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Not a very good podcast. The host is clearly not that bright. He pretty consistently makes big, obvious mistakes in his analysis. It’s as if he’s not even trying. This is a very “throw away” kind of show. Not much to get out of it. Would not recommend.
he’s weird he’s self absorbed but he’s RIGHT!
It’s the stuff dreams are made of.
Great podcast, great show if you're in the area, and a perfect mix of smart comedy and love of film. Always a treat, the few and rare times a new episode shows up.


So funny, why are you not listening already? ❤😂
I just love the Film Club version of His Proopness! And his preamble to The Life and Times of Harvey Milk made mention of the band The Tubes, whom I just saw this weekend!!!!! Thanks, Greg!
Just watch and listen. Thanks for the great recomendations
I love this guy, he is flat smart and funny, even though I disagree with almost all of his truly felt beliefs on politics. That does not matter to me. He is at his best when he talks 70's movies. I can't wait to see his act live.
Such brilliance and rich intellect aligned with movies that truly deserve the attention they receive. It is the cinematic ephemeral emotional support muntjac and wild like boars!
Mr. Proops is hilarious! Like him? no, I love him!
Greg Proops is a superb film club host. His knowledge of all things film is vast and legendary.
I wish he could have a new EP every day.
It's one thing to have really great films featured on a podcast, but it's quite another to have the brilliant Greg Proops introduce each film and then allow the listener to pause and watch said film before getting to the reaction and "review". First rate!!
Looking forward to many more (and more frequent?) episodes. Greg's impressions of old-time actors are hilarious.

By Psumm
Love Greg. Funny and smart
So glad to see these finally out as their own podcast. Would much rather listen to Proops talk about his unique selections of films than almost any other podcast dedicated to film. There are some good film podcasts out there, but even when Proops isn't talking about the film at hand (which happens quite a bit) he is more entertaining and engaging than nearly every other film-dedicated podcast (I'm looking at you, Adam Kempenar). Bravo, sir. Keep 'em comin'.
Thanks Greg, another fantastic podcast.
I can't think of anyone more qualifed to get an audience excited about classic and cult films than the Smartest Man in the World himself. Excellent show!
Huff some dank, watch a film you might not had, then enjoy the podcast. Very fun.

By Sgk87
Can't get enough of the smartest man in the world