The Mexico Podcast: History & Present

Reviews For The Mexico Podcast: History & Present

I am new to Mexico and have become really interested in it’s culture and history. This podcast explains a lot that didn’t make sense to me before. I really wish it would keep producing more episodes. What happened? Why did it stop ?
The economic commentary is so lazy that literally a two minute search would’ve given a cogent left, right or orthodox explanation.
I've been searching for a podcast like this. I was born and raised in California but never quite understood Mexican history and culture, even though my parents are from Mexico. Brandon digs deep into interesting topics and gives clarity to some of those questions I've always had.
A 5 star for Mexican History, but a low rating for this pod cast readers' monotone voice, also he doesnt emphasize the importance of some of the events he speaks about. Such a shame. I wish one day Mexican History will get a true honorable presentation on a podcast.
I don’t understand the point of a “podcast“ that consists mostly of reading verbatim one paragraph after another from articles posted online somewhere else. This is not really a podcast. It’s mostly verbatim transcription of an article written by someone else, with occasional but very superficial blurbs of commentary now and then.
From a Mexican American perspective I love everything about this podcast. Especially the podcast where he talks about being “bicultural”, I couldn’t agree more. Keep up the great work and always look forward to the next one. Thanks for the time.
After falling in love with Mexico from living in Guadalajara for 3 years and traveling extensively throughout the country, I found these podcasts and wished I had found them sooner. Some of the most fascinating episodes in history retold in a personable and enjoyable way. Gracias!
I discovered this preparing for a vacation to Mexico City and so glad I did. It’s great for putting all of the monuments and ruins into perspective, and really good for anyone just interested in history and society in general.
Brandon does an excellent work. He presents the topics in a very clean, entertaining, and intellectually pleasant way. Keep it up!
Clear, through and captivating!
This is great! I think it's important for people to understand our history. Thank you for this!
This is a wonderful podcast. I am half Mexican and as a Child my parents never taught me any history or background of anything. With this podcast I'm able to gain knowledge on history in Mexico. This is a very exciting podcast. Thank you so much and I would love to hear more. Encantada con las historias!
Great! Enjoyable to listen to and very informative. Look forward to many more.
Thank you!


Loved this!
The fall of Tenochtitlan is an amazing episode in human history, I'm glad Brandon is sharing it.
Thanks man- you break everything down concisely without worrying about unnecessary details and keep the whole thing entertaining. Cheers!
Great stuff! You have a real talent for telling stories from the past. Thanks for being one of the only ones to cover this important and truly rich history.
Just finished the first 2 episodes and I'm drawn in. Can't wait for more episodes on different time periods.


I really enjoyed this podcast on the history of Mexico. Really hope more will be released this year! Thanks M.Martinez-Colorado
Great stuff. Very well done.
As a borderlands resident, I thank you for taking this on. It is about time someone spent the time to make Mexican history accessible.
What an interesting subject. We would be happy to donate to such a fascinating endeavor. We anxiously await further future podcasts.