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I considered myself a big fan - had every album, single, and remix that hit the stores. Then, went to college, and little sister "borrowed" all my DD music. Years later she apologized and gave some of it back - no bad feelings! I enjoy listening to Derek's podcast, because he shares more information, insight, and original audio of the band than I ever had! It's all cool, little sis! Kudos, Derek!
The host inserts too many stories about his own baby. Praddling on about the cute thing his kid did is painful to hear. He should stick to the music. Derek also should script more of the show out. This will help the flow and lessen cliche banter and verbal meanderings. Lastly, Derek should have a topic every now and then that analyzes and educates. For instance, knowing what pieces of Duran vinyl are rare and why would be very insightful. Or discussing how Duran is currently not signed to a record label and the pros and cons of that. I think he could do better if he wants to but holding court and talking about one's own kids inspires me to turn it off!
I thought I knew everything about the band. The host shares a lot of his insight/experiences about the music and band members. He's never come off as cocky or know-it-all. I agree with the guy who said he seems very sincere. Only a few people could offer a as rich a podcast as this. Someone would have to have met the band, have lots of resources and know about music. Derek has done these things and works for an Australian independent electronic/experimental record label called Clan Analogue. He's not just some Joe who thinks Nick Rhodes has cool hair. Good job, man. Keep up the good work.
thank you and ipod for the info you provide for us, like the other guy said maybe you should be the 6th member of duran duran, why not!! anyhow keep up the good work man.
What is the purpose of writing a negative review on something that is FREE? Jesus Christ people! If you love the band, download the podcast, (the Arcadia special is a fun one). Derek is a fan that talks with sincere honesty about his admiration for the band and how they have inspired him in life to do many different things. Some of which he also talks about, his art, music, travel etc. (I believe Duran Duran would want fans to talk about their projects, especially if they are D2 inspired). Every fan is a fan in a their own way. This is Derek's way of expressing how he feels about the Fab Five and he reaches out to other Duran fans to ask what they think. (He also throws in some great facts which are from an official source. If anything was incorrect I am sure he would do a retraction) I also like that is pretty grassroots and sounds like he's recording it in his living room! not some slick radio DJ with over glossed sound. Very down to earth and real. Keep up the good work Derek!
What is with this dude? Talk about pompous. This guy acts like he is the 6th member or something. I tried to listen but got a little nauseated so I cut it short. some people just should stick to there day jobs. This guy reminded me of that dude in high school everyone beat the living snot out of. I have been a Duran fan since 1982 so I guess I can talk.