Reviews For PDR College podcast- Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Business and Marketing

Thank you Keith and Shane. And all your guests who have contributed. I’ve learned a ton from this podcast. I would give 6 stars if you bring back what Shane needs stacks and stacks of cash for. This Podcast is: 1-Educational 2-Motivating 3-Entertaining
Not just for pdr, but all businesses. Totally enjoyable. Keith and Shane are funny as well.
My friend and I run body shop and are just getting into PDR, the information I’ve found here so far is amazing.
The original pdr podcast. Keith & Shane are always informative about industry news, tools, techniques, etc., and always add a little introspective as to how they operate their own personal pdr businesses with the topic for that podcast. And if u want a good laugh, they throw in a little humor as well. Without a doubt, this podcast changed my business greatly. If you are in the pdr business, make this a part of your weekly listening.
Great podcast listen to it all the time, but a little disappointed because you recommended Austin the pdr insurance guy who I have emailed several times and have not heard anything back yet??
Keith and Shane are awesome and so giving with there time and knowledge. Every week is something new and useful to use in my career. Thank you Keith and Shane.
I discovered this podcast a few months ago. And, wish I would have found it years ago. The advice and guidance offered is second to none. Great job Keith and Shane! Continue the valuable work!!
This is THE PODCAST for PDR technicians. Not only is this podcast informative it is entertaining. The hosts crack me up and always stray REALLY far from the conversation not making it feel like you are sitting in a class room, but make no mistake the information is WAY MORE VALUABLE than you'll ever get in a normal college.
Very informative, professional, great interviews, entertaining, funny. I look forward to it every week. Thank you for your time fellows.
I’m very new to the PDR world and Keith and Shane have given me the confidence to continue in this field. I wouldn't have half the confidence I have without this podcast. These guys have inspired me to pursue this life changing career. I know that when applying the skills learned from these guys I won’t fail and will actually become a success. By far the most helpful podcast on iTunes. Not only will you learn trick of the trade but you will also learn a lot about yourself and how to become a successful entrepreneur allowing you to have the financial freedom you’ve dreamt of.
I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning. Back then I was an excellent technician that made just ok money. I have literally more than doubled my income by just implementing some of the principles they teach. Stop letting your own “head trash” keep you from your goals. Thanks a million Keith and Shane.
Learning every podcast love pdr college
I love the podcast! Tons of valuable information if you're a listener.
These guys know their stuff. Whether you are already a successful paintless dent repair tech, a newer tech looking to boost your sales, or just interested in learning the trade, this podcast is for you. 2 guys at the top of the field sharing invaluable information. I've owned my company for 11 years and I learn something in nearly every episode. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.
I love this industry and I guess I'm what Keith would call a "dent nerd". That being said, it didn't take very long after listening to a few shows that I was completely hooked. I'm so grateful that Keith and Shane put so much time and effort into this podcast, for FREE no less, because they have helped push me in new directions in our business and ignited an even greater fire in me for this craft and for "getting better". They pack a tone of info into each show and have fun doing it. Don't stop. Stephen Hamby Pro PDR of Ga, Inc.
I have to say Kieth and Shane are two unique and outstanding individuals. I have been listening to them for several months and they have changed my outlook on PDR and life in general. These two don't only cover PDR, they cover business, and your outlook on life and goals. They have motivated me to another level I haven't reached ever before. Episode 155 was I think one of the best with guest hail master Tony Antonelli. They put together experiences, business, comedy and wrap it up in a way that makes you see how they are as individuals and why these guys are so successful. I can't thank you guys enough for opening my eyes to a whole new PDR life. Hats of to you and what not. Get Better !
This called Vled. I need to say I love Keith and Shane and I love PDR. This podcast change my life. You need listen. Have some attention for yourself my friends!
Within every industry there are thought leaders: people who recognize trends before they happen and provide insight, leadership and education to their peers. Shane and Keith are some of those people in the PDR world. I've listened to every episode and they teach true principles and back it up.
Hey guys, felt like checking in again to just simply tell you guys you're doing good things with this Podcast. It's the constant within our industry and i'm truly greatful that you guys are still pumping along with new perspectives and ideas. Tips and tricks are one thing that we get from our own face to face conversations with other techs, the thing I look forward to the most from this podcast are in the aspects that I know that i'm lacking... how to ask for more money, how to professionally ask/validate for it, and how to always be the professional product expert. Keep up the good work. Matt Fones
Thanks Shane and Keith for all you do for the pdr industry. This is a must listen for anyone that is an entrepreneur looking for good direction. I love pdr and learning how to market myself. Thanks again, Shane Keith Cornelius
I basically started my company from the ground up with the help of this podcast. Listening to this show made me feel like I have had two mentors to guide me through the process. Keith and Shane, thanks for the guidance.
These guys are tops! Shane Jacks and Keith Cosentino provide a wealth of knowledge to the Paintless dent repair community for free. They have inspired myself as well as presumably hundreds if not thousands of other repair technicians to "get better" and as for myself it's been a career changing podcast. These guys goof around, tell jokes and pick on one another but somehow blend the perfect balance of comedy and impact to get their message to you in about an hour a week. If you are a Paintless dent repair technician or even if your thinking of entering the field take a listen it will bring insights to your attention that you never would have thought of. If you have been out here pushing dents for 20 years or more and think you know it all, think again and thank me later. This podcast is worth the time invested. To the hosts - thanks guys!
I've been listening to your show for the past year (trying to catch up to all episodes). I love how informative and knowledgeable you guys are, both in PDR and business!!! I'm in the process of finding a reputable place to learn PDR and it's all because of you. BY the way, I haven't had a PDR tool in my hand yet, but the desire is there to learn, thanks to you guys. btw, episode 122 was a game changer for me Shane. Thx again fellas. Wilson.
A new friend of mine recommended you. I have listened to Dent time and those guys are great too, But the difference is the soul searching messages you send. I kinda look at this like Freemasonry. The working tools of this trade are transformed into speculative words of wisdom on how we live our lives every minute. When you guys reach out with a new message, I see that you care but with brutal honesty and this is really appreciated. These fun but serious podcast's can be formulated to self analysis and help just about any person and business. I learned PDR 8 years ago and have never charged a dime but thats a whole different story. Becuase of your well planned and thoughts of your message. I am now retraining and looking to jump in with both feet. PDR has just scratched the surface of what can be done and I see the PDR market taking more of its share deservability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Richard A.
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year now (started at the beginning and listened to every episode till I was caught up.) I am an 11 year tech and these guys have completely changed my way of thinking. I was just moseying along in my little bubble not having a clue how advanced PDR had become. I didn't realize what was capable with PDR, but these guys popped the bubble and opened my eyes to a whole new world of excitement and innovation. Keith and Shane have stepped up as leaders in the PDR industry and continue to inspire and push me to be better everyday. Monday's are so much better now. I've doubled my sales by increasing my pricing as well as tried to educate my fellow dent techs in an attempt to raise the bar. Thank you guys for doing what you do. It does not go unappreciated. Keep up the great work.
These guys are changing things for our industry by changing the mindset of techs. It seems the tides are shifting from the days of hiding any tips or tricks from other techs, to present day where a show like this helps us all get to the next level and beyond! Thanks to everyone involved in making this show happen and thanks for helping me “level Up”.
I love listening to you guys. Have learned a lot and have improved in many ways more most in blending after going to the blending class at MTE. Keep it up guys
An unbelievable forum of information, advice and motivation for anyone envolved in the paintless dent removal industry. I'm a ex Dent Wizard franchise owner and 22 year Tech who continues to try improve my business and knowledge, these pod casts are extremely helpful. I'm very grateful for all the hard work these guys put in to make me and our industry better. Thanks
All I can say is thank you Keith and Shane! I’ve been listening to you guys since day one and you guys have helped me step my game way up. I have suggested to a couple of my dent tech buddies to check out this podcast. They still haven’t listened, their businesses remain stagnant and they’re stuck in the land of mediocrity. Meanwhile, mine continues to grow and I continue to get better. You can’t just put your headphones on and listen, you have to apply what they teach.
I'm a PDR Tech that's been training for the last two years. I'm about to bring my PDR to the public in my area soon. I;ve hit the net hard to find other PDR Techs to see what I can learn from them and these guys are amazing! I wish I would have found PDR College when I first went for my training two years ago. Still catching up on episodes and listenning to episodes again! Great stuff guys! NEVER QUIT!!
You Three are really great, Keith, Shane, and Shane's forehead..(it deserves to be it's own entity..) Thank you guys so very much for pushing me every week to not fall into a very easily acheived lazy position that I see my competition fall into constantly. I look at my situation as something I should defend, should someone come and try to take accounts from me. The only way to do that is to be a heck of a tech, and be personable, two things I enjoy..Along with those crisp green frogskins!! It would have been extremely difficult without you Guys. Thank you for being Heros to all of us around the U.S.
This show may not teach you how to push dents but it will take you from 0 to 100 in just about every other aspect of this trade. Shane and Keith are true pioneers
Eyes wide open now!! Kieth and Shane may not realize how much of an effect they have had on my life when it comes to PDR but since I have started listening to the PDR College podcast It has opened my mind to host better changes in the right direction for making a better living in this industry. These guys are very knowlegdable and are helping change the industry for the better. I feel I can definitely say this without hesitation because I have been in the collision industry a very long time and being an ex cat insurance adjuster I can say these guys are spot on! Listen like I do over and over until it sticks. The knowledge you will gain is priceless!! My hats off the Kieth and Shane keep up the good work and keep getting better!
Time is money! And these two, Shane and Keith, will tell you all about how you can make more money, increase your customer conversion, and perform at a high level across the board! Thanks guys! I really enjoy the shows! They have truly helped.
I look forward to listening to this podcast every week and these guys are truly a blessing to the PDR industry. They are helping PDR techs across the world get better everyday. Thanks for all your hard work and everything you do.
Keith and Shane are great PDR techs, businessmen and men. Thank you for doing what you do for our industry.
The information Keith and Shane share on a weekly basis is changing our industry for the better.
Can't get enough!!!! Very informative information on paintless dent repair.. Industry leaders Sharing their ideas on how to make more money,tools reviews and much more!!!
Keith and Shane are the most knowledgeable guys in the business. If you’re in the industry or thinking about getting into it then you need to listen to this podcast. They give information in 1 or 2 episodes that takes years for most guys to learn. This podcast will amplify and skyrocket your PDR career as long as you apply it.
The information covered in these podcasts can not only help someone who is just getting started in PDR, but also seasoned professionals. Keith and Shane are sharing their expertise of how to run a successful PDR business, and they bring in other high level technicians and industry professionals to share their expertise as well. Nearly all aspects of PDR are covered in the show, and is a benefit to any technician looking to improve on their craft.
My name is Brandon from the Chicago area. I have been pushing dents since 2008. About three years ago I was looking to get out of the PDR business. I was working for my dad, and like many other techs, he felt obligated to compete with cheap prices. It wasn’t until last year that I found out about PDR College. Like Shane Jacks would say, “Holy Crap”. The information that Keith and Shane were sharing was so valuable. They brought life back into the PDR industry for me. These guys made me fall in love with my craft of pushing dents. They opened my eyes to the possibilities in the PDR industry. The knowledge that these two Experts shared earned me a whole lot more money. My pay three years ago was barely breaking 50K. I am proud to say that I more than doubled my income. Thank you Keith and Shane for taking the time to help me and all of the dent guys.
A good friend of mine and fellow tech turned me on to the podcasts a while back and I can't believe how much you guys have improved my business. After going independant a couple years ago with zero accounts I was doing anything I could to get every job. The positive part of that was that I began doing repairs that I never thought were possible. The negative was that I was doing them for pennies on the dollar. Now I not only know the value of my work, but I know how to sell jobs at a much more appropriate and profitable price. You guys are the Zig Ziglar of the pdr business: “You've got to 'be' before you can 'do', and you've got to 'do' before you can 'have." Thanks for teaching myself and everyone else listening how to 'be'! -Mark
I've been up and running my own PDR business for just 3 months now and I feel like this podcast has saved me from starting out on the wrong foot. I've only been listening for a week and have already seen positive results from this podcast! Thanks Keith and Shane for sharing your knowledge and humor!
I was recently turned on to your podcasts by a fellow tech who has been bugging me to listen for months, i finally gave in early last week and now you guys are all I listen to while I’m out during the day. (I’m trying to catch up on all your old episodes) Ive only been in the PDR industry for a little over a year and have tons of learning to do still both on the skill end and the business side of PDR. So to make a long story short I’ve been trying to apply what I have learned to my everyday contact with costumers as well as my wholesale managers. Today I received my first call from a customer inquiring about a repair, I thought it would be the perfect time to try and incorporate some of the phone techniques you guys discussed on your podcasts. Lets just say I’ve never connected to a customer who after the conversation finished thanked me for such a great chat and seemed so enthused to meet and get the work done. Everything you guys are doing is phenomanal and is much appreciated I love this podcast and can’t wait to see my business grow with your help. THANK YOU!
Great show , I have learned a lot of great PDR tips and sales information it has truly made business better! I have been fixing dents for 20 years and excited to be working on getting into doing more retail and setting a website ,Thank you Keith and Shane.


First of all I want to say thank you Keith and Shane for having the courage to create this podcast. I am a small business owner who has relied heavily on this PDR college podcast. I have learned so much through this incredible resource. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. For this you have left a legacy and greatness. Don't stop doing what you guys are doing (giving back).
Keith and Shane are very professional and informative in this podcast.