Reviews For Messages

biblical teachings that aren't just some hollow feel good spiel about prosperity. they involve critical thought diving deep in scripture using historical context.
Pastor Bert is a fresh and relevant speaker. Making sure the message of spiritual principals apply to our daily life.
Every since I moved to the city, this is what keeps me connected :D
Pastor Bert is absolutely amazing! He brings the church to life and the messages are real in everyones hearts. definitely worth listening too, its totally new compared to the monotone preachings in other churches! AMAZING :)
I have never felt such a connection between my life and religion until hearing Bert.
These podcasts are great! I listen to them in my car driving home from work, I go back and listen to them when i'm confused about something or have questions, or when i need some encouragement or even a laugh- Bert is a hilarious guy! These podcasts- although not a replacement for the real fellowship and community found at our church services- are a great resource and something i am so grateful for!
Subscribe right now! Hey! Just Do IT! These messages are funny, relevant and life changing. Bert is an amazing communicator and you will be stretched, encouraged and challenged as you listen to these messages! Good stuff!
quite a surprising church podcast from the normal poor quality sound/boring sermonizing that has been plauging the ears of those who wish to hear about God's grace. not only is the sound quality and editing amazing, but the messages are uplifting, relevant, and dare i say "up to date". i heard once that the church has to "get with the times"... well this podcast clearly shows that the church is working on getting there.