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Love learning the word from pastor Kyle. Humble. Clear. Soft. To the point. Direct. Perfection. This is where I have began with reading the Bible. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Thank you Lord for leading me here.
One of the greatest bible teachers of our time. If you want to chew on the meat of the word, this is the PODCAST to do it!
Damien Kyle is one of the most gifted, Spirit-filled pastors I have had both the privilege and pleasure to listen to. In a world, where too often today, too many churches have a compromised the word of God in order to appease members or be politically correct, Damien's messages have always been biblically accurate, straightforward and spiritually inspired. The focus is always on glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can honestly say, God has used him to make a tremendous impact on my life and spiritual maturity. If you want to go deeper into God's word and really are serious about having your life changed, by a deeper relationship to Jesus Christ you simply cannot do better than to listen to these broadcasts. Please subscribe and get the word out. Our society, our country and this world desperately need teachers of God's word like this today.
Moving back from college was tough but I wanted to continue with my walk with the Lord. I tried to find a church in my hometown that I liked but I couldn't find one that I liked as much as the one near my college. I found Mr Kyles sermons an it has taught ne alot already. These type of sermons are exactly what I wanted! I wish I had the opportunity to sit in on one of his sermons. I have learned alot already and I would love to meet Mr Kyle. Thanks alot for everything already!
Been listening to Pastor Damian for a few years and I love his simple teaching style. No fluff. All substance.
Straight to the heart. Very sound Bible teaching.
Our family has been attending Calvary Chapel for about 4 years now and we have been encouraged by the consistantly solid Bible teaching of Pastor Kyle. I work in the Bay Area and my schedule frequently requires me to be there on Sundays. I never have to miss a sermon because of these podcasts. I can't tell you how many times Pastor Kyle's messages have spoken to my heart in a very direct way. I have been blessed by God over the years to be able to sit under good teachers like Daryl Delhousey and Chip Ingram and Pastor Kyle is right up there on that list. Thanks to CC Modesto for making these sermons so accessible.
About a year ago I moved to Modesto. It was NOT a very pleasant move at all. For awhile I had no friends, but I started going to Calvary Chapel Modesto and it was an answer to all my prayers! I'm sixteen, so I go to the higschool youth group and don't get to hear him on Sundays, and so It's great that I can still listen to Damian Kyle's teachings on my iPod. He has a genuinely good heart, and is a great teacher of the Lord, and I encourage anyone and everyone to listen to his sermons.
My family and I moved to Germany a year ago. I download Pastor Kyle's podcasts every week. They have been such a blessing to me as I seek to stay fed. Through technolgy, God has provided the means to receive excellent biblical teaching in a foreign country with limited English language church services. Praise the Lord.
Damions teachings are the best. He is an awesome teacher and since I moved, I miss it so bad and this is a way that I can listen to it. You really should check it out!
It is sooo great to be able to hear pastor Damion since i moved away from Modesto, It's such a blessing. Check him out, it's straight from the word!!!!!
When i decided to move away to college i didnt realize that that also meant leaving Calvary Chapel Modesto, which was hard. i have listened and learned so much from Pastor Damian and i was definitely bummed to be moving away from the teaching. he speaks the amazing truth of a God in an expository style that is easy for anyone to truly understand what the Lord has to speak into our lives through His word. i reccommend this to EVERYONE as each sermon can apply to every persons daily life and walk with the Lord. i hope that the Lord can use these sermons to speak into your lives as well.
This is where I started my walk with Christ in 1988, and am so glad that Pastor Kyle continues his message on podcast so that the world has access to these great teachings. God Bless you Pastor Kyle and everyone listining to his message.
Years ago I found out about CC Modesto and Damian Kyle because my children went to the same summer camp that the Modesto kids went to. While passing through Modesto we would stop by and take in a sermon and fellowship with the believers. It was great! Then one time while my wife and I were on a real "Spiritual High" we stopped by and during the fantastic worship on a Sunday morning my wife felt that for her it was appropriate to stand up and just lift up herself to the lord (quietly by the way). Nothing big deal mind  you just a simple standing in adulation to the Lord for all the good He was doing in our lives at that time. She sat down at the end of that song and we finished the service and headed out. But as we were walking out of the sanctuary my wife was confronted by an usher who took her into a small private room (without me) and told her that standing was forbidden in their church (unless asked to do so). This took us by surprise as we have been going to CC's for years and never heard of such a thing. Oh well! But recently I've had the pleasure of listening to Pastor Damian's messages on podcast and I really like his style and his heart. I chalk up that bad experience to the "fear of extremism" (it was during the laughing revival period). Hopefully that kind of fear has gone away at the church, or at least is handled in a more appropriate fashion. God bless  you all and keep the podcast's coming! And hello to John K, Josh K and the rest of the K family
Pastor Kyle's sermons are deeply considerate. His concern with the accuracy of each accounting of scripture that he engages his congregation in is testament to his personnal submission to God's work and word on a personnal level. Pastor Kyle is a light in a dark world, and I would highly recomend this podcast to anyone who may have just a sparking curiosity or a continual hunger for biblical knowledge, and a relationship with Christ Jesus.