Reviews For Robkast-Podcast

Robkast has what a lot of other podcasts lack: Great production. Engaging format. Stellar playlist of music. Bravo.
I really enjoyed the podcast- nice mix of music and I liked hearing the Dutch too, even if I don't understand it all, it is fun to hear. Also like hearing the tidbit about the artists- Thank you for the nice blend of music.
This is a really fun podshow featuring a wide variety of music that all works together. As a Lily Sparks fan, I'm partial to episode #171, but in truth all the episodes I've heard have turned me on to lots of new music that I'd never heard before but want to hear more of. Great job!! We'll be checking it regularly. :)
I am so glad you guys played Every Boy! They are amazing and you should def. play more.
I am constantly surprised by this podcast - never fails to turn me onto something i didn't know I'd love!
Thanks Ariel Publicty/Cyber PR
RobKast Radio is podcasting at it's best. Of course, I'm biased, but RoberT®©™ produces a wonderful show mainly in Dutch with the occasional tangent in English but the music is always well-chosen and excellently produced. And you can always chat with the man himself on iChat! Friendly and approachable and a wealth of information with great taste in tunes! Definitely worth a listen! I ♥ RobKast Radio!