Fr. Bill's Podcast

Reviews For Fr. Bill's Podcast

Outstanding. Look forward to the weekly podcasts.
These podcasts by Father Bill are great! I listen to them almost everyday, and they brighten my day!
I learn a lot from Father Bill every week. Appreciate his humor, too.
I so enjoy listening to the homilies. They are funny and very inspirational. Thanks Fr. Bill. :)
Fr. Holtzinger is great with his sermons. He is both entertaining and helpful. Thank you!
Father Bill, Excellent podcast. I just listened to Special Episode with Cliff Ravenscraft..great interview ! I will continue to listen. Thank you for your hard work. God Bless You.
Fr. Bill's homilies are spoken in an easy manner and he relates the message to our everyday life. They are engaging and encouraging each week. His parish in Forest Grove, OR is blessed to have him, as are we via iTunes!
I've been listening to Fr Bill's podcasts for a long while now. He is well spoken & delivers an excellent message. Fr Bill is a refreshing & modern breath to the Catholic community. I look forward to his Podcasts each week. Peace Michael
One of the best Catholic ipods thanks
I have enjoyed similar podcasts where popular books were examined for symbolism and meaning and didn’t treat the listener as if they weren’t intelligent enough to identify cultural fiction. For example, a series on Harry Potter talked about the theme of Love and didn’t try to accuse JK Rowling of inciting witchcraft. However, I was deeply disappointed in the DaVinci Code series. Its premise that Dan Brown was trying to pass his book off as ‘factual history’ and your continuous promotion of other books to refute him smacked of commercialism and missed opportunity. Although I can appreciate your efforts for creating the podcasts, this one just missed the mark for me.
Fr. Bill does an excellent job of delivering pointed and thought provoking homilies with a fresh and lively approach born of a deep seated faith and great enthusiasm. His technical and creative abilities have served him well in delivering homilies that inform, entertain and provoke reflection on the subject at hand.
I love Father Bill's podcasts. They are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Every time I listen to one, I learn something new about Christ's love for us. And then I see myself, and ways that I need to change to represent Christ here on earth. Father Bill Holtzinger is young, enthusiastic, and a great Apostle for our Church. He should be cloned and set out to all the nations! Just my humble opinion . . . Alecia Spiering, North Plains, OR
Fr. Bill works hard at devilvering a first rate podcast and preaches with conviction. His humor and wit are always there to suprise you and add to the relevance of the Word in our times. Thanks Billie and keep up the good work!
Fr. Bill's Podcasts are awesome. He spends a lot of time on them. He's up to 2:00 in the morning working on them. Thanks Fr. Bill!