Reviews For Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

I took a road trip and listened to the podcast going to and back from my trip. I listened to 22 hours nonstop of the Wanders in the 4th Dimension, so now I feel qualified to give a review. I had originally planned to give it a four but Charlie said that he saw a five in the future of iTunes reviews so I felt trapped in a predestination paradox. This is a great and entertaining show that thrills and keeps my mind alert and thinking even for those of us that are more fans of the classic than the new Who. And to be honest, most of the complaints are due to me listening to them into order and still no catching up. I just finished listening to the Tomb of the Cybermen. I hate that I can't throw my two cents in about the question of the week since it was from so long ago. I would love to had argued at the time, the got the motivations of the Meddling Monk all wrong but I assumed they did not understand the importance of that Viking raid in 1066. But I digress, this is a podcast I have and will continue to suggest to friends , family and whatever stranger I happen to meet. And finally, ALL HAIL KING STEVEN
Great podcast! Love it! One of the best Dr Who podcasts out there.
I have tried several times to get into this podcast with little success. It's frustrating because it is something I want to love. There are specific issues which grate on me (the faux academic tone, the ridiculous level of granularity in the ratings, mentioning social media in the middle without specifying the contact methods, eliminating information in the modern series due to the progress through the older series), but even if these were fixed, I'm not sure it would be enough to get me to listen. Sorry guys. Keep the Time Lord faith.
There is clearly a lot of love put into this show by the hosts and is well worth following along if you are interested in learning about classic Doctor Who. It is especially helpful if you find it difficult to get through the lost episodes. Thanks for time and effort you all put into this project. - @leelinus75
This is a very good podcast if you are a fan of Doctor Who or if you want to know more about it. They do a great job of covering the Classic series and tying it into the modern series. They also do a decent job of covering the backstory and making of for the episodes. Definately worth a listen.
If you are looking for a compeling podcast on Dr. Who that just does not focus on the new show here it is. Ever since I was introduced to Dr. Who in 1986 (reruns on IPTV Friday nights at 10 started with Peter Davidson) I have always enjoyed the show. The new show i have not watched many episodes but i am still a big fan of the origianl run and this podcast provides an excellent run down of those old episodes I taped off of television (you know kids; a VCR and VHS tape) and they also provide a narrative of the shows that I have never seen due to them being lost. The hosts have an excellent raport with each other and provide an entertaining and informative podcast about a fun Sci-fi show. Happy Charlie??
I love this podcast. I've been a fan of NewWho since it first aired, but I've found the Classic show a little impenetrable. This podcast is the perfect way to get into those old shows. The more I learn about the old show the more I love it! Keep up the good work.
Excellent source for all the information you need to enhance your Dr. Who experience.
Enjoy all your eps but just listened to The Chase, one of my fav classic eps and it was great. Keep up the good work!
Trying to spread the love anywhere I can - I've gotten two of my friends to start following along and I hope more people start enjoying this great weekly visit to the early years of Doctor Who. Connor's Corner is a fun addition to every episode as well.
As a fan of the newer Doctor Who, Wanderers in the 4th Dimension has been a FANTASTIC history lesson and look back at the classic episodes. Keep up the great work guys!
Amazing podcast that will keep me moving along on all the classic who. A buddy of mine been bugging me to do this. With this weekly podcast review will keep me on track learning everything about the Classic Who. Keep up the great work!- @Necroticdoctor
A wonderful podcast, with a great crew. If you enjoy the current series, you definitely ought to give this a listen. These lads know Doctor Who, and even if you cannot watch the early episodes, they adeptly recap each before moving to more in depth analysis.
Great show! Can't wait to watch the older episodes so I can follow along.