101 Homeschool Ideas

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I’m gearing up to start homeschooling this next school year and have been scared beyond words. I have felt inadequate and have doubted so many times, that is until I found this podcast. I’ve learned that homeschooling is more a way of life. Thank you for your insight and tips. I find that I can learn so much in just a few episodes. Thank you for sharing!!
This podcast if a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve relationships with their kids and/or homeschool effectively. When I listen to these podcasts, I feel compelled to listen with pen and paper in hand, because there are so many wonderful ideas in every episode. THANK YOU for this resource!
This is great encouragement for homeschooling parents! Great content, fresh ideas, engaging, A++++++ KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!
Every time I listen to these episodes I am re-energized in my dedication to my children's education. Even if you aren't doing homeschool, these ideas and Brian's enthusiasm will keep you interested and thinking. I often wish I had a notebook when I'm listening so I can jot ideas down! This podcast helps me to be a better mom and a more cheerful and active participant in my children's education.
Love the episodes... love hearing different ideas and perspectives. Refreshing!
I just discovered this podcast a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Brian holds my same values and interviews so many people who also line up with my beliefs. I've even got my husband listening to it. This has been so helpful as we prepare to jump into the homeschool world! Thank you!
Love getting real-life educational ideas to make learning at home fun.
Practical and relevant. Great ideas, thoughts, and, interviews.
This podcast has delightful variety, and is very practical. I recently re-listened to the episode about iPad apps, as we just got one. I look forward to using some of these right away.
I'm trying to plan for homeschooling, and this podcast has been a God-send. I've literally "binge" listened to several episodes every day. Brian doesn't waste time, gives concrete ideas in a format that is easy to remember, offers terrific inspiration, and speaks in a conversational manner. No self-promotion or patronizing manner here! Thank you so much.
Love the podcast! I have been going back and forth about doing this with my son. I took him out of private daycare last year when I had my daughter. So I started going online and finding things to do with him myself. You have definitely inspired me to definitely go the route of homeschool. I find it so fulfilling for both of us. I just get nervous that I don't know what I'm doing. You have helped me through some of those fears l!
I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Brian has a very open mind and looks at all aspects of homeschooling in an open way. I am new to homeschooling and it has been a really great resource for me. I find myself really thinking about homeschooling and have discovered my style and opinions on many topics by thinking it out along with the podcast. I feel that sometimes you just want to be a fly on the wall in other homeschool homes and I think this podcast brings homeschooling to life for me.
So much good info on this podcast! It motivates me to prepare for coming school year. I have saved several episodes to listen to again.
Hi my name is Ajah. I had my 1st child at the age of 19, and even though I was just a teen a knew from day one I wanted to homeschool. I now have four children that I am now homeschooling ages 2 thru 8. It has been a blessing for me to listen to your views and your professional opinions, which confirm most of my beliefs. This podcast has been extremely helpful to listen to as in the black community I don't have many people to bond with over my educational choices. Thanks so much for the encouragement, keep em' coming.
I would love to read homeschool blogs more but I NEVER seem to have the time. This podcast has great ideas but while getting the info I can multitask and do the dishes or fold laundry. Definitely worth subscribing.
I am really enjoying this podcast. I love how Brian brings in interviewees with such varied backgrounds and perspectives on learning. This is a fantastic resource for those considering home learning and established homeschoolers alike. Wonderful.
This podcast has been so helpful to me as a future homeschooler. I'm planning to homeschool next year and this podcast has helped me decide that I CAN DO IT! Thank you so much for the help and inspiration!
This Podcast has been an encouragment throughout my week. There is practical advice and suggestions that I believe most homeschooling families can benefit from.
As a former educator, who is now homeschool teacher, I appreciate that this podcast is helpful to all who want the best education for their children. His ideas are based off of solid, well respected research. Yet at the same time, he presents them in a way that both seasoned educators and novice homeschoolers can take them and use them immediately. I appreciate some of the positive reminders he gives in such an upbeat manner. I look forward to each episode. Thanks, Erica
I've been listening for a few months and can't say enough good things about this podcast. Very motivating and full of ideas for homeschooling families, from book reviews to interviews with experienced homeschooling families to teaching ideas for specific learning styles. Brian is genuinely out to help families and encourages listener feedback and individual questions. I wrote in with a question and he put a lot of energy into helping me out, even doing a podcast about my specific situation. Start listening!
I'm a podcast addict and I'd say this is one of the best that I've come across for home school. Practical teaching skills without a lot of fluff. Thank you for the time you spend teaching us!
Thank you. I am excited for more.
I am a prospective homeschooler and am looking for any and all advice, tips and warnings. I find this "everyday kin of Dad" a very likeable fellow and enjoy the 4 podcasts I have listened to so far. He has terrific ideas ( I've been taking notes as I listen!) and he adds just the right amount of humor. I am so impressed by all of the homeschooling families I have read about and listened to but I sometimes worry that I am not organized or perfect or knowledgeable enough to do this. Brian makes me feel like maybe I am not alone in that fear and that maybe I can do it anyway!
I am a mom to 3 children, 16 yro. boy {freshman in HS}, 7 yro. girl {first grade} and a 2.5 yro. girl. My experience in the public school realm hasn't been terrible, but I'm afraid that the direction it is moving my children will soon be lost in the system & in many aspects I'm becoming more fearful of the social influences as well. I am aiming to begin homeschooling in the 2014-2015 school year & self doubt has reared it's ugly head. Your pod cast has been so uplifting, inspiring & given me the strength to move forward and move in confidence that this is the right decision for our family. Thank you for your time, knowledge & compassion to bring this into our lives.
We are just starting our homeschool journey and this podcast is so fantastic for me! I am sharing it with all my friends who are interested in homeschooling, and with my husband who is a bit reluctant. I feelike your show was made just for our family, helping us right along on this journey I feel so strongly about! Thank you SO much.
This is an encouraging podcast with great information. It's a must listen for homeschool newbies and regulars alike.
Packed full of ideas I can put into action first thing tomorrow.
Lots of great info for newbies and the experienced.
Each episode I've heard has been packed with useful information and practical tips. Very motivating and encouraging, I appreciate the positive tone of the podcast.
The decision to take any educational route other than the established traditional K-12 classroom is daunting to say the least. I found this podcast through a plug from a totally unrelated podcast and so glad I did. It makes other non-traditional options attainable and less foreign. It's been encouraging, enlightening, reassuring, and exciting. I appreciate that (Dr.) Brian Ricks, the host, has a Phd in the educational field (people!) and his interviews span a wide variety of approaches. Thanks for your effort Brian. Keep up this great work!
Wow! This is a GREAT podcast that gives lots of WORKABLE ideas from a very REAL perspective. Brian has extraordinary insight and brings a MUCH needed viewpoint. With a PhD in Education Administration, he KNOWS the ins and outs of public education and shows how homeschoolers can create extraordinary opportunities for their children. Thanks for sharing what you know about schools and the GREAT ideas you and your guests on the podcast have for home schoolers!
Excellent content for anyone interested in homeschool. Can tell the host is truly trying to help parents get a handle on things. He gives reasonable advice.
There is a lot of great ideas in each of the interviews so far. More than anything else it really helps with motivation to just get out there and do it.