Reviews For Road To Reality - Gospel For Asia - with K.P. Yohannan

Always inspiring. Always increasing our global perspective as Christians. So grateful for the ministry of Gospel for Asia because it helped me open my mind and heart to the things in God's heart for these people!
Good Bless you sir and thank you for your messages!
You must get these podcasts!!! They will change your life. He is so right about western christianity, being consumed with materialism, and the root being selfishness. He himself took on this mentality, then had to repent to God for it. We seek God for his blessings, not for his face. God's heart is to win the lost! We must be eternaly minded, not carnaly minded. Its not bad to have things, its when things have us. Its when things replace and take over our relationship with God. He is a jeleous God. Brothers and sister sit back and listen to testimonies of people in the 2/3 world who are real men and women of God. Who lay down their own lives, not for recognition, fame, wealth, but for the love of their God, and the lost world!
Brothers and sisters in Christ, lets listen well to this excellent message.