Reviews For Genki English :大人でもできる英会話の歌

I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Richard for a few years now and his program is the most user-friendly that I have used as well as one to really have the students excited about learning English!! Forever GE!!!
New in Japan? (FIVE STARS) Start off with Richards all in one Super Pack or whatever it is named and have fun teaching kids. We invested 10K in all kinds of teaching materials in the last 3 years and this one may be the best one for you if you can only read English. Japanese English teachers will also learn A LOT from all the games, jingles, and songs. Five stars to all of Richard's work. Somebody from M.E. called us last month looking for you and your work as we give you credit and free advertising where we can. Richard, we are very thankful for all that you have done for all of us who teach English in East Asia. Hope this review does justice. Thank you so much.