Reviews For Podcast – Cory Doctorow's

Cory's perspective and his factual data that back his uncommon/thought provoking stories are unprecedented. He's awesome and when I accidentally stumbled across his podcast, i was just about to do some chores that id been putting off for way too long; the chores ended up getting put off again!


I’m not sure how I found this podcast but I am so glad I did. I just love Corey’s personality and his perspectives. This podcast led me to read walkaway, which is the first fiction book I have read in 10 years. (I real a lot of non fiction). I’m hooked for life and forever a true fan. I just ordered 3 more of his books. Keep up the amazing work my friend
Some of these are absolutely brilliant.
Cory's opinions about the current state of information and the internet are extremely well-informed and provide a different viewpoint than I've seen reflected elsewhere. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us!
Cory's got something. It's not easily quantifiable, but rarely are the great things in life. I wish that the technology for podcasts and the prevalence of acceptance for delivering your work in this fashion were around when Asimov was writing or when Octavia E. Butler first came onto the scifi scene. To be able to put Cory's stories into the context of his life, to hear them from his own mouth, and to ocassionally hear him self correct a grammatical error is priceless. I find it invaluable to hear these stories at the stage in which they are presented here. This podcast is the future.
I love Cory Doctorow's thought provoking stories. His presentation, while sometimes interrupted by flubs-and-corrections, is just fine. I am more interested in the words, and I don't care if sometimes there are a few blips in the presentation. He never said he was a professional voice actor; he's a professional writer, dammit. I am so looking forward to each and every episode of this show.
Thanks for all the effort you clearly put in to your podcast. I enjoy hearing your stories read-aloud, and I'm always interested in what new things you might be up to. I enjoy your novels, short stories, and am usually supportive of your causes (usually before you bring them up... but it's good that you're doing that, because some people don't stay up to speed on privacy, copyright, etc...) Keep up the good work!! I'm looking forward to the next novel!
Cory's stories are quite readable and very enjoyable. The podcasts, however, are quite disappointing. This is a prime example of why an author should not read their own work. The misreads, pauses, gulping, drinking and general clatter in the background are distracting and take away from the enjoyment of the story.
I liked listening to this while driving, and I'm looking forward to the other stories.
I am so glad I'm done with this story (Human Readable), so I don't have to listen to Cory's swallowing sounds, or his whimpering attempts at conveying passion and emotion, or his laundry list of how busy and important and popular he is ("news") ever again. Three times I've been sucked into one of these stories and suffered through the painful presentation, only to be left with... nothing at all. No feelings, no ideas. Maybe you get what you pay for. A serious author, someone like Neal Stephenson, doesn't have time to post blog entries every day and give hundreds of speeches and record podcasts and meet with associates all over the world and then brag about it on the internet. He focuses on his writing, and the difference really shows. Now if one wanted to, a good writer could also work on becoming a good reader of his own work, but I don't think Cory has the time to give it any thought or effort. (I tried to post this comment at his website, but, hilariously, ironically, for someone so keen on internet freedom, my post was refused due to "questionable content"!!!)