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But I'm always confused as to why it is called "Kitchen Sisters" maybe I am super dumb--but I am guessing that the hosts are sisters, and Kitchen is their last name? Please someone correct me, I'm so confused
Love this discovery! So Delicious-start from the beginning!
Sooo glad I discovered this podcast!
Tried to listen, but I couldn’t. The music is so loud. It’s very good, but the talking is too loud to really focus on it, and it’s way too loud to hear the talking.
Intriguing and unusual topics, engagingly told. Well done!
In the midst of the COVID sequestration, this episode was an audio balm. I loved because my father has passed away, and because I am in my 60s looking back on the parts of my life I’m proudest of. I especially appreciated how Davila’s affection for her father came through in her phone calls back home. This one is a keeper.
Not only to they pick the buried stories that need to be heard and shared but the KS are voice musicians. Their timing, pauses, humor, storytelling tones bring you up close and comfort.
TKS are the perfect combination of great old school story telling and modern relevant themes. I would not be without this podcast.
I have spent many hours with this podcast. I look forward to many more❤️
There are some gems here, especially in the early years of the podcast. As time goes on the episodes get bogged down with lots of adds and self promotion. at the beginning, middle and end of each podcast, sometimes adding up to 20+% of each podcast.
At one point I listened to most of the offerings of Radiotopia. The Kitchen Sisters is one of their best. I have been with the Kitchen Sisters from the beginning. The episode content is always interesting and production quality is outstanding. These podcasters love what they do and it shows.
I started listening to The Kitchen Sisters about 2 years ago now. I have now listened to quite possibly every episode that is available on traditional stitcher & apple podcasts. I haven’t found another like it. I’m addicted to the short windows into the past - it’s like turning down and old road and wondering into a hidden realm where you get to sit with these story tellers and watch the film rolls play back. Even hearing the sisters intro just puts me into a better mood! Love love love.
This podcast opens you up to small worlds you never knew existed. I love their ongoing relationship with keepers and archivists of all kinds / of all things. I find myself wondering what the future would be like without storytellers like this.
Thoughtfully-rendered, uniquely SMART fun. Wonderful show!
The Kitchen Sisters get it. Period. Instead of chasing the popular surface subject matter, they dig deeper to give you an intimate insider’s view. Brava!
Love these stories! One of my faves.
That they chop chop chop chop chop up. Sometimes it works and a gorgeous and comprehensible sound poem/story comes together (Ferlinghetti). Others become so disjointed, mixing the natural organization and progress of the narrative, that I become confused and disoriented, and thus, sad and angry that I can’t have this beautiful story in a manner that is clear and followable.
I’m so sorry but I was so disappointed in this episode. It was my mistake, I thought it was going to be about “fans” as people fans. Every time I fast forwarded, someone was raving about ‘that wonderful sound...’ I love the rest of the episodes I’ve heard from you, but omg, I had to turn this one off.
Came across this via “Criminal” podcast. Love the Keeper series! Who ever thought you could do a podcast about lost sounds? I wasn’t sure until I listened to the episode about fans and suddenly heard the fan that was in my bedroom growing up 50 years ago. It was awesome!
This is my favorite podcast of all time. I adore the Kitchen Sisters and as a woman who lives and loves from her Kitchen, it makes me so happy to be able to share you with others.
Really, really good for the most part. Travels some interesting territory. The sound quality varies, because of the source material, which is understandable. Where the podcast falters is when the hosts interject themselves into the stories or interviews. They bring a certain 'white American crunchy granola NPR cultural tourist' vibe to the proceedings that sometimes just takes you out of story.Beyond that, it's a very pleasant listen and they unearth some amazing forgotten audio gems. Oh, & as someone else mentioned the ad reads are way too long.
Wow! Some great stories here so compelling that I can't bring myself to delete them. “Cry Me A River" just makes me want to weep over a subject new to me. And I am still surprised that there is a story in Basque sheepherders in the US. But there you have it. Great writing, music, editing. Bravo!
I need to find out how to become a keeper! Keep it up. Please!
Just discovered the series of podcasts on archivists. Wonderful, fascinating episodes. I wish there were more. Love these ladies.
I’m new to the Kitchen Sisters and came here for The Keepers (thanks for the rec, phoebe judge/criminal). I have listened to the two available The Keeper episodes and while I wait for new episodes, I’m very excited to have so many aired episodes to explore!! The format of the episodes and the production value pull you inside the stories as you listen to and learn from first hand accounts. People speak for themselves and the story is genuine. Easily, this has become a favorite podcast despite only hearing two episodes at this point!
Love this podcast, but the crown jewel is the Lost and Found Sound footage! Perhaps an entire podcast solely devoted to that project? Or just more of it - I have a desperate desire to binge listen that endlessly.
Your first episode of The Keepers-best radio broadcast I’ve ever heard. Should be required listening in these chaotic times to remind us of our roots.
Excellent topics and sound design, so engrossing. I wish that the occasional replays of older episodes are marked as “classics”, not marking them seems a bit of a bait and switch. I love the Kitchen Sisters overall
It feels as if I'm listening to a preview for a longer story that dives deeper into fascinating stories. What there is of it is fantastic, but it leaves me wanting much more.
When I see a new episode, I jump on it like agrasshopper. Have listened to all 87. I cannot find Faces, Mirrors, Masks in podcast shows. Today’s was fantastical...away, away, away!
The Kitchen Sisters story telling rock. I am always intrigued surprised engaged enlightened and entertained by their approach and the message. These stories don't hit you over the head - the draw you in and before you know it ( along with great music and mix) you into a journey of radio storytelling extraordinary rare. Rock on!
I love this podcast the most of all my subscriptions. Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva expertly create stories that dazzel my imagination and satisfy curiosity. I love their Hidden Kitchen series and The Hidden World of Girls. They've also mastered a recording style that is very difficult for me to explain but is so captivating; it soothes and pulls me closer to the storyteller all at once. I'm a forever fan and can never have enough :)
I have been listening to the KS for such a long time but they never fail to surprise and delight me. Always subscribe to whatever they put out and never disappointed
I didn't know I was interested in these strange stories until I heard them. Love it
Love learning about things I've never considered or knew existed.
Loved the black cake episode! And all the rest.
I'm sure we have all experienced an amazing time around food and a kitchen. This podcast takes that concept and really blows it up. The hosts (who apparently are Internet famous and have been for a really long time in the world of sound) takes us in and out of the past and present, allowing us insider looks into kitchens and food and the stories behind them. And of course, truly shows us how something as simple as a meal can bind people from all walks of life.
I love the Kitchen Sisters, and love the new "present" reframe. My favorites are Hidden Kitchens and Secret Lives of Girls. Keep em coming!
As a fan of 99% Invisable and Roman Mars' recommendation, I downloaded several episodes. While I know that advertising is crucial to the survival of these podcasts, it is just downright annoying that 75% of each episode is commericals. I had to skip the first 5 minutes, the middle 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes of commericals to get to the 2 or 3 minutes of content. Perhaps each episode should be named after the Advertiser rather than the story.
Somehow they manage to make whole episodes about things like hummus and the Foreman grill incredibly engaging.
Absolutely love the "harvest on big rice lake" episode. I would love to meet this lady. "What about the ducks buddy?!"
Real fun, good song picks.
Whatever the subject, it is approached in a most involving way..
Subscribe. Love how they are pulling lost stories out of the attic, dusting them off and placing them right on the kitchen table for us all to ponder. Great that there are women out there doing this important work.
I had to unsubscribe. Topics were boring & so obscure. Really difficult to listen to. I didn't get the appeal of it.
Check it out!
Everything the Kitchen Sisters cook up is perfect. Download and let the deliciousness ensue!
This is by far by new favorite podcast - like picking up an old book with notes in the margins, a bit smokey - feels familiar. Makes me want to explore the world.