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The host is a trash person. Currently listening to the Bill PC episode... they’ve called Gif, Jiff. mythos, meethos. And the guest keeps calling Anime, Awnime... that’s without getting into things like claiming an abra turned into a kid, No, a kid turned into a Kadabra. There isn’t a PC system in the anime??? Watch the Porygon episode. I don’t even enjoy the show and I know these things... you have a podcast about it where you beg for money... do some actual research or bugger off. Listen to Silph Scope instead, it hasn’t made any episodes in a long time, and it’s still kinda trash, but it’s much better than this rubbish.
I saw somewhere where the stats for height and weight was listed as such: Charmander • Height: 2ft • Weight: 187lbs Charmeleon • Height: 3ft 7in • Weight: 42lbs Charizard • Height: 5ft 7in • Weight: 1,995lbs The problem is obvious right? How is Charmeleon 42lbs when Charmander is listed as 187lbs? I triple checked my source and it kept giving me that. Someone please tell me that they simply need to be switched! If not then what are the real numbers?
I cannot stop listening! Once I have caught up I will be happily re-listening too :-) these guys are so fun to listen to. They’re funny, insightful, and every episode blows my mind just a little. The best Pokémon podcast out there by far!
Silph radio is the podcast that got me into podcasts. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Pokémon (although it would help if you’re a fan), this show has something from everyone, from hard critiques of the franchise to fun facts and discoveries that pop up along the way. 150% worth every second for your ear holes.
Love love love Shilph radio and Nathan and all the wonderful co-hosts/ guests on the show. You guys make work bearable, especially Craig! He keeps me laughing 😂 love you guys and keep the podcasts coming!
Wow, I am totally shocked how little attention this podcast has gotten because it deserves so much more appreciation than iTunes gives it (its not even the first result if you search "silph radio"). Nathan is a fantastic host and his sheer enthusiasm and excitement adds to the entertaining value of this podcast. His guests are great. All knowledgeable about pokemon in their own way. Craig has general knowledge about the pokemon universe, Jeremy has in depth knowledge about a lot of stuff in and outside of pokemon and always has unique and interesting philosophical perspectives on any topic, and Brianna is energetic, hilarious, and a fan of the anime (I am too!). I only started listenting a few weeks ago and I am currently working my way through the back catalog, hopefully I can get caught up soon. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, hands down. I would love for you to do some episodes focusing on each region. You could talk about general information about the region, some unique facts, how it is different between the games, the manga, and the anime (like specific locations that aren't in the other mediums), the culture of the region and how that is influenced / influences the lore of the Legendary Pokemon from that region, etc... If you see this you should make the first region-focused episode on Sinnoh, because its got some really cool lore about the legendaries and its really diverse and cool geographically (its also my favorite). Keep up the EXCELLENT work Nathan!!!
From someone who listened to many many of these episodes, i can say the Pokémon knowledge level is disappointing with people hosting a show about pokemon. Frequent moments where they don’t know the simplest Pokémon facts. However they are able to delve into some great tangents and theories about Pokémon which is where this series thrives. If you’re looking for an in depth video game related podcast this isn’t it. Great people though and great talks.
This show is fantastic! Super insightful, endlessly entertaining, and absolutely mind-blowing at times! Nathan and his guests almost always bring something new to the table, or something that I hadn’t thought of before in a topic. And this is one of the few places where it doesn’t feel weird to be a girl AND like Pokémon. I love these guys. Been listening for two or three years, and plan to keep it up as long as they do.
1) Pokémon is great 2) Nathan and Craig are great 3) this podcast is great. 4) if you want great perspectives into the world of Pokémon, this podcast is for you!
The podcast is an enjoyable mature take on the Pokemon universe and the things that go on within its various mediums. The main host and weekly guest hosts are always entertaining. Great random Pokemon topics only thing that would make the podcast better would be a more regular release schedule for episodes.
This show is fantastic. Every episode explores a different aspect of the Pokemon universe you didn't know you wanted to learn more about, and boy do they deliver. The show is pretty well produced and always interesting. A great listen.
Passionate discussions. Chairs thrown. Feelings hurt. Awesome
It's great to hear other people's perspectives on the world of Pokemon, especially adults! Great job, keep it up!
Y'all have helped me find my inner pokefan.
I love this podcast and whoever doesn't like this podcast just because of the cursing is stupid.
I love listening and it often makes me laugh. I don't know a lot about Pokemon, so it's great to learn new things.
I laugh at almost everything. Most of the things you talk about is relatable.
If you didn't curse. You see, it's offensive. Curse words are for people that don't have well developed vocabulary. Sorry, you've lost a would-be subscriber