Reviews For Toby Sucks At Podcasts - Audio

You are sooooo funny I love watching your YouTube channels and I really like cut win fail
You're so funny, Toby!! I love the podcasts!! An hour well spent. Keep it up!! P.S. Gryphon is too cute!! ๐Ÿ˜
Toby is very hilarious and Griffins voice sounds adorable.
Gryphon is really funny and so is tobuscus is to I wish Gruphon was in all th episodes
Dear Toby, I have been watching your show for 3 years now.My life has been kinda hard with my parents being divorced in all.Please Read.Please select my review.By the way Gryphon is awesome๐ŸŽ‰
I have recently found your channel and love it. Gryphon rocks I mean best pod cast ever gryphon. You should drop that toby guy and go off on your own lol... No toby you rock ever video is amazing keep it up.
Toby is so funny and every time I listen to it it always makes my day better even if I have the greatest day of my life Toby some how makes it better keep doing your thing Toby Dododdodododod Please read this !
very funny i love the content and the intros are great too. subscribe to the podcast its worth it!!!
I have never heard of a podcast as amazing as this one!!!!!๐Ÿ˜„
Gryphon Said Not To Do This But I Really Whanted To Because He's A Dog Even Though He Is Really Cute I Dont Care!!!....Here It Is.....Griffen.....LOLOLOLOLOLOL......TROLLLLL!
Nobody reads the comments, do they? What am i doing here
Toby is my third favorite youtuber of all time!! Smosh is number one and two though; I apologize. I will always love you, @Toby, for the laughs you gave me. Gryphon is also my favorite dog of all time! This podcast is legendary! #BlessYourFace
I love your podcasts, I always watch them as I fall asleep, but not in a creepy way ;)
Honestly, I love Toby but Gryphon steals the show! His wit and humor is unmatchable, even by Toby. I LOVE YOU GRYPHON!
Normally I hate podcasts but this one is amazing! I could listen to Toby and the crew all day long!
Hey Toby, please make more podcasts! It's really hard to find podcasts that are fun to listen to, and whenever I find ones I like they always end right away! Please, I need more stuff to listen to; even when everything's completely random, I still enjoy it!
I love this podcast and u make me laugh, Toby.
I enjoy this podcast a lot I love how griffin does the intro and Toby has not one but multiple guests through the podcast any way I loves its. (P.S Griffin looks like my old dog)
It's a great podcast to listen to if you love toby and if you don't love toby it's still a great podcast to check out. I love Toby's work so it's deffinitly a 5/5 for me.
toby you, gabeuscus, and tim are awesome, but griffon is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Toby your awesome I have bought some Tobuscus merchandise but Griffin u are better no this is not a double standard i don't even know waht it means #tobysucksatpodcasts
Toby is naturally comical and what ever he does with whom ever he does it with will make my day! Gryphon always completes each podcast though because his sarcasm is the cherry on top.
i love this podcast
Gyphon you muscular beast of fear you. You make the podcasts better! Ps. (Im just making Gryphon happy its really Toby that makes it awesome!)
TOBY YOU ROCK!!!!! The podcast is Awesome keep it going. And Gryphon you are more awesome then Toby lol and i spelled your name right.


Toby is BOOTIFUL and Griffon is cool! Woof woof
Sorry, but Tobuscus sounds like a biscuit to moi. But fear not! I donโ€™t like biscuits, so I shall not eat him. therefor he can continue sucking at podcasts epically, because I absolutely love them. Please, make more!
This podcast is lots of fun and Gryphon smells good.
Hey Toby you're hilarious... BUT I like British accents more so sorry. Also gryphon cracks me up I love his voice that you do. Keep doin' what you're doin' dewd.
You and tim are the greatest but there should a segment called gryphons corner. Where he talks about things. But this podcast is 10 potato out of 8
This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life it reminds me of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon I hope I spelled his name right say hi to Gryphon
Gryphon should be a guest on this hilarious waste of time
I recently started to listen to your podcast and let me say.... its a podcast. Also, Gryphon needs to be on a lot more. Tell Steven to bring him on one day!
Griffin is the best but Toby is funny too.
Love the podcast Toby, keep up the awesome work! P.S. Gryphon looks like he should be a supermodel for dog clothes, he's super cute!
He's so funny an the best
So funny gryphon is awesome so are i toby
I like all the ones up until the last two, but Gryphon is hilamazing, so that makes up for most of everything else. Gryphon for President!
This is the best podcast I've ever heard!!!
I love you Gryphon! Toby is just as great as ever!
I have missed Gryphon's face for three whole weeks!!
Hilarious podcast. Even the parts without Gryphon. Love you Gryphon!! <3
I'm so glad these are back! I now have something to listen to while avoiding responsibilities. I love you Toby, and of course Gryphon!