The Big Red Cobcast

Reviews For The Big Red Cobcast

If it was just tweedy, one star. But he wasn’t on the last episode, so I figured time was right to rate five stars.
These guys hold nothing back. Sometimes it’s a little harsh, but it’s all necessary. The fact that they are completely honest and let their opinions fly with no recourse is what makes it so much more relatable as well as entertaining.
This crappy cob cast is too intellectual for Iowegians
I truly tried giving this podcast a chance. If you’re looking for husker content, this site is NOT for you. Full of rabbit holes and political views. Horrible podcast. GBR!
This is a great podcast when Joe Canale isn’t on it. When he’s on, just shut it off and hope for the next week. He nasally, incessant whining is ridiculous. Nobody cares about your life motive Canale. Ryan and Pat are awesome. #kickjoe
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Monday’s are the worst day of the week but these guys help me start my week with a laugh. Ya there might be other pods that go super deep into the X’s and O’s, but that’s to the point where I don’t understand what they’re saying. If you’re a Husker fan looking for a great way to start off your week give these guys a listen. They have a way of balancing comedy and sports where they still know their stuff. Easy 5*. Keep it going Tweedy, Pat, and Joe (on occasion).
I have tried to listen, but I just can't do it. Way too many side topics, unrelated to the subject you think you've signed up for. The episode I just tried to listen to had maybe 10-15 minutes of the current team. Lots about some guy who doesn't have electricity, Jim Harbaugh, Herm Edwards, Colorado and Iowa fans, etc...etc..... I would suggest to them that before they post a new podcast, they listen to it as though they didn't know anything about themselves, and think about if they are delivering the content the podcast is named for. Sounds like a couple guys just shooting the breeze about whatever randomly enters thier mind. Fails to deliver the content.
The best college football podcast ever made and funny as well.
Found this show last fall and enjoy it a lot. Lots of fun and the right amount of football. Very helpful to me in keeping up to date with all things Husker football while living overseas. Thanks Guys!
Aging frat boy humor, unfunny at that. Stick to sports and leave the blue comedy to the pros.
This is a great podcast... Give these guys a listen and you won’t be disappointed.
Don’t waste your time. This is just a bunch of twelve year olds that have never touched a girl and that know nothing about sports. You could just watch ESPN if that is what you are looking for.
As a huge husker fan I've listened to EVERY single cornhusker podcast available for atleast a couple episodes. But hands down the most entertaining and the only one I currently listen to is the Big Red Cobcast. I've been listening every week for last year half now and things just keep getting better! Excellent show, keep it going!
High quality Husker talk with a good amount of Iowa bashing mixed in.
Old Intro 4 lyfe. [email protected]_TREYZ
love the brutal honesty and hate of Iowa. a must listen to all Husker fans. Go Big Red
I've been listening to the Cobcast to pick up tidbits of information you can't find anywhere else on the internet besides your local drinking establishment, wherever you live within the great state of Nebraska or probably anywhere else useless knowledge flows freely from the lips of random half-informed fans of the Cornhuskers. I hope you enjoyed the run. Keep it up boys!
Good show to keep you up to date on Husker football.
Some good dialogue, nice comedy added, good podcast.
I listen to this every week and often go back and listen to old ones. Love the interviews. Also love listening to these idiots make fun of each other.
This "cobcast" consistently makes me laugh and fills my head with all things Big Red every time I listened to it. I love it. You will too! It's a fantastic fix for any Husker fan.
.... Outstanding, Terrific, First Class, Fantastic, Skillful, Talent Saturated, Standing Ovation Worthy Performances on a Weekly (Hopefully Once Football Season Starts) Occurrence. 5 Stars for the Three Stars of this Top Notch Husker Football Podcast.
If there’s one thing we can agree on its that we made this podcast and we think its great.
i haven't listened to this podcast, but that is because i was one of the guys who recorded it. i can't speak to how good it is to listen to but it was a ton of fun to record. please let me know how it holds up going into your earhole as opposed to out of my mouth hole.