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Thanks Jeff, that’s a great way to learn English! I come from China, and now is studying in Maryland, this Podcast helps me a lot. The way to learn English by listening it is very efficient.
Dr. Jeff McQuillan, i am listening to regular ESL podcasts and now I find these awesome TOEFL podcasts. This album was recorded in 2007, it's still helpful because the core part of TOEFL test remains. Thank you, Dr. Lucy Tse and all the other guys. I would say it's an panacea for ESL learners, an enjoyment for ears and perhaps a misfortune for test makers. LOL
Hi, thanx for sharing this tips about TOEFL , it's really helpful, but you must update the podcast, the last one was in 2007 Please don't stop.


Thanks it's useful for us
I,ve liked these podcasts a lot, but I think it would be better if the producers created podcasts in higher speed for upper intermediate and advanced levels. They're really increasing my listening skills tough.
An excellent, dynamic and fun way to learn English... I really recomend those podcasts! Thanks for the creators and to spread what you do with all your love, teaching who is interested in learning!!!
Thank you so much thank you for your help.
Thank you so much for all these podcast... Everyone is very helpful... I really appreciate your help.
I'm preparing TOEFL iBT to get into International Student Exchange Program. These podcasts can help me to practice my listening skill so much. Also, they can make my confidence more. Thank you for the provider. I'll be keeping your fan club. :)))
I'm preparing TOEFL Test in order to get into a college now. It is much helpful for me to improve a listening skill! :)
Excellent resource to practice listening skills and learning more about the TOEFL exam.
just great, the host is great, funny and so for....
I am a college student,I bought an ipod several months ago,and i want to use it to enhance my english listening,then i found your program ,and it really helps a lot.thanks,and keep up the good work!
That's great for me and my friends ,i am Chinese ,why just had 2006.11 .to be contune ,l need that!! luck!
I'm so happy of my personal improvements! Just after a couple of weeks of listening on my iPod, while I'm on the train, on the bus, walking on the street, getting some tan at the park or rollerblading. I'm a musician and I love music, but I can say that I've got my first iPod after I discovered the real utility of this PodCast. I was listening a song today and I was understanding every single word.... thank you. I suggest to subscribe at the website and get also the written part. Reading while you are reading will speed up your learning process checking out the right pronunciation of the words. Sorry for my bad english, I never studied it but it will improve for sure!
This is the best Podcast for foreign, I’m learning English in my way, when I want where I want. Dr. McQuillan has a perfect accent and a pleasant voice. Congratulation and please don’t stop. I have a question for you, when we will be able to buy a CD with all lessons?