Reviews For Geek Counterpoint -- Your antidote to soundbite science!

To thoroughly understand a scientific topic can be time-consuming if you want to be accurate. With the recent focus on climate change, I signed up for the podcast and listened to the 5 episodes to give myself a better background. Lorne Ipsum condensed a lot of background detail and analysis into them--much more informative than news clips and superficial documentaries.
excellent podcast. dry delivery but entertaining and most importantly highly informative in an age where pseudoscience and sensationalist science run amok. has a forum for further discussion of the topics which is an added plus.
Lorne Ipsum (hehe) will take you on a scientific journey where no news reporter has ever gone. Simply put, few news reporters have the background in science to cover important topics. Even fewer networks give these topics more than one minute, unless the issue is so polarizing that they can milk the subject for ad revenue. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to feed their brain's need for science information. Lorne covers important topics in a no-frills, straightforward manner, which assures you more facts and less b.s. Enjoy!
I have really enjoyed this science related podcast, as it can relate the information in a straight-forward, easy to under manner. I'm teaching a distance learning science class next fall, and I plan to have the students who can, subscribe to this podcast for further discussions outside the classroom material. Great job!