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my Favorite pod cast
So much variety within the darker genre of music. Theresa and Edd are so fun to listen to. I love the silly questions each week too!
Best Podcast of its genre to Listen to, Keeps me company on my Road Trips, Never miss a show
I listen to this podcast every week to hear the best new underground, goth, industrial, synthpop, electro, EBM and various other sub genres of dark music. The hosts are relatable, charming and humorous, making this show one I come back to time and time again for not only the amazing music, but also the community it welcomes.
I've been listening for a few years now and I love this show. In an age of homogeneous commercial radio and algorhythm playlists, these two bring the dark trends in music to a old school radio format. Huzzah.
This is one of the only podcast’s that I listen too. Theresa and Edd are funny and entertaining and they only play the best music. I would highly recommend this show to anyone as it is superb.
I started listening to this podcast eight years ago and I am still listening to them all the time. They play the best music and the content is always current. The two lovely hosts interact with their audience by asking us a silly questions each show. We submit our answers via social media or their website and they read them on air live during breaks. They are always kind and genuine and are not elitists at all. I rate them five out of five bats!
These cats have been spinning and mixing for years and understand the passion of music. They play everything darkwave, industrial, gothica, shoe-gazing, just love this. The music is all from artists releases in the last 6-months, so you're always getting to hear something you've probably never heard before, but they toss in a "coffin classic" to appreciate as well.
The podcast is called "Dark Horizons"...not very dark at all. Just a bunch of elcectro dance musik with some stupid banter back and forth between two fools. Ocasionally play some good stuff, but mostly just playing DJ at home to sound important and cool.
Lo mejor del industrial y una entretenidas conversaciones entre Edd y Theresa, y obvio la siempre divertida "Silly Question of the Week" Totalmente recomendado.
Informative, entertaining and fun. These guys provide an excellent and interactive show. A great way to tune in to a varity of music and discover new artists. Love the silly question. Long time listener, avid fan. Keep up the great work guys!
I have been listening to 88.5 for over 12 years. I have been living in San Diego since 2007, and I have yet to find a radio show even close to being as good as Dark Horizons. I am so grateful that there is a podcast! Now I can I can listen anywhere/anytime, because Teresa's "Silly Question" just makes my week. Love you guys. Keep it dark <3
There are many podcasts out there that say they play new music only to play 1 or 2 new songs, but you won't find that here! New music, 1 classic classic and a new silly question every week! Special shows like the 'I Heart Covers' 'Coffin Classics' and a 2 week anything goes 'Darktober'! Now try and find that anywhere else.
I have been an avid listener for I think at least 3 years now. This podcast is a great source of new music. The DJ's (Edd & Theresa) do an outstanding job, and their format of silly questions, news updates, and small glimpses into their personal life make the podcast very entertaining, interactive, and personable. On top of the online chatroom during the live show, occasional contests, giveaways, and playing a few song requests here and there, this podcast is top notch. If you want to stay current with gothic/industrial/synthpop/aggrotech genres on top of a few others, this is the podcast for you. With much darkness, DJ Elektrosonik Resident DJ, Leland City Club, Detroit, Mi
The Dark Horizons show plays a very intriguing and intelligent mix of industrial, goth, EBM...and some music that defies labeling! The hosts of the show do an excellent job of entertaining, joking, and educating, but mainly just play music you just can't get exposed to elsewhere on this planet. It's a podcast you shouldn't miss if your ears need the stimulation that only really great music, and really great hosts can provide!
The owners and operators of this podcast know nothing but amazing music. I don't just listen in to support them, I listen for great new music and to get away from the drag of this city I live in and it's awful mainstream "music" I'm always being subjected to. You won't find a better place to go and get your music mind read. A forever fan.
I've been listening to DH since the first podcast in '06 when they we're still on the actual air waves of a radio station. The format is outstanding for keeping up on new music, and there's just enough commentary from the hosts to give it some outstanding character and charm without distracting from the music. I highly recommend this to anyone who thinks they might like the genre.
Considering how many shows are out there I like that fact that Dark Horizons gives people a chance to enjoy all their favorite music. And the fact that it is not just goth that is being played, its industrial, post-punk, electronic, and much more. this is one diverse show that is a credit to all of podcasting.
This is great gothic/industrial music with a mix of older music and up-and coming heavy music. Plus, it has a chick doing most of the interlude talking. Bonus! I stumbled across this in the iTunes store and can't stop listening! A+++
I've been listening to Dark Horizons for well over a year now and each week, Edd and Theresa do a phenomenal job with the show. They play a little bit of everything stylistically that's dark - ebm, goth, coldwave, synthpop, even shoegaze - there are no genre snobs here. The music is always fantastic and the talk between sets amuses me. And I'm a very hard sell when it comes to and interruptions in the music. The silly questions are a blast and the listeners who hang out on the forums and in the chat during the live broadcasts are great. I find myself looking forward to Thursdays every week.

By JKrz
In 3 hours you are bound to find something you like. I enjoy the conversations Edd and Theresa have about off the wall subjects. They really seem to enjoy doing the show.
I have been a longtime listener when they were featured on WMNF in Tampa, FL and up til now realized that - they went solo! Great playlists, ORGANIZED, good times, and often funny anecdotes! Join them live Every Thursday night. Good Times await.
Dark Horizons is a great part of my industrial fix, along with the Industrial Rock focused Razor Blade Dance Floor. I really appreciate what they do to keep me up to date and listening to what I like. That being said... I was a long time devotee of TUH (The Ungodly Hour). Dark Horizons has a similar format to TUH, but can never come close to what Re/Dox and LadyDev brought me every week in terms of the quality of Dox's sound engineering and live spinned sets. All partnered by the charisma and charm that LadyDev brought to the show. I know its late for a plug, but I highly recommend getting a hold of all the back espisodes you can (if you can). (Sy bought the bluntness I just gotta call it like it is)
I listen to various industrial podcasts for different reasons. Dark Horizons provides a playlist that is a general encompassment of the industrial/ goth scene while providing commentary that keeps me laughing, even at work when I just want to be mad at the world. Edd & Theresa; thanks for being you and keep it up... thoroughly enjoying the show.
Dark Horizons podcast (and weekly internet radio show) is always entertaining and full of the latest and greatest industrial music. Edd and Theresa give you at least two hours a week of music, news, and a silly question. Join them in the forums and chat room to talk live during the broadcast.
Double D--this is GothicGyrl. Anyway, I have been listening to DH for a long time, at least 10 years. If you want new music, obscure music, good music that fits a very wide genre--you should listen in. we have a good time in the chat room and just like to enjoy the music played. Seriously, tune in and tell them Gothicgyrl sent ya!
The music is always fresh and fun, and the hosts never fail to make me laugh (especially on the Thanksgving Turktaculars). This show got me through a very tough time in my life, so I admit I'm biased, but there's no better fun to be had on Thursday nights. Not legally, anyway.
Florida isn't known for a broad selection of radio stations, unless you're looking for Country or Christian music. WMNF's Dark Horizons is the one shimmering jewel in what is otherwise a steaming barnyard. Thank god for this show.
This is by far the best radio show in the Tampa Bay area, and I will venture a guess that you'll find it to be the best on the web as well. ...unless you don't like good music. ;-)
If you like gothic and industrial music, this is a podcast you don't want to miss. The hosts are very entertaining, and the music is fantastic. It's obvious they put a lot of effort into the whole show, so do yourself a favor and subscribe now.
I've waited 12 years to find a radio station and more recently a podcast that plays the very best in Industrial, Gothic, and Darkwave music. I've subscribed to a lot of other industrial type podcasts, and no other industrial music podcast is even close to as enjoyable to listen to as Dark Horizons. I also really enjoy the radio personalities. They're just cool people that would be fun to talk to about music. Great job guys!!! It sounds like you've been around for 14 years and I hope that I can keep up-to-date with your podcasts for the next 14 years. Excellent. Ausgezeichnet. Sie sind sehr toll und phantastisch. Auf Wiederhoren. Oh yea, it's funny listening to these guys try to pronounce the names of all the german industrial bands out there. Having studied the german language a little myself, you guys really need a few german pronunciation lessons! Ha Ha! Keep up the good work. You're all so cool and you play the best music!! I LOVE the new chapter/band selection tool that allows me to see exactly which band and song is playing throughout the broadcast. That alone pushes you guys way up the ladder as the best music podcast that I've come across. ROCK ON! Peace out.