someone who times the market, you will hate this podcast!
I have been listening to Tom and Don since the Sounding Investing days where they were co-hosts of the Sound Investing show with Paul Merriman. Just like Paul you can expect very good and honest advice from Don and Tom. If you listen to the show, you will find that they never advertise their own firm for callers. Often they recommend the two fund Vanguard approach to the callers. If you don’t have time to read many books on investing, just listen to Talking Real Money. In a few months you will know enough to invest on your own.
Very few podcast hosts are not trying to sell you something in order to line their pockets. These guys will tell you the legitimate best ways to save and invest, avoiding insurance salesmen and their annuities, brokers and their loaded funds, and all of the other scamsters.
Good show with variety of topics. Easy to understand and follow for most investors with some basic understanding of retirement planning and the vehicles used. Could perhpas use a few less breaks with the same advertisements (:-), but overall well worth the listen on my long daily commutes.
I recently graduated and am starting a job where I'll be making actual money! This podcast has given me a great place to start and what pitfalls to lookout for along the way as I try to build lifetime wealth. I hope to check out some of their classes soon!
Great information without a sales pitch. Tom and Don do a great job in breaking down financial topics and making them understandable to the layman. And they have fun doing it. They cover topics that are both relevant and principles that are long standing. Academically proved information, not Wall Street's jargon.
I've been a listener on i heart radio podcasts for about two years now, and this is by far the most helpful, practical and entertaining investing radio show I've found. Don and Tom are obviously dedicated and passionate consumer advocates who tell the truth about the fees, scams, and cons inflicted by many so-called investment professionals. As a result of their show, I encouraged my teen son to open a Roth IRA using low-cost index funds from Vanguard, and I've picked up one of Dan Solin's book as well due to their recommendations on-air. These guys are funny, and they have great chemistry on air. I look forward to their new podcasts.
This is a great podcast on using index funds to develop a broad, diverse portfolio. They debunk common myths and talk in a manner that the average Do It Yourself (DIY) investor can understand. Keep up the great work.
Great show, great topics. Tom and Don really want the average investor to understand how to stay out of trouble, make the most of their investments, and KNOW how they are spending their money.
I like the podcast because they are not selling investment products. They do a great job debunking financial harmful things such as day trading, buying an indexed annuity, buying gold as an investment and attempting to time the market. The podcast has a lot of good information on the proper way to invest rather than financial speculating which most people think of as investing. The show keeps current with what is going on in the financial news such as the latest convictions for a Ponzi scheme. They even discussed the Showtime series Billions and remarked while it is entertaining it is not reality and is not investing by any stretch of the imagination.
An approach to investing that is backed by academic research. Their weekly show helps to steer it's listeners away from the costly trader mindset to the more profitable investor mindset. They accomplish this goal by clearly explaining the facts that back up their approach. Give this podcast a try, you'll be entertained, educated, and ultimately on a better path to financial freedom.
Tom and Don's irreverent but spot on take on personal finance is one of my favorite weekly podcasts. They strike the right balance between being entertaining and being informative. Check them out. You'll be glad you did.
The show drives home the foundational elements of real investing. Great for learning new ideas on asset class management and simplifying investing. The phone calls provide real-world examples of investing issues encountered, review topics in the news, and highlight scams or practices to avoid. Good for investors who are already on track – keeps us grounded on what is important and reinforcing long-term investment practices. The banter between the hosts is entertaining as well.

By cwa2
For those of you who are looking to get a basic education on how investing works, this is the show you need to listen to.
Don't let the jovial tone fool you. I used to learn a lot from this show, but it has devolved into a weekly session of the hosts simply talking bad about others and their investment techniques. I agree with their basic investment strategy but they've moved away from educating. They also promote their classes way too much for my taste.
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Tom & Don.
To some up the central theme of the Tom and Don’s podcast, it would be: “Buy the global economy, buy it inexpensively and - if you want - buy it through us.” These guys have been doing money talk in one form or another for decades. The podcast is a remixed version of a weekend show on KOMO-AM/FM in Seattle, which gets cleaned up a bit before it hits iTunes. The chemistry between the two hosts is sometimes uneven but the common sense investing advice is as steady and consistent as it comes. Subscribe to it along with its sister podcasts - Investoradio and the Don McDonald Show - for a 360 view of how Don and Tom view the world of money.