Tip Talk with Dr. Jennifer Degler

Reviews For Tip Talk with Dr. Jennifer Degler

I am so glad I found this podcast. Jennifer provides Biblical and practical encouragement and instruction for daily life. The format makes me feel like she’s chatting with just me. Her content has been so helpful.
Everything Jennifer speaks on is truly so helpful. I love the added mental health episodes and tips given along with it.
My boyfriend dumped me 4 days ago and this podcast is helping me feel that my pain is valid. Thank you
Jennifer Degler is the red head Beth Moore! She is engaging, down to earth and relates to people in a heartfelt way. Her faith and reliance on God gives her wisdom we are blessed by her sharing with us! She is a true blessing!!
Very helpful & informative Podcasts on a variety of subjects. Dr. Jennifer Degler has a lot of care & concern for improving people's lives. She also has a very comforting voice. Highly recommend.
Thank you Jennifer for using your gifts to encourage and challenge...
Sound, practical and useful tips for a happier, more enjoyable life. Dr. Degler's podcast is interesting, informative and enjoyable. Keep the tips coming!
Dr. Jennifer Degler is such an engaging speaker! This podcast is very helpful and enjoyable. You will look forward to downloading new episodes as soon as they are available!
Dr. Jennifer is brilliant. Giving advice that is relatable to anyone's life. She explains things so simple it's like you knew it the whole time, you just couldn't translate it to you own life. So happy to see the array of topics!
Very good topics and great information! Highly recommend this to everyone!
Dr. Degler's podcasts are very helpful! She gives amazing insight!
I was so excited to discover Jennifer on itunes. We have used her as a speaker at our Iron Sharpens Iron conferences and she is spot on!! I enjoy her perspective and will be subscribing to this podcast. Go Jennifer!!!
I just love Dr. Jennifer. She gives great, practical advice for many situations and is so personable. She's a great speaker and writer--I can't wait to hear more podcasts!