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...it’s kind of worth listening to satisfy your desperate craving for more Survivor content. Hosts rotate and a couple are actually capable of delivering interesting insight with some degree of humility that makes them really fun to listen to. However, others come across as super arrogant and present their takes as the gospel. They also spend time trying to “subtlety” elevate their podcast and style above other much better podcasts. To be fair, they admit they’re only interested in spewing their own opinions (which they do with a decidedly self-important frat boy vibe). Always last on the list of Survivor podcast options, but on the list nonetheless.
Really enjoy the podcast but every season they spoil the winner. I’m not sure how they know who is going to win. They knew Tommy was going to win this last awful season and they knew nick was going to win DvG.
I listen to this podcast each Friday and it’s my favorite Survivor podcast, but Tommy was announced as the winner as a spoiler without any warnings. That was frustrating. Please don’t spoil!
I liked Emma and some are better than others - but a lot of negativity and condescension- not a good look at times. Listening today I wonder why there was even a podcast - it seemed like both just don’t like it and only rip on it. It’s easy to complain about things when you’re not accountable for anything. Just need a better attitude really. Listening one more time, barf. Half the podcast was about quitting the show. Then quit the show and don’t Podcast - the world isn’t going to stop when you do. Just more snooty comments and speaking down towards people. Really bad attitude.
Chinese food for Thanksgiving, it’s on
I like this podcast a lot and have been following some of the hosts since the AV Club days. Good analysis, but I could do without the political commentary and condescension. Plenty of podcasts for that. Otherwise it’s a good snarky take on survivor.
Love the podcast but I have to skip any episode with Emma on it because her voice is just that terrible.
Was a fantastic listen, and loved how you guys don’t give an F on what you say. To the person ‘offended’ by the word retarded, get over it. So, as mentioned by others, hosts rotate and rarely the same back to back. I don’t have a big issue w it, but it’s nice hearing consistency in opinions from the show. Then, decided as I live in Ohio, since we’re stupid according to purple Andy, it’s not worth me listening to them, nor do they seem to want ppl like me to listen. So, farewell, I’ve since unsubscribes
Listened for the first time today and heard the word “retarded” used as an insult. So disappointing.
Can’t get enough survivor
So much love for this podcast. The weekly deep-dives always bring the insight and the funny from incredibly likable hosts. Thanks for doing what you do, guys.
This is the “we know better” podcast. So much negativity, so much condescension, so snarky and sarcastic about EVERYTHING. This is the sad identity of your podcast. It’s become the “Everything that’s wrong with Survivor” podcast but you must know this. Right?
Wow someone is seriously jealous of Rob Cesternino. This is not the podcast to listen to if you want entertaining banter or great game analysis. I can't believe the way they make fun of Stephen Fishbach as a writer, wah wah, have you seen how small the word count is on his people blog?? Sorry that you can't handle when other people are more successful than you.
When you have heard the same canned opinions from other podcasts, come enjoy the purple perspective. These guys have the super fan knowledge, but are honest enough to call out the flaws in the game and the editing. Check out Episode 3 of SurvivorHHH to see them explain the predictable patriarchy that surrounds Survivor. A terrific change from the norm!
'I don't like watching losers' An actual quote by one of the hosts after 45 minutes of them crying about Malcolm being voted out.....Malcolm the now 3 time loser.
Hard to describe because the hosts seem to rotate so this podcast has no one personality or point of view that comes to mind for me to comment on. While it's not the first podcast I turn to after an episode, it's welll worth adding to your feeds and you should give it a listen.
The Purple Rock Survivor Podcast is the best Survivor podcast there is, bar none. It’s so intellectually stimulating that, after listening this morning, I didn’t even need my usual cup of coffee. Let’s see Cesternino do that.
I recommend this podcast to anyone who watches Survivor.
I am proud to have been a small part of this great podcast.
Really good podcast about Survivor and strategy. Also have interviews with a few Survivors that are interesting.