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This was the podcast that introduced me to podcasts, ever since I moved to DC in 2005 and met Kimberly at her former yoga studio. I now live across the ocean but this podcast and Kimberly’s other offerings have been a consistent source of inspiration, her guests are unique and her solo episodes offer great perspective on goal-setting, making space for creativity, and much more. Self-help is such a loaded and overused phrase these days but this podcast is truly the correct sense of the term, a warm hug and a challenge for listeners to live a full and meaningful life. Thanks as always!
I've been in love with this podcast ever since I discovered it. I have a minimum one-hour commute to and from school/work four to five days each week and was searching for a podcast to listen to to pass the time, and this is the first that drew me in. Kimberly covers wonderful topics in her interviews with wonderful people, and I feel like you really come to know about her and the things she's passionate about, and why, like animal welfare, yoga, and tranquility in everyday life, which I think we could all use a lot more of. Thank you, Kimberly, for shining your light in this world. Already looking forward to the next episode. 💕 2022 UPDATE: It’s been about five years since I discovered TDJ and while, in the spirit of honesty, I have not been a diligent follower all that time, I’ve recently returned to Kimberly Wilson’s world and discovered how much I missed being a part of it. This is the only podcast I ever listen to and it will forever be my favorite. It offers wonderful resources on a range of topics including mindfulness, creativity, creating space for yourself and for what’s important to you, and just like she says at the beginning of each episode, living a full and meaningful life. I’ve learned that listening to Tranquility du Jour and subscribing to her Love Notes newsletter absolutely makes my life fuller and more meaningful. Love.
I enjoy Ms Wilson’s beautiful podcast. It is a few moments of calm and tranquility in my day/week. Her podcast on her California trip in 2021 was one of my favorites. I decided to do a trip up the Northern California coast last summer based on her recommendations with my family and we had one of the best trips of our lives so far! Her podcast stays true to her vision with each episode! ~ Merci boucoup!
No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend Tranquility du Jour enough. 🙌
I eagerly look forward to this podcast every week. Listening to it had enriched my life in such fun ways with all kinds of entertaining and useful info. Kimberly is a delightful host and warmly brings out the best in all her guests. The topics are wide ranging, timely and life enhancing. I love it abs wouldn’t miss an episode for the world!
Kimberly feels like your new BFF, and her tips and topics are all designed to help you live a more beautiful life. Relaxed, calming and playful, she truly brings tranquility into each episode. Cheers!🥂 Mary Michele Wine women & Style podcast
Kimberly provided tools to help you balance your life with creativity, passion, style, wellness, peace & joy. Her perspective as a yoga teacher & trained therapist makes her an excellent guide & mentor.
As soon as I hear the opening jazzy jingle, I immediately feel uplifted and encouraged. Then Kimberly’s fruity, fresh singsong voice emerges in introduction of the podcast guest. At this point, I am grinning ear to ear, and am hooked in for the ride. Kimberly attracts guests we women want to hear. They are filled with insights and ideas and stories that make us smarter, kinder, better. Thanks to both Kimberly and Tim for the hundreds of hours you have put forth the last 15 years in sharing such interesting and important content!
I have been listening to Tranquility du Jour since 2006 and it is my favorite podcast!!! Not only does Kimberly Wilson give so many amazing tools, savvy sources and good material, she interviews amazing authors and very intersting people in every episode. I highly recommend you listen to it, you too will fall in love.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and it remains one of my faves. I’m also a big fan of Kimberly’s clothing line TranquiliT and find her advice and insight invaluable in this crazy, modern world.
I’ve been listening to her posdcast and also read her books and own her planner. Kimberly is such a talented person. Everytime I listen to her, it uplifts my spirit and give me the motivation I need.
I have been listening to Kimberly’s podcast since her 18th episode. Her casts have lead me to so many valuable resources; from choosing my life coach, to business information. I find her information as helpful and relevant today as then. She helps me lead a more aware, informed and graceful life. Thanks, Kimberly, for your dedication and for maintaining the quality of content you put out in the world. ~SA
I've been listening to Kimberly's podcast on and off for several years but in the last few months it's become a MUST LISTEN for me. The variety of topics and guests is wonderful and Kimberly's sincere upbeat manner is very inspiring. There are a lot of people in this podcast space and I think she is "the real deal".
Kimberly and her guests give listeners an unfair advantage when it comes to creating the business and life of their dreams. I feel completely at home here - bowled over by brilliant advice and nourishing conversations. Tranquility du Jour is a must listen for anyone interested in exploring their own personal and professional evolution & development - highly recommend listening and subscribing!
I love listening to these useful, cheerful podcasts. They give me good ideas and remind me I'm not alone!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and it’s such a lovely way to help direct your day towards more tranquility, creativity and kindness. Kimberly is an amazing inspiration for living a full, beautiful life. Her guests are delightful and equally inspirational! Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
I started lisening to Kimberly Wilson's podcasts in March of this year, shortly after I participated in her spring virtual retreat. She interviews interesting people, and they have interesting conversations. Plus, she has notes on her web site that tie in with the podcast, with web links, books listed, and more. I first heard of her because of her books on yoga, and from there, I started following her Facebook page. These podcasts are inspiring and motivating. Kimberly opens up about her self and her life, as do her guests. I'm in a bit of a transition right now, and I'm finding that her creative products are helping me navigate the unsettled waters of my life. I'm on the go a lot, so I listen to them during my commute or while exercising. With number 400 coming up, I have a lot of catching up to do as I work my way from newest to oldest! The podcasts are great for someone seeking inspiration on living a meaningful and authentic life.
I am pretty sore i have been listening to Kimberly for at least 10 years!! She is amazing and everything she does seems to come so natural. These podcasts have been my friend as I run, walk, travel, go through two pregnancies, take care of my babies, and cook in the kitchen. Thanks so much Kimberly for your dedication. My kids are getting older now so I am planning to someday soon get out to VA to your studio or one of your fabulous retreats! ❤️😀
You will LOVE Kimberly's authenticity, wisdom, questions, ideas and delicous bite sized tips. Grateful to be one of her guests and definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add tranquilty, peace, calm and bliss to your life.
This is my favorite podcast. Kimberly gives practical advise on how to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. She's incredibly inspiring, her topics are timely and fresh, and include fashion advice, health, beauty, gift-giving, party throwing, travel, anything and everything a hip tranquil chick, or at least an aspiring hip tranquil chick, would want to know. Au Revoir! *edited to add* I've been listening for 10 years, and watching/listening/witnessing Kimberley's evolution as a person, in her offerings, from tranquil space, to the clothing line, books, cds, e-classes, has been incredibly inspiring.
I so enjoy the mood Kimberly presents with each podcast that she offers from which I learn a bit more on how to live tranquilly and in a caring and loving world of which we should all dream. She teaches about her love for animals, tea, vegetarianism, Paris, pugs and pigs as she introduces the listener to people in all walks of life that are uplifting. I look forward to her podcasts and check for updates to make sure that I do not miss any. I have yet to remove any from my iPod. Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing your world with me and so many others looking for the peace and tranquility that Tranquility du Jour offers.
Kimberly has curated a Podcast that provokes hunger for self-reflection, self-actualization and ignites a desire for the pursuit of a meaningful life. While inviting you to a tranquility within, she is the warm drink that comforts you and calls you to think about how to live a life that is intentional, all with her signature elegant style. Thank you for such a beautiful project that is a regular staple in my self-care.
I can’t say enough about this podcast. I have been listening since the beginning and Kimberly never disappoints! She is a ray of sunshine and has inspired me to be a better person. I look forward to each of her podcasts. THANK YOU KIMBERLY!!!
This is my first iTunes review, and I couldn’t wait another moment to hop and recommend Kimberly’s podcasts. I have barely accomplished a thing since I discovered her last week. I am not sure how she secures such quality, interesting and inspiration interviews each month. Wow. And, she’s inspired me to get back yoga.
I am a bit behind as I just recently discovered this podcast. I love it. And have years of previous ones to catch up on.
I’ve been listening to Kimberly’s podcasts for years, but recently started to listen more frequently. I find it’s a wonderful way to spend my commute. After listening I always feel inspired to live more peacefully/healthy/creatively… Thank you for bringing such beauty to the world!
I learned about Tranquility de jour through the Tranquil Space website. Kimberly Wilson founded the yoga studio and is my teacher on Tuesdays! These are nice short podcasts to hear any time on a wide range of topics related to wellness, real beauty, happiness... And tranquility. Recommend .
I have all Kimberly’s podcasts on my iPod and love to listen to the new interviews but have all of the past ones and I never tire from getting tips, ideas, and inspiration again. I check to see if there is a new one ready to download and have it on auto to download so I can get it as soon as possible. Keep sending these out, Kimberly, as I keep learning how to improve myself and my world!
This podcast has been, from the beginning, inspirational, educational and fun. The guests are fabulous and Ms. Kimberly is outstanding!! Am always looking forward to listening again and again. Thank you!
This podcast covers all aspects of integrating yoga into your everyday life. I love how encouraging Kimberly is, and the wide variety of topics that are covered!
I'm addicted to chocolate, coffee and Tranquility du Jour. Listening to the podcasts is the best part of my day. I listen while I'm taking my two small children on walks or cleaning up the house. It inspires me and helps me to remember to nurture myself and appreciate all the good things in life "like adding blueberries to your yogurt in the morning" or buying fresh flowers to brighten up your house and your mood. I would really like to make a Terrarium and have learned so much about so many different topics - all of which I find relevant and stimulating. Kimberly Wilson is just awesome and so is la beau Tim. Much gratitude for all that you do and the spirit in which you do it. Thank you for brightening my days with your podcasts and great work.
I met Kimberly at a book signing in Fort Lauderdale about 5 years ago. I got hooked on her podcasts then. I listen to them all the time. Sometimes I start at the beginning and re-listen to each podcast. I get something different from them each time as I may be in a different place in my life. Other times, I just search through the list for a topic that calls to me. You will not be disappointed!!
I've been listening to these podcasts religiously since 2006 and Kimberly continues to transform my life with her inspiration and motivating self care tips on how to live a tranquil lovely life. I recommend this to anyone in search of some sparkle!
I have learned so much--on a rich variety of topics--by listening to this podcast. The caliber of guests is quite impressive and the shows are filled with thoughtful, useful, and inspiring information.
I knew this podcast was meant for me when the writer of Savvy Chic was featured. Thank you!
I listen to at least a couple of TDJ podcasts per week. They help me stay upbeat and on the path of my creative life. Thank you, Kimberly!
Kimberly Wilson rocks! I love her. This podcast is such a boost of inspiration, and I love that she is such an authentic, open-hearted, go-get-em girl. She finds the most amazing people to interview on this podcast. It’s really amazing. Thanks, Kimberly! Keep it up!
This is my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of others. Interesting topics and guests. Kimberly's spirit is warm and inspiring. Never disappointed.


By JCA35
Words cannot express how much I love this podcast. The topics discussed inspire me to new levels of creativity! I find myself listening again and again to past interviews and always look forward to new ones each month. Thank you Kimberly to you and your guests for all the inspiration!
One of my favorite podcasts! This podcast has introduced me to many new ideas. Great book recomendations and wonderful interviews. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


By mebsers
Kimberly Wilson is an amazing force to be reckoned with. She is not only a podcaster, but a yogini, author, eco-friendly/chic designer, philanthropist and mentor. I don't know where she gets her energy, drive or profound wisdom from, but I hope some of it rubs off on me! Her poscasts are *always* interesting, insightful and thought provoking. I'm so happy I stumbled across her podcast and blog. You will be too! <3
I listen voraciously-can't get enough. Love that joie de vivre meets zen with a sprinkling of style and grace that Kimberly provides. She's an inspiration and my only regret is that I don't live close enough to take a yoga class at one of her studios. She's an inspiration!
Kimberly Wilson has great advice for "off the mat" yoga. I enjoy her guests and I've read many of the books that she recommends in her podcasts. She teaches you how to take the concepts of yoga and incorporate them into your work and home life. Thank you Kimberly!
Just what I needed to get on the mat< I enjoy listening, keep it coming.
I just discovered this podcast about 2 weeks ago and have almost listened to every episode. Consider it Yoga Journal meets Real Simple. A lovely mix of yoga, motivation, abundant living & STYLE. From a technical point of view, Kimberly's voice is easy to listen to and the sound quality of the podcast is excellent. Her periodic interviews are nice profiles and she asks thought-provoking questions. I also appreciate her follow-up "om-work," an opportunity for listeners to reflect on and integrate whatever the topic discussed. She usually incorporates a few minutes of asana -- such as a quick hip opener sequence -- but if you are looking for a full spectrum "yoga practice" per se, this is not it. What I like is the melding of yoga with your own style ~ don't have to feel guilty for wanting to be in alignment with yoga AND "look cute" to boot.
Uplifting and Motivational! There are great interviews with women who are succeeding, living creatively. It is filled with great business tips that women can use when starting their own business or apply to their work life. Kimberly gives great advice on steps you can do now to reach any goal and how you can enjoy living in the moment no matter where you are on that path. You do not have to practice yoga to get a lot out of this podcast. If you want to try to live tranquilly amidst the daily chaos of life. This podcast will help you do that.
I don't quite know what it is. Maybe it is the wide variety of topics she covers or maybe how she sounds like a real person and not some spaced-out hippie. I love this podcast, even though it goes against my "freak" real life. There's just something about it that makes even me feel welcome.
i can not get enough, yoga, plus advice every woman needs in her life! kimberly rocks!