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On the wave
Jesse is an incredible interviewer and each episode is a wonderful trip through the guest’s life and career. Hear how your favorite artists got their start, the name of their high school band, how their first tour went, and what they think about the state of the music industry compared to when they first started. I can’t recommend this enough, stop reading this review and start listening! Six stars!
Usually I’m a little lazy when it comes to writing reviews online, but I felt like I should show my support for this podcast because it’s just so great! I highly enjoy the way that Jesse connects with the guests, and the conversations always have a nice natural flow to them. I frequently check to see if there are new episodes because listening to this podcast is so enjoyable. I highly recommend this podcast, keep up the great work Jesse!
One of my favorite shows!!! Please keep it up! This podcast brings so much joy to my week ⚡️
I'm a musician, and I find this podcast to be incredibly inspiring. The conversations serve as a window into the lives (past, current, future) and creative processes of working musicians. It dymystifies the 'best foot forward' image of musicians in press shots, and their polished/finished releases. Listening to the artists talking with Jesse as real human beings provides so much insight, and i've found so many candid and awesome moments that get me fired up to create more/harder.
Love this show. Smart and funny conversation from working musicians’ perspectives. Lovely.


I love Jesse and the artists on here! They make great convos! Jesse is the coolest cup of joe around!
Really enjoy this one.
Jesse does a great job of making his guests feel comfortable. The conversations seems so natural. I love the common theme of origin, whether it's where an artist is from or the meaning behind something. I recommend this podcast to all my friends.


i may be biased because i help book this podcast but pretty sure it deserves 6 stars.
I'm a long time listener to this pod, and I've recommended it often. It's an intimate, soft-spoken peek into the humble "behind the scenes" lives of the those making their way through the modern day lifestyle of a musician.
At the request of the podcaster himself, gonna leave a review to say this podcast is great. Musician talking to other musicians will always be a great sell for me (though it is definitely not too music-y for those who don't play music). Similar to his band Tanlines, Jesse is super chilled out and very engaging. Also i learned that Chris Tomson's dog has the same name as my dog. Neat! Thanks for the pod Jesse, keep it going.
No Effects is to Indie what Marc Maron is to comedians, what The Nerdist is for virgins, what The Champs was for black entertainers, or what Joe Rogan is to #woke enlightened third eye having beefed up mushroom taking UFC bros. Finally, a podcast that dives deep into the lives, origins and careers of interesting musicians that hardly get a voice on podcasts! Every episode is a guaranteed great listen whether you go in knowing the guest or not. Jesse Cohen is a sharp and genuine interviewer that doesn't let any chance at humor pass him by. The show is insightful, funny and REAL. Keep up the great work J.C!
Love the podcast. Wish the new co-host would speak up more.


A+ podcast! Jesse Cohen is smart, cool, AND funny—the holy trinity of podcast host qualities. Listen now and you won't regret it!
Host is cool, guests also cool. Not in an obnoxious way though.
i’ve listened to every episode. Jesse does for musicians what Marc Maron does for comedians: he invites them to an intimate, wide-ranging conversation about their craft.
A great podcast that not only talks about making music but life as a working musician, which separates it from so many other music podcasts. Keep up the great work.
As an avid music lover I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Seriously
Love this podcast, especially the one with Juiceboxxx; the fact that Cohen is a working musician brings a really nice angle to his discussion with people.
A great podcast of warm, engaging, and intelligent conversations. Jesse clearly comes to each guest with sincere curiosity and it shows. The episodes have gotten better and better, and are worth listening to even if/when you aren't a superfan of the musician being interviewed.
Music discussions are better than music interviews...and Jesse Cohen knows this. The unspoken heart of this show is Jesse's exploration of his own approach to music and his music career. He's genuinely interested in how other artists are navigating the waters in which he finds himself. Because of this, the questions quickly veer away from the standard journalistic interview talking points that most musicians are barraged with and get to weightier fair that is far more interesting to me. Open Mike Eagle’s “Secret Skin” takes this same approach to the rap scene and it’s wonderful to hear Jesse handling the rock side of things.


for the interview w/ Molly Neuman! loved it.
A musician talking to mostly other musicians (alot of electronic artists) and it's always a great conversation. Have listened to every episode and discovered a few bands. Highly recomend.


Thank you for this!
Fantastic selection of guests - all hard-working artists who are also really interesting people. Good structure, with well-planned questions but also flexibility for being sidetracked in service of a good story. And a charming host who is obviously a really nice guy. Well-worth your time and really inspiring for other artists (of all sorts, not just musicians).
This is one of those shows that I look forward to every week. I get excited when I see a new episode in my feed. Jesse does a great job in asking genuine questions and creating a space for great conversations to take place. I cannot recommend this show enough!
Love this podcast! You know someone is a great interviewer when they can talk to anyone and you're still interested.


By Fm_p
I hear about this podcast on Tall Tales, and I really liked Jesse's style. I like hearing about the process of making music.
I first listened to No Effects for the episode with Sondre Lerche because I'm a huge SL fan. But even though I'm not a very big Tanlines fan, I've continued to listen to Jesse's podcast because his conversations are always interesting, insightful, and pleasant. Never too heavy or too indulgent, but never boring. I often don't know the guest's work all that well, but am always surprised how interesting each conversation is!
I like the interviews.
Jesse’s podcast is one that does not have a lot of flair, but his conversations with musicians and other artists are well done. The conversation with Anand Wilder is a highlight and should not be missed. This podcast stands up with the best of them. Highly recommended!!
Really enjoyed the interview with Ian Williams. I have loved Battles and Don Caballero for quite some time and was always curious how the transition from both bands started.
What I enjoy about his podcast is that Jesse Cohen is warm and engaging with his guests. Listening to the conversations feels very intimate and I like the natural flow of each podcast. Like the name implies, it’s not over-produced; there are “no effects” and it’s very straightforward. The selection of guests has been excellent. I highly recommend this podcast.