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Thank you so much for being vulnerable. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for ….I never knew other people felt the same way I did about food. I always thought it was one of my many defects of character.
Filled with gratefulness that you created this podcast! I listened to episode 1 and found so much benefit in your words! Excited to listen to more. Loved that you’re out walking during it really gave me a feeling of encouragement and in some way a sense of intimacy, as if I was there with you sharing the moment in real time. So much of what you said landed for me, especially that compulsive eating is linked to fear. What also resonated was your advise on overcoming compulsive eating starts with a change in mindset and taking action. What a gift! I feel hope, because I now have words and understanding for what has been happening in my relationship with food. Thank you!
I am listening to the podcast and hearing my own thoughts in your words. I can not wait to continue on this journey with you.
I just came across this podcast and I am only on episode 4 beginning in 2014 and it excites me that you’re still doing this in 2018. Don’t stop!!!! Too many of us relate to your same thoughts and behaviors. I look forward to listening to the next four years of your journey, and I hope when I’m done you have even more. Good luck 💕
There are many women, like me, who have struggled their entire lives with compulsive overeating. Laurie Weaver gave us a voice. I don't feel alone in this struggle and I have learned a lot about the issues that surround compulsive overeating. In the process of listening, I have learned a lot about myself. I look forward to each episode!
Love listening to your deepest thoughts on your eating issues and recovering from it. I hear you say that people don’t always respond - it would be good to hear for a couple of minutes on every podcast on how people can interact with you? Even after 4 years there are probably still new listeners like me who don’t know how!
This is a must listen for anyone struggling with binge eating or lose and gain cycle .
I just found this podcast. I can't help it but I'm bingeing on it. I love listening to Laurie. It's like we have had so many of the same experiences when my whole life I have felt so alone in this struggle. I hope you keep going, Laurie, so that when I'm caught up with the past episodes, you will still be there. You are helping me and I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work in doing this work.
Hi there! My name is Laura and I just happened upon your podcast after trying to find answers for my anxiety and binge eating issues. I am almost 30 and I have struggled with anxiety and binge eating for almost 10 years now. I found the love of my life two years ago and we will be married this September! We are looking to start a family soon after and I want to get my issues under control so that I can be the healthiest I can be. It's so nice to hear someone say and think the same things that I say and think on a day to day basis. You are an inspiration to me and I know so many others. Thank you for sharing!


just found this, wish i'd found it a lot sooner! but have still found inspiration, familiar thought patterns, quite a brave gal. Hope to see more from her
I came across this podcast and I just want to say THANK YOU from my heart for the refreshing candor you share about compulsive overeating, dieting, and daily life. I have found tips I need to have peace around compulsive overeating, dieting, and my weight (and life). I love the song that plays- it fills me with joy. You inspired me to take action and change. For the first time in a while, I have hope that I'm going to be free.


Thank you for sharing your story.
I love the rawness and beautiful world that we are able to be apart of my listening to this podcast. Thank you Laurie for your constant encouragement and insight.
Laurie's personal journal (podcast) is so relatable for someone struggling with compulsive and binge eating. Her sincerity is real and really appreciated. I have learned so much about myself and my struggles just from listening to Laurie. It's definitely given me some personal direction on my own journey with my struggles. Thank you for being vulnerable and putting yourself out there for the world.


I recently discovered Laurie's podcast. She is frankly honest and sincere. She speaks of her own struggle,s but teaches us at the same time. She is like having a cup of coffee with a good friend. I am only on episode 12, but look forward to continue listening. Thank you Laurie for sharing.
SO VERY THANKFUL for every single episode & for your very truthful honesty of your life as well as compassion and advice. Truly inspiring your open-ness. Best podcast ever
I have been listening to all the old podcast, and Laurie is very down to earth and real. I have struggled with CO most of my life, I have tried many programs and she is the first on that really gets what it feels like to be under the control of alien robots (no I'm not crazy...well maybe a little, but you will have to listen to understand about the alien robots.
I just found This podcast a few days ago, and went back to the beginning. I only on episode 18, but I'm already hooked. Laurie is really relatable, I feel like she could be my neighbor or friend. It's so hard to make people who aren't overweight understand, or even people who are overweight, but don't feel the compulsion to eat. It would be great if there were an episode devoted to explaining it, like a way to help people come out of the compulsive overeating closet. I love Laurie's human-ness, and how it reflects our own humanity. There is no pretense of perfection, her flaws are what make this podcast endearing.
I just started listing to your podcast. I really do enjoy it. Your pain is my pain. Keep up the good work.
Laurie is friendly, thought provoking, communicates clearly! PNP, Alen interviewed Laurie & I've caught up on the back podcasts and listen every time! She threw out commercialized diet and embraced intuitive eating, which for me, worked and a spilled over into other parts of my life...So, gave me the push and license to KNOW myself and my relationship with food and my whole life!
Intil I stumbled upon Laurie's podcast. When listening I feel like I'm hiking up the mountain with her, chatting about life, nature and our shared issue. The refreshingly honest way in which Laurie talks through her thoughts, fears and insights makes this listener frequently blurt out, "Yes! Yes! I feel that way too!" Her authenticity and beauty make this a stellar listen. You are the bravest of us all, Laurie. Keep walking up the mountain.
I love this podcast!!! She is so real!!! So grateful for it. I don't feel so alone. Thank you Laurie! Shaunie L.
I love listening to Laurie’s honest and open thoughts as she copes with her compulsive overeating. She is so brave to share her journey with the world.
I am a new listener. Just wanted to thank you for this podcast. I struggle with binge eating ever since I quit my problem drinking. I find it easy to stay away from alcohol because I just don't touch it anymore. But food is so hard because we HAVE to eat to live! I appreciate your tips and encouragement. Congratulations on your success and thanks again!
I love Laurie’s style of podcasting… thinking aloud while walking in the park. And letting us listen to her thoughts and how she thinks about eating, weight, and thought/habit strategies. Awesomeness. She’s also interactive with her fans and listens to many points of view. I love to hear her positive attitude and how she problem solves and is willing to try what is working for her. So little is published about weight maintenance- glad to add Laurie’s podcast to my regular line up! Karen P. (weight maintenance blogger)
Hi Laurie! Keep up the good work. I'm listening to your podcasts as I'm trying to develop a habit of daily walking. You are an inspiration to me knowing I am not alone in my struggle with binging and compulsive eating. I am enjoying my "walks with you".
Brave & extremely honest, Laurie shares with us her innermost thoughts, daily struggles & triumphs over dealing with relationship with food. I appreciate very much her efforts and contribution to helping others who share similar issues. And if you do, like myself, her podcast is definitely worth checking out!! Laurie: like I said to you on Facebook, you are one amazing lady!!


By Abubble
Laurie has a way about her. She's given me the strength to really face this journey head on. If you struggle at all with emotional binge eating give her a listen
Laurie Greetings, I have just found your podcast today as I too am struggling with compulsive over eating. Your podcast has made me look at my own struggle in a new and profound way. To hear you talk about your relationship and battles with food is like hearing my own thoughts out loud. It is a blessing to know that I am not alone and that someone does understand. You are a very unique and special person to walk down this path and invite others along. Thank you!
I enjoy listening to her personal thoughts and reflections on overeating. I can relate to her struggles and find comfort knowing that I'm not alone. I also enjoy her soothing voice and friendliness.
I'm inspired by your open and honest sharing. I'm so grateful to have found your words and thoughts, for they remind me I'm not alone in my struggle. Please be encouraged to continue. I hope I can express the kind of courage you clearly possess in my own way soon. Please keep journaling... Cause will keep listening. And though you don't hear me with your ears, on some level I hope you hear me and surely many others who are rooting for you, and ourselves. Let's be good to ourselves, get the help we need and do what truly feels good! All my love, Merc.
Just wanted to tell u that i look forward to hearing your podcast....makes me feel like i'm not alone....and that i'm not the only one struggling with this...and that there is someone out there who thinks alot of the way i do... keep it up... :) tracy in pennsylvania
Some places only the brave dare go. This is a destination less traveled by most of us. To expose one's underbelly by examining one's self, one's thoughts, one's victories and one's defeats, creates a podcast of exceptional value to those of us who might sometime choose to examine our other side.