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Used to really enjoy this podcast. However, the last few months it's been overly focused on technical topics w/o discussing how those technical items effect the user experience.
Interesting hosts, grea content and good demos,
Great podcast, bu it tneeds a little more attention to the listeners; sometimes the listeners don't know what are you talking about as we are not watching the video version. My main concern: Robert's laugh is too frequent and annoying and most of the times makes me skip the podcast to the end.
The audio version is informative and funny. It's hard to take the things Robert says seriously, though, as his hubris is often quite apparent. Further, the tech topics sometimes are not deep enough, and also the quality is lousy at times.
I don't feel that the video portion of the show is needed. The MP3 version conveys just as much of the information and humor as the video versions. Do yourself a favor and save some bandwidth with the MP3 edition.
But would you guys please turn down the bass? When the Nano goes from Digg to DL.TV, I have to turn all the way down from the car stereo, THEN adjust EQ on the player!
This is one of the best tech netcasts out there. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.
Great podcast. Pat & Robert rock, so much you can learn , they make it fun & very interesting, keep up the great work. Robb
Smart, funny, informative - along with Leo Laporte's THIS WEEK IN TECH, required listening for anyone who loves and cares about what's going on in technology. My only complaint is that I mainly listen to the audio portion while driving - which means many of the ads and some of the segments are lost on me because I'm not seeing them! Can you guys take a BIT more care to keep your listening as well as viewing audience in mind? I didn't know that weird ad with Dvorak and a bunch of other people was for CRANKY GEEKS until I had a chance to actually watch a video version of the podcast. I'm w/Leo on this one - audio podcasts are preferable to video ones b/c I can get what I need by listening while doing something that requires my eyes....
Great podcast. On time every week, with good news, and short commercials
though the hosts can get somewhat annoying, overall it's a good tech show. good info, and the video is high quality as well.
This pod cast delivers on content, and presentation. I'm glad that my old friends from the network are still around.