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I'm not sure these two have liked anything Star Wars since 1983. While there is occasionally some good convention coverage, this is mostly a show about how much 'stuff' they think they have to buy to remain Star Wars fans. The hosts are snarky and are often uninformed about the very thing they claim to be experts on.... Star Wars toys and collectibles. New show releases are so seldom that any 'news' is just old news. If you want tired Jar Jar jokes and lame innuendos, this one's for you.
What happened?
Spent many years listening to SWAN. Then I made the mistake of following the hosts on Twitter. Seems like all the hosts care about is hurting fans who may disagree with them. Such a shame. Hopefully they will rise above their hate. As for me I won't ever listen to this podcast or any podcast that the hosts appear on again. Life is too short to be that angry all the time. #Forceoutallhate.
Used to look forward to listening to this podcast, but the negativity and attacking of other podcasts with different opinions has turned me off.
Longtime listener, but I’ve had to unsubscribe. It’s not cool to make false allegations about other podcasts. Annoying.
Another amateur hour folks. My eyes glazed over, then I deleted. I know podcasts should be democratizing, so this is one of those unfortunate consequences- a show that is a waste of your time. No interesting information. a lot of personal talk and inside jokes that are relevant to the hosts.
When you’re negative on social media and try to bring down other podcasts, you too will suffer. Unsubscribing from this hate machine.
Too much negativity and hypocrisy
I have listened to this podcast for ten years. I really enjoyed it in the beginning as a great news source for the latest in collecting. It has changed in the last couple of years to a show full of arrogant people with an attitude of prejudice and animosity against those who do not agree with them or simply have opposite opinions on different issues. They have lost a loyal listener and fan.
SWAN has an excellent team, with deep and varied knowledge and interests. Focusing mostly on toys and high end collectibles, they also provide convention coverage.
Great show!!
Congrats on 10 years! Keep up the great work, everyone!
Great ,informative Podcast from real collectors who care about the subject
I was a loyal listener for many years but the hosts' arrogance and negativity got to be too much to handle.
Star Wars Action News is a great podcast for those into Star Wars collecting. They cover the latest news on new and upcoming products, provide reviews, convention reports, and the occasional fun interview. Their special segments dive into vintage and modern collecting, the newest finds on the store shelves, and hints and suggestions that can help collectors with their ever expanding collections. With great hosts, great content and great sound quality, they're one of the best podcasts for Star Wars collecting coverage.
Unfortunately I own an older model of iPod and the video podcast won't load. I was wondering why I wasn't getting any of the podcasts. I had to unsubscribe, delete the video podcast, and subscribe to the audio podcast feed. Otherwise, I really like the show.
This team makes a great show. Recently this podcast switch from audio to a video podcast, personally the audio only is the way to go. Video version had playback issues, and huge file sizes which wouldn't fit on my phone for my morning commute underground on the subway.