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4 years later, I listen to your shows again because I haven't found an animation podcast that lives up to this one.
This podcast is great. It is valuable to anybody who wants to get into the industry.
Klay provides a great service to all animation fans from the pro right on down to the casual listener with these interviews and insights of those artists who have all touched our lives in some way through this medium. A rare opportunity and an entertainingly pleasant listen. Highly recommended.
Seeing animated films as a whole, sometimes it's difficult to pick apart who worked on what. This podcast puts a name...and a voice to that animation! As an animator, this is one of the most inspiring things I've heard in years...especially hearing these amazing animators talk about unfufilling jobs they had starting out...If you're an animator, I reccommend you look at preston blair's animation book and listen to this podcast, you'll be motivated up the wazoo! If your not an animator, this is still an amazing podcast! Clay does a very good job of not letting his guests take off too far without explaining the terms they're using, so even someone with just a basic working knowlege of animation can follow along. The newer version of the podcast even has pictures! Best podcast in the history of pods! and casts!
Probably the best podcast to date. Allows you to get to know the best animators in the industry and learn about some of the stories of your favourite animated films. I've never had much of a chance to learn much about Disney's Nine Old Men, but listening to these episodes helped satisfy that. Every episode is pure gold.


By Luxo
Inspiring, professional, and priceless (literally)! Each one of these podcasts is pure animation gold. Keep 'em coming Clay!
I love this podcast. More accurately the enhanced version. Because, really, how can you talk about animation without pictures? Clay does an outstanding job getting the inside info that we all love about this industry. And the Animation Podcast website is clean and well-designed. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe already!
Wow! That's all I had to say when I first got into Clay Kaytis' interviews with some of the most inspiring people in the animation industry. Even while in school I wanted to hear from some of the people who moved this entertainment phenomenon into motion. I wanted to know what they felt about their stories, characters, and most of all, their jobs! Clay brings that to life, not only with the interviews that he has with others, but also with peppering in some of his own experience as well. The plus side is that this podcast isn't just for the animators and people involved in the industry, it's for everyone! It's a behind the scenes look at some of your favorite movies and shows and how they were brought to life! Five stars all the way!