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We miss you!! I haven’t seen a new show posted on iTunes podcasts since episode 1174. Is there a glitch somewhere? Do they have you in iTunes jail, too? This show is so informative and unbiased. I have learned so much from KrisAnne and JC about American history and the constitution and am so grateful. Thank you!!
I found you through Quite Frankly and I looove your show. Tell JC, the definition of “expert”: an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure! (Compliments of my father who served as an “expert” witness in his field.
She’s on a roll and rocking. As a self taught lawyer- certified paralegal, I believe Americans should listen and learn
I listen to quite frankly daily and seen crissanne hall on there and fell in love with her knowledge and all her content. I am so thankful that I found her content on podcast as well considering I travel a lot for work.
I always learn something new listening to this podcast. Great job guys!
Sometimes she gets so shrill I have to turn it off.
Do they have any idea how unbelievably boring it is listening to lawyers argue?
You can’t claim to love your neighbor if you allow the God given gifts of liberty protected by our Constitution to be stolen and undermined. And if you don’t even recognize it’s happening what can you do to stop it. I didn’t know my rights until I wanted to exercise them and friends in the Parental rights movement told me about Krisanne Hall. They told me to listen to her so I could learn how my rights had been stolen and who is fighting to keep what is left or get back what was alway rightfully ours. I too have a podcast I where I discuss the evils of the Family court and listening to Krisanne Hall has helped me in that effort. This show is a blessing.
He is the world from a Constitutional perspective and only that perspective. Remove the left and right, Trump and leftist, socialist and capitalist view. Slice straight through the noice and get the Constitution straight.
Not only is the information in each episode spot on with references they also do workshops which I was able to attend. The defense of liberty weekend is an event you don’t want to miss. Once word gets out spots to attend will dry up quickly.
If you value liberty, if you understand why people risk their lives to get here, then you will want to know what makes it unique in the history of the world. The constitution, with separation, and restriction, of powers, was a framework unparalleled in the world up to it’s inception, and it continues to be attacked by those who would make us less free. It’s worth knowing what you are giving up before it is completely gone. Krisanne will bring understanding of the original intent, and beauty, of this endangered constitutional republic as it was created by the founders.
I'm 62 years old. History teachers throughout my school years only taught me that history is extremely boring. In early 2017 I started listening (I'm a slow reader and I can listen while I work on & around our home) to The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. That caused me to want to know more about the early beginnings of America so I listened to Bradford's History of the Plymouth Colony and many many other books on American history. I discovered podcast in early 2018 and started mixing American history in with Constitutional studies. A few months ago someone on a podcast mentioned Krisanne Hall and her teaching on the US Constitution, so I started listening to Ms. Hall and her husband, J.C. Hall. Based on the foundation of knowledge I had built about American history, the Founding Fathers, and the Founding Documents I can, without a doubt, say that Krisanne Hall is 100% "on target". Mr. Hall on the other hand was able to teach me FACTS about American history that I had NEVER IN MY LIFE heard One Syllable Of One Word Ever So Much As Whispered ! In all of my born days on this planet I have never heard so much as a "Fruit Fly Fart" about Blacks having so much as a "Dragonfly Burp" to do with the Founding of America ! N E V E R ! But with his teaching on the subject I was able to find an audio book titled The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution (most people living through that time period referred to it as The Presbyterian Rebellion). Mr. Hall is 100% right on what he teaches. I highly recommend you not only Subscribe to the Krisanne Hall Show, but actually listen and pay attention to what Ms. Hall says as well as Mr. Hall!
I’ll start off with the only negative that comes to mind. We do not always see things the same way. That’s a pretty small negative. The positives vastly outweigh that. She is engaging, cheerful, thoughtful and above all courageous. And I could not point out someone more knowledgeable of the constitution and the literary works of the framers. I think everyone needs to hear the history she has to share.
I love KrisAnne’s show, she dives deep into our founding with our founders. Armed with our Constitution & The Federalist Papers...those 85 magnificent discussions, penned, of course, between 3 great men, that undergird this GREAT NATION...she tells it like it is & how it should be in America. D.C. is a mess & KrisAnne explains why, everyday!!! 🇺🇸God Bless America🇺🇸
Thank you KrisAnne for sharing your knowledge with us...You are such a good teacher.
Kris Anne’s show is a must for all those interested in liberty. Since I cannot comprehend why anyone anywhere would not be interested in liberty, I’ll just heed the advice of mothers everywhere: if you can’t say anything nice about somebody, say nothing at all.
I don’t know why so many podcasts are basically just a conversation between 2 or more people. I don’t want to hear a conversation. I want a speaker, or speakers, to speak to me. Too often, I mean ridiculously too often, the speakers interrupt or talk over each other. That’s really annoying when one of them says something that piques my curiosity and is then cut off by the other speaker.....and they never finish the point they were about to make. It happened numerous times today, so I said screw it. I’m basically done with this and all other podcasts that use the conversation style because none of the hosts have the self discipline and restraint needed to not interrupt. And apparently, none of the hosts listens to the podcasts after it’s recorded to see how it sounds from a listener’s perspective.
Kris Anne is a Constitutional scholar but breaks it down in such a way anyone can understand. You don’t have to obtain a law degree to understand the Constitution.
I wish I would have learned half of what she teaches in grade school. We as a country need to have her classes taught in every school in the country. Glad your back daily. Keep up the great work. THANK YOU!
If you want the true history and the original intent of the Constitution, there are far better resources that are not simply self prescribed “scholars”. Try the books of Kevin Gutzman, Brion McClanahan and Tom Woods. If you need a podcast, both Tom Woods’ and Brion McClanahan’s are great. She is another of these incorporationistas and that is a false reading of originalism. Don’t be fooled. Do your own homework and don’t allow a self described “scholar” to deceive you.
One of the most informative and truthful podcasts I've ever heard. Keep up the great work.
I love KrisAnne Hall's podcast! She knows the Constitution, she knows her history and she is passionate about Liberty!
Love listening to a podcast that delivers information that you can't get in most schools and certainly not from the mainstream media.
Very informative and thought provoking! I learn something new every time I listen! Found this podcast through JSP. Definitely something I've started listening to regularly!
My 2nd fav podcast of all-time! It would be easier to live without air to breathe, than to go without Krisanne Hall! If you think with your brain and listen to her podcast, you will love it! 5.97 stars out of 5, yes, it's that good.
I heard you on blunt force sounded wonderful and im a new listener. pass you on to my friends on social media and my family God Bless you
I really wanted to like this show but the first 5 minutes made me cringe! She used a ridiculous about of cliches just to make herself sound like she was saying something important, when in reality shes just using other peoples thoughts. Her voice is over-exaggerated and melodramatic. She seems to be overenthusiastic but not genuine. I dont see how this lady gets the rankings that she does on Podomatic. Maybe because shes a chick spewing white man conservatism. Anyway, the positive is whoever did her intro did a good job at making her sound more important than she is:)
This podcast is a must listen! You will be compelled to subscribe and recommend others to listen because this information is LEGIT. She eloquently discusses how are gov't is SUPPOSED to work and it will wake you from your apathy coma.
Kris Anne Hall does a fantastic job teaching and instruction the listener about the constitution and history of america. She is a motivation speaker who is knowledge and interesting. thank you for what you do.
This women is smart, educated and filled with passion! She will educate, while keeping you charged; she will intimate, while keeping you level; she will give you your daily dose of Liberty, while also keeping you grounded. Great sound quality, too!! Music selection is awesome!
KrisAnne Hall is a powerfully engaging teacher and explainer of Liberty in addition to so much that is good about our history. I can't get enough of her commentary and I hope you take the time to listen to her. I love KrisAnne Hall!
I have been a follower of KrisAnne's for a few months now, and not only have I had the honor of having her on as a guest on my show, I look forward to attending one of her educational events. She's a woman of great knowledge, experience, courageousness, and kindness; although very firm and resolute. If you want to listen to someone who knows what they're talking about, while walking away with hope and inspiration for a better future, KrisAnne Hall is one of those someones. - Frank
...or give me death! Shining light on the darkness that has covered our true inheritance as US citizens, freedom and liberty, granted us by The US Constitution.
Listened to the ‘Exceptions to the 4th Amendment’ podcast: Incomprehensible, inarticulate, incoherent all come to mind. Besides @ 12 minutes of commercials, there was a request for help from Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and Fox; some bad math; and an incorrect assertion about the child gun safety pact an Arizona school district has asked parents to sign. There was a brief reference to the Supreme Court cell phone search cases (Riley v. California and US v Wuhre) but no meaningful discussion or elaboration on 4th Amendment exceptions. The only thing one can understand is the speaker’s belief there should be no exceptions to the 4th Amendment.
Kris Anne Hall challenges our knowledge of the Constitution, it's definition, meaning, and genealogy.
Former Army soldier, former liberal, former Monsanto Kool-aid scientist that woke up to the truth… She brings a passionate but objective analysis of the real roots of our Republic—from before the Magna Carta to the present threshold of tyranny. You won't get the BS left vs. right diversion here. She calls out politicians of all kinds and gives you the Constitutional background to understand and defend it. Power flows from the citizen People, to the US states, and then to the created creature of federal government—in that order!