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I heart SF
Do you love science? Do you love blue comedy? This is the podcast for you then. Very enjoyable and great to listen to.


By Gremyrl
Great podcast!
The comedy bits are quite amusing and the science is portrayed very accurately, with lots of good discussion. Recommend highly!
Yes! Must admit that is the favorite part of the podcast. Great takes on BS Damian! Great gel amongst the team.
I think "I Call BS" is the best game in the universe – but only when Bill beats Damien.


What? This podcast is super fun and weird and you learn a lot of different euphemisms for dong. Gee-wiz only 29 rating including my own. Hope you guess aren't pod-casting for the money.
An excellent way to 'wax the scientific' while also tripping the light fantastic. If you like learning and laughing at the same time then this podcast is for you. If you think climate change isn't real, you're an idiot and I hope you wake up covered in skin tags as early as tomorrow morning. The hosts on this podcast strike a fine balance somewhere between a popular college course at a top notch institution and a seedy underground comedy club that smells like cheap beer and reeks of broken dreams. Needless to say it's an infectious combination!
Bobby, Damian, and their rotating guests blend humor into well-informed discussions on recent science news in a fun, easy-to-understand way. My favorite part of the show is the discussions and back-and-forth that comes up in the articles, particularly when it's a subject Bobby or the guest is an expert on. My only complaint is that the comedian, Damian, has never won a game of "I call BS." Seems like he should step his game up in order to compete with the scientists. As a side note, I heard about Science Faction directly from Bobby at the San Diego March for Science. He took a picture with me and told me about his podcast. The one-on-one advertising worked well on me, as I'm now a weekly listener.
As someone who loves science and comedy, this show knocked my socks off! Give it a shot and hear for yourself.
Keep up the great work guys, I recommend you to everybody who will listen.
This Podcast has become one of my favorites. It's consistently funny and educational as well. Between the science and the comedy, I feel like I'm getting smarter and dumber. Ultimately, the show works because of the chemistry of the three participants. I'm including Dr. Eva, because she has become an essential part of the show. I noticed she is becoming a near regular guest, which has really elevated the program. It's time to make her a permanent contributor!
Copernicus was the best!
Love the show guys! Get dr Eva on more!
Will Dian Fossey every be channeled? How will she get along with Jane Goodall? My favorite podcast!
Keep up the good work guys! Your show blows me away! I recommend you guys at work all the time! I love it when Jane Goodall stop by!
I love this podcast, especially the episodes with Dr.Eva, who makes me crack up so much! I've learned so much already from just a few episodes and can't wait to listen to them all. Highly recommended.
You guys are incredible! There is no more consistently funny podcast on the Internet. Damien and Bobby are the unsung heroes of podcasting! How is this show not bigger!?!? Keep up the good work! The new "channeling a dead scientist" bit is too funny! I am a true believer!
Love this podcast ! Makes me happy I'm getting smarter listening to it!! Hehe
This is the best science podcast. Yeah I said it Neil! Skeptics Guide to the Universe is better scientifically but not as entertaining. Downside here is that one of the hosts doesn't have any balls.
The verdict is still out. Listen and learn.
I've been listening to this podcast for almost two years, and it never disappoints. I get all of my science news from this pod, and, while there is plenty of thoughtful discussion, I'm laughing out loud throughout. I would describe it as a science-y Last Podcast on the Left, but with slightly less Satanism. Bobby's passion for archaeology has inspired me to look for more articles about dinosaurs and Damian's impressions and illiteracy are always a good time. I think all long time listeners miss Jackie (definitely worth going back to the old episodes to check out - the group's chemistry was amazing), the rotating panel of guest scientists keep the show fresh and interesting. This is a hidden gem of the podcast community, and I hope it continues to grow in popularity.
Smart, funny, and highly offensive! Would definitely recommend to smart, funny, and easily offended people. Especially Canadian child scientists.
This show is the best combination of comedy and education I could imagine. It is absolutely the most entertaining science themed podcast available. The occasional Jesse Ventura drop in is the icing on the cake.
I've been listening for over a year now, and it keeps getting better and better! Great, current scientific articles and consistently hilarious. These guys do a fantastic job both educating and making me laugh. Highly recommended if you enjoy learning, but mostly laughing!
Laugh and learned some new things. Not amateurish or boring. I love it.
So funny, so raunchy, so great!
Too funny for words!!
This is hands down the funniest science podcast I have found.
I enjoy being a dull person that fills my car ride with annoying pop songs... I was told to give this a shot and it's actually entertaining and I learned something new. I hope they get a chance to be a guest Fox News one day to demolish them in a humorous with their scientific data. Check it out!
Didn't think that I could laugh so much while learning.