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Excellent host, great music! Very well echo everyone else, it's very professional. And entertaining to boot!
Count on Rich Palmer, aka the Audio Gumshoe, to track down independent music from southwest Ohio and beyond. He's on the case. R U Listening?
Being a musician I like to listen to new groups, but tend to glaze over quickly. Rich finds really really good bands and the way he presents them giving interesting side info on the groups is great. Now I have to get to work submitting some of my music to him!
Rich is not only professional but has passion for what he does. He generally loves the music of the bands he helps promote on his show. Don't believe me then check out episode #48 with The Myths. Just because a band isn't on MTV and radio every five minutes doesn't mean there isn't good music to be found.
Great Shows! Great music! Great host! All in a very professional format. This show is the best of what podcasting has to offer. Presenting music that needs to heard throughout the world! Keep up the good work Rich!