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I loved Jess’ Quantum Living Quick Guide (episodes 214 - 218). It draws parallels to Newtonian personal development (work hard) compared to quantum personal development (get the frequency right first and then take action). Jess has pivoted many times throughout her journey and in each chapter she has taught me something new about energy + flow. Thank you Jess for your love + light!
Jess, you have been my companion for years on this crazy journey I call life. You’ve helped me so much, in transformational ways. Most importantly, you gave me the gift of my inner voice, which was always just reminded me to listen and I will forever be grateful for that. You’ve also helped me connect with so many like minded people, which is something I know some of us struggle with. Thank you.
Jess, Thank you. You are the first soul I have found in this life that thinks the way I do. Thank you for using your gifts, your voice and your inner voice, to ask the burning questions that have been sitting on my soul as well. I speak your language and appreciate your joy to share and lead. Thank you, Jessie
I don’t want to say anything bad because I have been a fan of her show for the longest time however now it’s more about non physical which I get however the show is getting more repetitive and her content seems not growing. With every season things used to improve but now not anymore
I am so thankful for your views and knowledge that you share. You are changing lives and making humans better. You have allowed me to become so much more open minded and to view myself and the world in beautiful new ways. Thank you could never be enough.
I think it is TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE and SELFISH for you to travel to Hawaii during this pandemic because it feels “right” for you. I don’t know where you are travelling from, but Hawaii declared a state of emergency on March 4 (like many other states) and a mandatory 14-day self quarantine on March 21 for all travelers. The message has been loud and clear—they do not want ppl visiting during this time and potentially bringing and further spreading COVID-19 on an island that is already strained for resources. Hawaii’s healthcare system has barely enough capacity to take care of its own people, much less mainlanders on leisurely travel like you (should you get sick). I hope you will reconsider your actions!!!
Jess, I appreciate so much of what you do, but I can’t help feeling that you think too much about thinking too much, and I’m wondering what gets you in your body!? Being in the body, intuitive/authentic movement, somatic/embodiment practices could be amazing. ❤️
I started listening to the lively show at the start of 2018 and I absolutely loved it. Her law of attraction era was from 2017 to mid 2018 which was very up my alley. I know that there’s a lot of bad reviews from people who prefer how things were before when she focused on interviewing business owners but honestly after binge listening to the whole show those are my least favorite episodes. Everyone’s story sounds the same. Maybe it’s not so apparent when you listen to them one week at a time but it is when you listen to them back to back. I understand that the law of attraction is everyone’s cup of tea but I also thing it’s wrong to disrespect other people’s beliefs. Things have taken a turn however since the summer of 2018. She went on a hiatus and came back a little different. This is the “no mind” era of Jess which she’s still currently is in. I don’t enjoy these episodes as much as her law of attraction and quantum mechanics ones but I still like them. At first they were mainly 1:1 sessions but she would sprinkled in solo episodes every now and then to update us on her life but after taking another break she’s come back with different content (again). Now she has episodes where she interviews the collective. I have nothing against channeling. I listened to Abraham and Seth (not really a fan of Abraham anymore but I still love Seth) but the collective doesn’t do it for me. I don’t like how slow they speak and what they say doesn’t resonate with me. However, I still enjoy her solo episodes where she gives us updates on her life so I will continue to listen and simply ignore the collective episodes. It’s not a big deal. Take what you like and leave the rest.
I have listened to Jess since the beginning, when she was a business coach and used to interview people about their businesses. Since then she has gotten divorced, traveled the world, discovered Abraham Hicks, and now seems to be channeling her inner being full time. I loved the first 2-3 years of the show. I even hung on for part of the Law of Attraction stuff. But she’s lost me with her latest episodes. The curing the eyesight ones were about where it jumped the shark for me (about 2 years ago) and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t listen anymore, with the channeling and all that. And I can’t relate to her wanderlust lifestyle anymore either. Maybe I’ve changed or maybe we both have, it’s just time to call it. I wish Jess the absolute best, and I do appreciate her for her early days and for introducing me to Abraham. Probably will tune in once in a while out of nostalgia, or in hopes of hearing from good old “business coach Jess.”
This is the first podcast I have ever been so excited about that Thursdays have become my favorite day of the week (that is when it is released). This show goes so deep into the most thought provoking, real topics. I love the way Jess is transparent and open about her journey. She is also so intentional and you can tell just really wants to serve and love her audience. Jess you are such an inspiration and I love you and this show oh so much!
Jess has been a light in my podcast life for years! She has openly shared her own life and the ups and downs of spiritual growth and transformation and lovingly invites you on the journey with her. This podcast opens up new avenues of thought and insight to help you tap into your highest and fullest potential. Thank you Jess for sharing so candidly. You have changed so many more lives than you know! Cheers to evolving together!
I love this podcast and all the insight it shares. Jess is a lovely human and soul.💕
Absolutely love Jess & this podcast. I’ve discovered Abraham hicks when i was 13 (9 years ago!) and i’m so excited to find another human who sees life the way I do! Jess — I appreciate you & what you do!
Hello Jess..I discovered your podcast today✨ I literally have goosebumps because this is everything I have been searching for! Your podcast is incredible, so helpful for someone looking to be in alignment and live a life full of joy! You are saying everything I have been feeling! Thank you..thank you ..thank you! 🙏
This is a wild ride. It feels heavily religious but with new-age “spirituality” religion. Ask the moon for guidance. The vibrations in Australia are different than in America. Incarnation, even of energy, is always a choice. The vibrations of time. If you’re interested in listening to people like this it’s pretty interesting, but I initially downloaded this thinking it was a mental wellness podcast and it’s just a pseudoscience spirituality podcast that takes it a step too wild. But again it could be wild enough to keep your attention! Plus the voices can be really mellow and nice to fall asleep to.
Thank you so much Jess! Thank you so much Annie. Thank you so much collective 🙏🙏🙏. I am so grateful for the work that you do and for gifting us with this treasure ❤️.
I just started listening to this podcast a couple of months ago and look forward to each new episode and listen to each several times to absorb all the wisdom. I’m sooo happy I found it ( or it found me).
I really liked the podcast before, and I really love the movement to the collective. What is unfolding is pretty amazing! Keep going Jess!
I think this podcast is awesome! Every session with the Collective gives me so much insight, inspiration and peace! Yes, it’s different from before and from anything else out there but this is where our consciousness needs to be. I think you are so brave, Jess, to put yourself out there in the way you do. So vulnerable and such a great example! Don’t you dare give up yourself. (As if you would) you go girl and you do YOU!
Enjoyed the original podcast. What it has turned into, not so much. It’s not that I don’t like law of attraction stuff. It’s mainly that Jess reads some books, highlights them at cafes, and then becomes qualified to sell a course to her listeners about her newfound knowledge. Then people pay hundreds, funding her travel, and when the course is over the cycle starts over again. Now she’s selling sessions to speak to your inner voice. Her listeners should just read the books she reads and save hundreds of dollars. I like Jess, but I don’t know how you can claim to be an enlightened manifestation guru when you haven’t even manifested what you’ve wanted most. She says she goes with the flow traveling around but it seems to me she’s running away. She thought she’d set roots again in Detroit and had to leave again. What’s the deal? She’s unsettled, despite what she portrays, and paying her to learn stuff she hasn’t even learned yet is a bit foolish. I wish her the best.
Jess is doing amazing things for this community and I am so grateful to have an outlet to listen to a likeminded forward thinker like her. She is not forcing anything on anyone, rather sharing her experience hoping to help people connect to their highest self. I feel so lucky to get a inside look at her process and how she’s learning alongside all of us. Learning how to flow with the universe, create more ease in our everyday lives, and quieting the mind.
So glad your back!!!! Even if its a few minutes. More please 😅
First, let me start by saying I absolutely love Jess and I wish her all the best. Like many who have left similar reviews, the first few seasons of The Lively Show were just a delight. She interviewed guests who were creatives, business people, and spiritual types. Because of Jess, I became interested in many of these topics and people, like Abraham Hicks, LOA, Aaron Doughty, Brooke Castillo, etc. However, as of the last podcast season (before the video show began), I felt called to stop listening. The subject matter is interesting, but to be honest, Jess began complicating very simple principles. I just came across her Abraham Hicks hot seat video and I couldn't understand a thing Jess was saying to Abraham. Maybe I'm just vibrating at a lower frequency now and don't get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but I still respect the work that Jess is doing in the world. If people are still resonating with it, keep doing your thing Jess! I, unfortunately, won't be along for the ride.
I used to LOVE this show. I binged listened when I first came across it a few years ago. I loved the interviews, her life story and accomplishments, and interviews with knowledgeable people about the chosen topics. I loved how she supported theory and ideas with facts and science. It made it all make sense I.e LOA and intuition. However I stopped listening when it all started to sound like one big marketing campaign for services, classes, and shows. Everything seemed to be pointing the audience to something she is marketing. It no longer seemed genuine. I understand you have to make money, but don’t degrade the content while seeking compensation. I hope it will one day return to the show of yesteryears that I couldn’t get enough of.
Not sure why I felt inspired to leave this since I stopped listening awhile ago but about three years ago I loved The Lively Show. She had awesome inspiring interviews with people and talked about living and working intentionally and going with the flow, which I feel like is a good way of can only do so much intentionally, the rest is going with the flow of life. I even enjoyed hearing her part of the journey of selling her home and traveling and going with the flow in that. After she traveled more and started following and sharing about beliefs from the likes of Abraham Hicks and Eckhart Tolle, the content of most episodes progressively became more gibberish (and like someone else said she’s self promotional to take classes that cost $$$ under the guise that she’s helping others) and it’s all about the Law of Attraction, which if you look into this even a little bit, anyone with a sound mind could see it doesn’t make any sense. Sure, positive thoughts will change how you view and live your life, but the idea you’re even potentially ATTRACTING negative things like cancer and disease to yourself? Umm okay. The stuff she believes isn’t based in reality but in these “out there” schools of thought - er I mean lack thereof. It’s troubling to me more so that she still has so many people listening to and following her. She doesn’t have any formal education on the things she talks about, not that it even exists because again, it’s fiction not fact, but it’s all self-taught and from conferences from what I’ve gathered. It’s New Age woo woo stuff, anyone with a brain, run away. Jess, I hope you come back to reality someday.
I’m loving listening to the show! However, the more I’m listening the more I’m starting to feel frustrated by the answers to a question being directed to another show, class, mini-course, etc. Often I feel the content I’m seeking is hidden somewhere else and I’ve just listened to a 25-minute sales pitch.
A friend recommended Jess’s podcast and so I listened to two of her podcasts today. Only made it through 10 minutes of one and 15 minutes of the other. I love podcasts and when they’re good, I listen to 60-75 minutes at a time. But these felt like they had no point. Kept waiting for Jess to say something about her subject that would engage me but both episodes ended up being a lot of rambling and intellectualizing. I wanted to like it but can’t listen to any more of it. I pass on this podcast.
Through this podcast, Jess has been my guide to getting in touch with my intuition in ways I didn’t know was possible. I have found so much peace and joy in my life since coming across this podcast and it’s been so wonderful to witness Jess’ transformation. Would recommend The Lively Show for people looking to connect with their spiritual side.
I’ve been a fan of this podcast for 3 years now, and I have so enjoyed the evolving nature of this show. While the client sessions are my least favorite, there are true nuggets of wisdom in there and every time I listen to this show, I learn something new. Jess is incredibly uplifting, inspiring and an all around joyful presence to listen to. I’ve loved all her many different seasons - from the first business interviews to the traveling and the Lively adventures to the Abraham and now to the consciousness/brain states - and unlike many of the reviewers state, it’s completely natural to evolve and change and find your interests changing over the years. Just as I, myself, have changed , it’s cool to see how the podcast has also shifted with time. Life is never constant, but always moving. There is so much true universal wisdom and knowledge that Jess expresses in every single episode. And she is always completely honest, authentic and her true self - and we love her for it. Thank you, Jess! I will always be a fan and subscriber of this enlightening show.
I started listening to this show a few years ago, when alignment drinks and a new bedspread were little things that could make you happy. That’s still true. The show evolved into taking a seat to allow the universe to work through us as people, getting out of our heads and into our bodies to listen to our intuition. Literally life changing. I couldn’t be more grateful for Jess and for her listening to her intuition on this one. 🙏🏻
At risk of sounding SO cliche, this show has gotten me through a time of big transitions and moves in my career and life. So grateful I stumbled upon it, the most recent episodes are so aligned with where I am and there is just so much good content to connect with. Thank you Jess!
This is one of my favorite motivational podcasts, and I’ve been a subscriber for many years. I feel that the content is especially unique, and while she talks about popular philosophies like Law of Attraction, her application of them is so inspirational and so much deeper than anything else I’ve heard/read. The content is a mix of her experiences, interviews with other experts, and my fave - live counseling-like sessions with “regular” people. She has really helped me learn to separate my thoughts from my inner voice/intuition/God’s guidance for me, and there is both peace and power in that. Some would say she’s too “woo woo”, but I feel that she is just next-level consciousness! Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Xo, @mrsmaypop
I use to listen to Jess’ content over and over and over. But I don’t love the new flow. I feel like I don’t relate to it anymore.
This show has helped me align with my highest self. I am super grateful for the teachings of the inner voice. I am inspired to have more fun and ease in my business.
The Lively Show was one of the first podcasts I ever started listening to. I enjoyed it for awhile but then started feeling a bit disconnected with the content and the subjects. Last year in one of the later episodes of the season, Jess brought up out of nowhere about the new "trend" being 'empathic.' She said something along the lines of not being "empathic" but having compassion. This comment took me by surprise. It felt very ego driven and rude OR maybe it's just cause i'm sensitive/empathic and the comment was a really low blow. Don't talk about something that you know nothing about. Jess has no idea what it's like for empaths growing up and dealing with this sensitive nature. A true empath doesn't choose to be like this, it's just how we are. Many of us struggle for a long time with this heightened sensitivity so for someone who claims to be so spiritual and conscious - she sure passes judgement quickly. I unsubscribed, unfollowed her on IG, and I am offically over anything Lively.
The client sessions changed the game. So thankful for how this podcast has impacted me.
Jess has great interviewing skills and she promotes positive thinking and overall well being. Some people complain because her format has changed over the years but it seems unreasonable to expect someone to just stay the same indefinitely. Jess has always been open minded and has explored many different topics on the show while taking us along for the ride! This current season 5 has really challenged me to push the boundaries of my own mind and to question my own beliefs that may or may not serve me. She is definitely a leading edge thinker and not everyone can appreciate that. She is consciously and unapologetically living the life she wants to create for herself. I think her life is a wonderful example of what is possible for us all. Keep up the good work! I have been on board since the beginning and am still on board. 🤗
I have been listening to this show for the last 2 years and when I first started to listen I was going though a diffcult time in my life. Two years later this Podcast really helped in guiding me and opening me up to where I am now in my life which is happy, thank you and more please !! I could go on and on Jess Lively Thank you !!!!
Love you Jess. Been following you since the Mr. Lively. Around the time You interviewed Myleik!! You’re awesome!! And I feel like you’re my best friend. Keep flowing n
I’m so glad I came across this podcast🙌🏽 Everything talked about on this show is empowering❤️
I really wanted to like this podcast. I like a lot of the ideas that she brings up in regards to L of A. Some feedback for Jess: I think your audience is smarter than you think. As a listener, I felt like things were always re-explained because we were to slow to understand. Also, it seems like Jess is the expert in every situation. I would like to hear Jess get coached and not be the “expert” for once. I wish you the best of luck Jess Lively. There were a few episodes that I did enjoy, but going to take a break from this podcast.
I love the information Jess shares about Law of Attraction and how she’s actually using it in her life. She doesn’t just talk about it. She lives it! It’s been so inspiring for me and it’s helped me to let go and trust the unknown a little more so I could get my life on a more fulfilling path. It’s ok to live a happy and fulfilled life. And this podcast helps open your eyes to how simple it can be.
I’ve been listening since the beginning, and I love each new evolution more than the one before. It seems like so many people reviewing want to keep things the way they were rather than jumping in for the ride! Maybe Jess and I are just on the same path, so it resonates. I love the new content!
This podcast is truly amazing. Jess has special gift for explaining all things LOA in a pragmatic way that makes it easy to assimilate into your life. Binge listening to all of her amazing episodes has truly been life-changing for me. Thank you Jess for all of your wisdom.
This podcast has really changed my life, and helped me live a more fulfilling, calmer existance. I highly recommend it!
She used to interview interesting people. Now she speaks about "healing" things like eyesight. A recent guest talked about "healing" her herpes. Jess is not a doctor and I find this really troubling. I guess she's making money, though, but not from me.
Great personal emotional.I do not know what us would do with out your support. Your words inspiration feeds my soul. Thank you because your amazing!!!!
I’ve listened to Jess since the beginning and I’ve loved following along on her journey. She approaches life with such grace and I glean so much wisdom from her!