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As a Canadian living in Ohio, I rely on PTS to keep me informed of Toronto sports news but in an intelligent manner and one that explores angles the other journalists tend to ignore. Bob's intelligence on sports issues and ability to go against the grain is unparalleled.
Great show. Would like to see more variety of guests drop a few of the regulars. Also would like to see some minority representation the Waspiness gets boring.
I am orinally from Toronto and now live in Penndylvania. I started listening to the Bobcat on CJCL 1430, when he did his post Jays show, Jaystalk.... I was hooked. Prime Time Sports is much more informative and entertaining than any other radio sports show because Bob is a professional childish gimmicks...and he can talk inteligently about ANY sport, not like the shows down here that talk NFL football and maybe the flavour of the day. Bob can ask the tough questions with the decision makers and get the answers. He covers all sports, including boxing, racing, baseball, football, basketball and of course, hockey. Give him a try, you might like him.
I really like Bob but when he goes on vacation he needs better replacements, Jeff Blair is annoying.
Prime Time Sports is the Benchmark for all Radio Shows.
Top for North America....bobcat and that gang know the people that matter and I love his policy of not wasting earth's oxygen with interviewing athletes....try that for once espn...and he takes what seems 27 weeks of vacation which I respect...the episodes have to be made available quicker though...
As a Canadian living in Florida, I have relied and trusted Prime Time Sports to keep me abreast of the current sports news. Bob McCowan is by far the most credible sports personality on Sports Radio in North America.
Prime Time Sports (from Toronto's amazing FAN590) is the best Radio show on the air. Bob is entertaining, intelligent, and always asks the right questions. His co-hort of guest hosts are also fantastic: including Jim Kelley, Stephen Brunt, Elliot Friedman and more. I'd highly recommend the show for any sports fan. My only gripe is that they should have both hours of the show, not just the 6pm hour!