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For those who were not or are not jehovah witnesses this pod cast is really not for you. It's for those that have been lied to and tortured mentally. For those who do not know what this podcast is about. Research the teachings of jw's
Great King James Bible defense! Very informative.


By Geeoir
This is good investigating and I love the podcasts on word of faith especially (the Benny Hinn mystic wizard one is epic). It's good to find a group of Christians who are not for sale and stand for the KJV AV when all the others are selling out left and right. Stay strong, we need this teaching in California more than air!
Why is this podcast without an author's name?
Thanks for all the awesome material. I love the messages about the pre- flood technology. Can't wait to hear more.
Sounds like you have an angry agenda. Maybe you will find your peace somewhere, but the ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus. It's not hate, only truth. Seek God and you will find him, this I pray for you.
Yet another Christian podcast riddled with hate speech on other religions.