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Lebe als Schweizer in San Antonio, Texas. Habe einige SRF Podcast abonniert und am laufen. Echo der Zeit ist definitiv einer meiner liebsten!! Objektiv und sehr informativ. Top Journalismus. Macht weiter so. Danke für die tolle Arbeit Und Qualität :-)
Having been living in different countries, I realized how difficult it us to get good news coverage that does not just scratch on the surface. And since it is produced by Swiss public radio, I still consider them trustworthy. Only drawback: only German speakers will be able to understand it...
pracmatic, well done congratulations
For German speakers this is a good source of European and international news, even if you are not too interested in the sections covering the more parochial issues of Switzerland. Together with Democracy Now loaded on my iPod this program keeps me informed. I have to see whether I can download The World from the BBC as another comprehensive source of reliable news.
This is like a dream come true - oder in Schwiizer Duetsch, en Traum isch wahr worde. I have been listening to Swiss Radio DRS over the internet for years, because, as a Swiss citizen living in the USA, I never liked the US-Radio news, and to me Radio DRS provides the most comprehensive, complete and objective news, period. This Podcast also brings a little piece of home to me. The biggest disadvantage of listening to internet radio is, that I could not listen to my daily news where I would like doing so most : In my car ! Thanks DRS - now I am getting all the news I need every day on my iPod. I can't tell you, how wonderful this is. I look forward to other podcasts from DRS - hopefully the excellent radio show 'swissmade' on DRS1 will be available here, too one day. Thanks Apple ! Thanks DRS !