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Combining a mix of in-depth knowledge, “fan boy” enthusiasm, and sheer professionalism, “James Bond Radio” is worth every minute of your listening attention. Whether you are driving or running, this podcast should be in your podcast rotation!
I am a new 007 fan, less than a year at this point, but I have fallen hard for the British secret agent, I must admit. I can’t tell you why it took me my whole life before I finally decided to give this franchise a chance, but better late than never, I suppose. I found this podcast an invaluable resource in my thirst for knowledge for Bond, and I have gone back and started listening to all of the old episodes. I found the film reviews in particular helpful, as I listened to them as I progressed through each of the films for the first time. Tom and Chris are so entertaining and down to earth. It’s like hanging out with friends and shooting the breeze about a mutual interest. If you are remotely interested in Bond, please do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast. You will not regret it.
I’m a little late on finding these guys but I’m hooked! Very entertaining and insightful. Keep up the great work!
Update: it’s not that I am “offended” by cussing. It’s simply immoral and unprofessional for these hosts to act this way. Very unprofessional hosts, too much gratuitous cussing. Not a great podcast for parents trying to set a good example for their kids.
In the true spirit of JBR you once again deliver a great episode! Thank you for all you do. - Jeff
I just discovered this podcast. I was looking for a podcast on James Bond being a lifelong Bond fan and struck gold. First these guys are British so there is a touch of class. They are also very well informed and I have learned some things I have never known. Keep the British end up guys!
A proper James Bond podcast, great content and a brilliant listen when it comes to 007 and MI6
If you’re looking for top, quality James Bond content, look no further. There are tons of 007 podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud, but this is the one you want to listen to. Tom and the gang are always informed, professional, and all around exciting and fun to listen to. Nobody does it better!
Been a listener for years. Sad to hear Chris leave. Maybe if we are lucky Tom can get Chris to come out of retirement for one last mission....Review No Time To Die 007! Thanks for the memories Chris!
Best James Bond Podcast.
Been listening to this podcast for over five years now. The hosts are absolutely entertaining to listen to and they certainly know their Bond. They’re some of the most passionate Bond fans around and their love for the franchise is highly infectious. The variety of topics they cover is immense and always interesting. It’s hard to listen to an episode and not have the sudden urge to watch a Bond film afterwards. This is easily one of my favorite podcasts and I’d recommend it to any avid Bond fan. Keep up the good work, fellas!
If you want in depth Bond talk this is your place. The long listens are great. So much information in these. Makes me love the 007 movies even more than I already do.
New to this podcast. I am a lifelong Bond fan and have been since 1964. I've seen all the films, read all the books,and these two guys not only know their stuff, but their enthusiasm and good humor make for a fun listening experience. What more can one ask for? (Well maybe and Aston Martin DB5 in the garage) Thanks gentlemen, you helped me feel once again what it was like all those years ago when I first encountered Bond... James Bond
This may have just become my favorite Podcast. JBR keeps it’s content fresh and amazing with fantastic interviews for Bond fans featuring greats like Roger Moore and John Glen. Beyond the simple interview or dialogue, this show has varied content discussing the music of 007, news, even (sometimes) the books. I’m binging every episode I can, if you like 007, you’ll love this show.
I love listening to JBR when driving to work. I get good insight in to what’s happening in the world of the 00 and it has helped me find local Bond events which are fun. Great commentary unbiased! Keep up the great work Tom and Chris. A must for any 007 fan.
I was uncertain about this one at first, but it wasn't long before I was hooked, and caught up on almost every episode. I love it when the interview with their featured guest ends, and I look at the time, and there are still 20 minutes left in the episode. Yeah, I pretty much can't get enough. I disagree with them on so many points about what makes Bond great, and where the weak parts are, but they always inspire thought and great discussion ensues. Keep it up, gents.
This is an excellent podcast and essential listening for fans of James Bond. The podcast’s production and content are of high quality. You can tell each episode takes a lot of hard work. I especially loved the episodes with the reading of the book The Spy Who Loved Me. Definitely subscribe to JBR. -Alan
I love just as much as you guys!! I love the show! A fan for life!
I've been a Bond fan since 1970 when I was 7 years old. I recently discovered this podcast and I can't stop listening, it is fantastic! Tom and Chris bring such enthusiam, dedication, and knowledge to the show that it is simply compelling. I'm slowly making my way through the many years of back catalog episodes, and I have loved every second. If you are a Bond fan, you must check this out. Keep "keeping the British end up" guys! Byeeee
Just discovered you guys and fun to listen to at work and the drive back and forth each day! Keep them coming.
These guys are amazing. They love Bond and know their stuff. Best one-stop shopping for all things 007.
As a lifelong Bond fan, this podcast is perfect for someone who grew up with James Bond because this podcast has brought together a community of James Bond fans and I frequently learn new things about Bond from this podcast.
I literally just got into the world of podcasting and I have James Bond Radio to thank for it! I’m having a great time listening to the archive episodes during my commute. This podcast is highly recommended for fans of all things Bond, whether you are a novice or a long time fan like myself!


By CBM007
The reading of the book was awesome
Absolutely love this podcast. Tom & Chris know Bond. This is by far the best James Bond podcast ever! This is not just movie and book reviews, this is exclusive interviews and insight into the James Bond universe. From the facts to opinions... this has everything you need in a 007 podcast. I now watch Bond in a different way. The trivia and the quotes are awesome. Keep up the great work.
But you guys know A TON about the series! Super informative and fun. Thanks!
Great podcast, I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to listen. I’ve made the (probably crazy) decision to listen in order. I’m finally under 100 episodes behind. It’s a fun listen each episode and I don’t want to miss one. Thank you JBR.
Cheers gents! Love listening and checking out your adventures around the different locations you’ve gotten the opportunity to explore. Keep up the great work, quite cracking and enjoyable. Again, cheers!
I've only recently discovered these guys and now wonder how I didn't know about them. They are Bond fanatics and Bond scholars and their enthusiasm is infectious. I highly recommend.
This podcast lives up to its name and more. This is more than a podcast. It is a radio station, network, and 007 headquarters for all things James Bond Media. Tom and Chris are great hosts that unabashedly love all things James Bond. I appreciate that they cover not just the films but the books, comics, and more things Fleming. I really have come to enjoy learning about the music of Bond with those dedicated episodes about the scores with John Williams and (hopefully returning?) Warren Ringham! Keep up the good work fellas!
Sounds like listening to great friends discussing their passion for a few hours ever other week. I always look so forward to seeing a new episode in my dashboards
Listening to James Bond Radio is akin to hanging out with good friends. The hosts are so good natured and their passion for all things James Bond is infectious. Cheers!
Happy Easter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in The States. I love the podcast: engaging and funny for the listener, it feels like we are in the room with you. Keep up the great work! All the best, Tom Kolos Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A.
Tom & Chris are incredibly fun, entertaining, and knowledgable, but most of all they are enthusiastic. It's hard to listen to the show and not be excited about whatever they're talking about that week.
This is a rather lengthy podcast but has tons of information I didn't know about Bond. Tons of great guests to share their views and little segments on music, trivia, etc. Make sure to listen to the Roger Moore interview.
What makes James Bond Radio so wonderful is that it's not just about 007 movies, or Ian Fleming trivia, or interviews with Bond-related celebs. I mean, sure, it's got all that cool stuff. Tons of it! But what really makes it special is the camaraderie between the two hosts, and the unbridled love for the topic that they share with the listeners. This isn't a snarky podcast, thank God! You won't find Tom and Chris goofing on the classic 007 movies, like some other podcasts I could easily name. These guys adore every aspect of the series with a passion that I deeply admire. They're so down-to-earth, so funny and lighthearted, so obsessed by the world of Bond. My highest recommendation!
Tom and Chris have a fun Bond nerd get-together every two weeks. If you need a Bond fix between new movies, this is the place to be. For the movie reviews, I highly recommend watching the film before listening to the review has the boys' discussion is highly detailed.
Love the humor, passion, trivia and all around fun these guys have!! I never miss!!
Love James Bond, and figured I'd give this podcast a try as I'm looking for new material to listen to. Started at 101 part 1 (Movie Themes), and half hour into a 4 hour podcast they have yet to even touch the subject stated in the title. I'd love to hear hours of talk about the 24 themes, but I can't sit and wonder when that discussion will happen.
I absolutely LOVE!!! Tom and Chris, I'm a huge fan of all things Bond and it's great that I found two people that share a deep love for 007
Only discovered this earlier this year, but look forward to every episode - a really fun and well produced show by a couple of fun, enthusiastic guys.
A must for every JB fan. Tom and Chris are hysterical. You can't wipe the smile off your face when listening to this podcast.
Best podcast on iTunes
Great James Bond podcast out there period! I've been listening to these guys since the beginning and even got one of the shirts they released for a limited time online! I enjoy how these podcasts are long and well informed on everthing 007! Tom is a great host and I would give this my full support but having him bash Die Another Day gets a bit tiring after a while. We get it, you hate Die Another Day, Tom. Your point is well made. There are people that do enjoy the film more than others and that's the joy of Bond. We have 26 films to choose from (including the two unofficial movies) and they are all subjective. That being said, keep up th great work you guys!