Mannahouse Sunday Messages

Reviews For Mannahouse Sunday Messages

This is an awesome podcast it is so amazing!!!!! I go to this church on the mill plain campus and usually listen to the generation unleashed podcast. If you enjoyed this one or just wanna see what the gerneration unleashed is, check out the other podcast it is also very powerful! :)
This is a great way to listen to what God is doing in Portland through Pastor Frank's teaching..Living in Minnesota now, this makes his teaching accessible for me as well. Thanks CBC. Please include lectures from PBC also.
This is a great way for former PBC students, like myself, living in another state, to stay intouch with up-to-date messages from Pastor Frank. It's been so long since I've heard his messages and am excited to walk the streets of Brooklyn, New York listening to positive messages from my favorite speaker. Sound quality could be improved but it's still a MUST HAVE. Thanks.