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I see a lot of time and effort went into this. Thanks! Found
They ramble and are very very very annoying.
I have listened to this podcast since the beginning, so I'm not going to stop now. I love the theories and the content that they bring to the table. But I have to say, that the audio quality is horrendous. I imagine all these guys in a room with one microphone-they're all at different levels and there's no proximity on ANY of the voices. A lot of the comments get lost and it's really hard to listen to in a car. On the last episode (Sundown) it sounds like the laptop fan turned on and was as loud as the podcasters. Add a couple more mics, a mixer, and a compressor and this podcast will improve 100%.
Rambling, distracted. Podcast 80 was definitely not worth the wait. imagine this...you're listening to a podcast waiting for the juicy bits and the guys on the recorded podcast were also simultaneously streaming a video feed...and having technical difficulties. THose watching the video had no sound. Those listening LATER ( i might add) have to listen to them trying to get the viewer's sound troubles fixed. Meanwhile, dead air, no structure, and me wondering what i'm listening to this for. Lost Podcast-The Transmission...so professional and structured. This LOSTcast--not. Now then, there are occasional goody bits that i love hearing in there, but i think it's no longer worth the trouble.
This was the first Lost podcast we found, early in the show's run. Though I suspect real life may have kept them from keeping up on the weekly 'casts, when they've been able to get them ourt the shows are often top-notch. They were the 1st cast to speculate about an "anti- Jacob" and their blast door map analysis after "Lockdown" was the shot-heard-round-the-net. Looking forward to their take on the last season.
I’ll be devastated if this podcast doesn’t carry through the last season. I've been listening to LOSTCASTS since the very beginning, having already sifted through so many of the bad LOST-themed podcasts out there (boring analysis-free plot summary, or silly college girls talking about how hot Desmond is for an hour, or annoying, not-funny banter unrelated to the show, hmm Jack & Jay), LOSTCASTS is, or should i say was, the smartest, densest, most well-researched one out there, particularly in the early seasons. These guys are so well-read, well-versed, organized and articulate; their analysis of the “Blast Door Map” following the episode Lockdown, was a truly impressive meeting of the minds, that episode of the podcast still really resonates with me, 4 years later. But since then, the frequency and density of LOSTCASTS episodes have waned pretty significantly. I get it, real life happens; One of the guys got married, another one has had a kid or two, another changed jobs I think, making them less and less available to podcast, which I understand, even if it bums me out. But this IS the last season afterall, so LOSTCASTS guys, you can’t fail us now!!!! I implore you please rally and give us one more great season of podasts, just 16 more weeks…….your wives and children and co-workers will have to understand!!!!
While people are naturally going to be curious about what comes next, these guys take it to the extreme. Yes, they clearly state when they are going into spoiler territory, but to me... that means I'm going to be treated to some little tidbits about the upcoming episode. Perhaps the title or character focus will be discussed. Somehow, these guys are privy to the entire plotline of unaired episodes, and they have no qualms about spoiling every bit of it in a matter of 60 seconds. If you aren't in a position to stop the podcast immediately when they warn about spoilers ahead (i.e.: you're busy doing something else while you listen), you're going to get a complete rundown of all the important events soon to air. I can't imagine any fan of LOST that would want such info in advance. It’s a shame because these guys are good with their analysis and commentary on the show. If you can keep one finger on the stop button while you listen, these guys are great. Otherwise, steer clear if you want to enjoy the show unspoiled.
Dropping in quality and enthusiasm for the topic at a very fast rate....used to be good, but now they often don't even seem to have watched and/or paid attention to the show.
I do like this podcast, but they will go on three or four week breaks in between shows-shouldn't advertise it a a weekly podcast if that's not what it is.
There are good lost podcasts and there are even great lost podcasts then there is Lostcasts. Great theories and analysis with limited recap. John, Matt and Robert don't take themselves too seriously and produce a fantastic in depth podcast. Really interesting !! If only all podcasts were made this way.
To be fair this review is based solely on podcast number 73 discussing Lost Season 5 episode 6: 316. The best thing about the show was the sound quality, which was okay. The content was not very good. These guys just seemed as if they were not that into Lost at all. They misunderstood or remembered plot points incorrectly. Made numerous incorrect statements about the subject episode and previous Lost history. I’m not saying that their opinions were wrong, just that they said things happened that didn’t. This did not occur once but several times. Some of their theories about Lost were just silly or unintelligible, and seemed out of touch with the show. Maybe I caught them on an off night, but I kind of doubt it. People don’t forget about a show’s history one week and remember it the next. I think that this show would frustrate people who are really into Lost, and let’s face it, who else are looking for Lost podcasts to listen to each week?
What is the deal with these guys? They actually think they are better than other people and often down talk the emailers theories and dis the callers. Guys you arent God's gift to podcasting. It's not all of them only one in particular.
I suspect that, in taking the haitus off, they've perhaps lost some of their zeal but... IMO they are out of touch and have fallen down the list of Lost casts out there. while not worthless, you're better-off checking out DharmaDummies or The Transmission. These fellows seem to have written off the show as having jumped the shark (as a no. of folks have) because they are getting answers when, as it has been pointed out, you HAVE to expect answers at some point. as an indicator of this, check out the podcast for The Little Prince. I suspect that the podcast for This Place Is Death will be a bit more.. positive. my $.02.
This podcast is becoming hard to find on iTunes but its one of the first lost podcasts and it is still the best. It doesn't contain the nonsense production pieces or the tiresome call-in segments that the more popular casts have. This is simply an insightful discussion between three smart guys who have done their homework. The biggest downfall of this crew is that they fail to post on many weeks. Still, I'm very glad when they do. If you like Lost because it makes you think, you really should subscribe.
This is my favorite LOST podcast after trying several, way to go team. You guys are like the Others of awesomeness!
Funny and insightful. These guy do their research! Thanks for puttihng on the show. Keep up the good work...please!
Best Lost podcast out there. No rehashing/reiterating of events in every episode like other podcasts. Heavy into theories and mythology but light when it comes to characters and character interactions. The only complaint I have with these guys is the occasional incidents of political incorrectness that pops up from time to time. Case in point being their latest podcast covering the season 4 finale and some racially intolerant remarks about Sun, Jin and Asians in general. These are a bunch of Texas boys, so you gotta give them some leeway I suppose. Barring that, an all around good podcast to really help you better appreciate the events and mythos of the best show on broadcast television.
Since I listen to 6 Lost podcasts I am eminently qualified to judge them. This one is the best of the whole lot. Smart, insightful, entertaining and comprehensive. You should subscribe.
These guys have long had the best Lost podcast. They're smart, you might say non-nerdy geeks. Great insight to the show, about half of which is derived from quick but quality research and the other half from pretty thorough existing knowledge of the kinda books and media that the Lost writers use. Most importantly, compared to other Lost and other podcasts I've checked out, very little of the podcast is...about the podcast. However, the interest of these guys has seemed to fade this season. They've missed some episodes this season and have released shorter, less thoughtful podcasts. Needs to either get better and more regular or retire.


decent i guess but not jay and jack or transmission good.
I look forward to it each week after the latest episode of Lost. These guys do their research and keep it entertaining as well.
I discovered LOSTCasts through the Lost Podcasting Network. The amount of time and effort the guys put into researching all aspects of the Lost mythology is peerless. The production of the podcast, top-notch. If you're looking for a podcast that delves deeply into the mythology of the show and can untangle the gangly web of plotlines that is Lost, subscribe to LOSTCasts!!
Very imformative!
This year's review: Same as last year, but you need to exclude Tasha (sorry Tasha) and get back to the careful research before re-hashing any debunked theories. Episode 66 was definitely BACK ON TRACK!!! Yay! Last year's review: This is a well-organized, efficient and contact-packed podcast. The hosts are clever, educated and thoughtful. This is like having your smartest friend sift through all the message boards and provide you with the best insights and theories, leaving out the repetive and the irrelevant. These hosts could have a regular radio show! They are natural talents and an easy listen. Great job!!!


By rp_mo
don't mean to sound cruel, but this is an amateur podcast. it is unfocused, rambling and dull. no sense in harping on these guys too much, i'm sure they have fun recording the show together. but unless you're a friend of theirs, you're better off sticking with either the official podcast or the brilliantly energetic Lost Initiative.
This used to be called the "thinking man's" Lost podcast. Alas the great research into the literary references in the show have been overshadowed by recent mistakes. Tasha's high pitched giggling (over non funny statements) is too distracting and a recent show had one guy munching ice right into the mic. Ouch! Guys, go back to when you actually cared about the professionalism of the show. The remixes are getting to be a bit much too. That said, thanks for taking the time to do all the research. You're show is content rich and enjoyable for the most part. 5 stars without Tasha, 2 with her in it. I'm sure she is a great person and fun to be around but not everyone has the voice and personality to be on the radio.
I'm a big fan of LOSTcasts -- can't wait for it to be released after each episode. Concise analysis; good technical info (even if these guys aren't exactly engineers). The negative reviews are merely proof that you can't please all the people all the time.
I'm a huge fan of LOST and this used to be my favorite podcast, but apparently somebody's girlfriend said "you guys podcast? Let me do it, please!" and a great tribute to a great show was ruined.
While we listen to many other Lost podcast and enjoy them all for different reasons, Lostcasts is our absolute favorite. They really dig into the show instead of just a little recapping. Thanks for the show guys!
My favorite out of all the lost podcasts I listen to. Points out all the stuff I missed in the show.
Listening to these guys makes watching the show much more enjoyable. They really do their reasearch and are just great. I highly reccomend.
This is without a doubt my favorites Lost podcast out there. I know there are some good ones, but these guys cut out all filler and get right down to the main theories and easter eggs regarding each episode.


Just listened to Begining of the End podcast...Would have been great if it was limited to 2 podcasters. They had great feedback and discussions but there must have been 6 people involved all talking over each other and laughing. It was hard to follow.
I love how this podcast dissects every little thing about the show! Can't wait for the new season and hope the strike doesn't effect the show and podcast too much.
By the way it's been a while since we had a new one. Come on guys we are all waiting for some new stuff. Otherwise, a well organized, focused, and fun podcats.
If you're tired of listening to silly "banter" and rehashes of Lost episodes without commentary, this is the Lost podcast you have been looking for. The podcasters are literate, well-informed, and highly interesting to listen to.


By Murph13
THis is the best lost podcast out there. They are so thourough and amazing in their information!
I love these guys. It's like they know what is coming next. Very informative. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!!!
Unlike the official Lost podcast, this podcast is full of insightful speculation. I get much more out of it, even though it drives me crazy with all the things to keep track of. For fans of Lost, this is probably the best podcast you could listen to.
This Podcast is a no frills theory cast. Smart, and always enjoyable. No joke I usually end up listening to each ep. twice!
Deffinitly the best. They cover the most important questions from the past episode, and they do it in an entertaining way. If you are looking for a lost podcast, this is the one to get.
Topics, anyone? If you're going to spend over an hour listening to this podcast, be warned that the podcasters constantly get sidetracked. It's a rarity for them to finish a thought without one of the three guys interrupting to prove a point or share an idea. The main speaker tries to keep things in line with LOST but the others talk over him. Annoying, especially when it's LOST that the listeners came for. Stay on-topic, guys! The show could only benefit with having more structure. If you have a podcast for an hour plus time, don't waste your listeners time by going off-topic. Consider me unsubscribed.
I suppose these reviews are inherently subjective, but I can't for the world understand why so many reviewers criticize this show for being too serious. This podcast's devotion to the theory and mythology of LOST is what sets it apart from all the others, in my opinion. That isn't to say that the other LOST podcasts don't treat these more serious topics, but you've got to sift through a lot more fluff to get there. This show is single-malt, tripple-distilled. The hosts have really developed a good chemistry, too, and I actually really like their sense of humor. Keep up the good work, guys!
this show is really well done. these guys are well informed and to the point. and they resist the urge to try to be late night talk show hosts and stick to lost and it's related subjects. this podcast is a must for true lost fans.
I've listened to almost all of the Lost podcasts available here on iTunes and other sources and I have to agree with those who already said it. This is by far the best Lost podcast out there, bar none. Chock full of great information, spoilers, Easter Eggs and literary reference information, it delivers quality content without some of the incipid childish banter that goes on other podcasts. I don't want to hear unfunny jokes about your children and hyena like heavy breathing in a Lost podcast. (Generally Speaking) I don't want to have constant off topic interuptions by the co-host. (Many others, including Jay and Jack, which I otherwise enjoy be it not for that) I want to hear about the show. And that's exactly what you get from these guys. If you've only got time for one Lost podcast, this is the one worth your while. My only complaint is that I wish they'd do more than one show a week! :)
The show recaps are ok. If you pay attention when you watch, you'll pick up as much as these guys do. If you're a casual watcher who isn't terribly into details, this cast will help you through. My reasoning behind the 3-stars: too long, too much talking on top of each other, and the Lost theories are more "far out" than they are intelligent story twists.
The podcast is good, but can we PLEASE spare us of the LONG and DRAWN OUT readings of wikepedia pages of an asian cult that probably has nothing to do with lost except have a symbol that is similar to the dharma symbol. PLEASE. Other than the hour and a half plus podcast time, it has good info, easter eggs and spoilers.