Reviews For MOLDS 2

I always want to jump in the conversation & have to remind myself that's it's a recorded show :) Keep up the laughs!!
They are hilarious! It feels like we are friends just hanging out talking. Worth the listen.
These guys start off with a topic, randomly flew to other locations and back again with a good fun comedic tone. Absolutely worth the time to listen and enjoy.
This is a really amusing podcast. The topics are entertaining and the conversation is comfortable. It makes me feel welcome, and addresses faith from a geek perspective, which makes it more relatable.
Wide range of topics discussed with these guys very entertaining!
These guys have me laughing! It's like being around my friends just chatting it up about comic books stuff and whatever randomness that falls out of your mouth. Great show.
This show is great! I've never heard anything like it. It's a geek podcast first, with topics ranging from UFOs to video games, to gaming snacks to vampires to comic books to movies to music, but, all the while maintains an uplifting message about God! A real Christian Geek podcast! Definitely worth a listen!