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Everything from Comic Book Noise to Mikes Weekly Reads all the best about comics is right here. Ronin Rabbit, Dr. Fate, Indie books and Marvel even DC it’s all here. Try it I’m sure you’ll find something you like, I did. Thanks Derek
Hosts make assumptions without any basis from the books they read. They review a book on what potentially might happen instead of the book itself. Your not comic book writers so stop putting yourself in their shoes. Also, the Thor podcast guy needs to clear the spit out of his mouth. This is an aural medium where inflection and affects are important. Don't have a spitter talking to me for a hour please.
Then this is not for you... Derek is the man and I love listening to all of his productions. What's wrong with telling you straight up and how you feel? Absolutely nothing.
Comic Book Noise--Know that guy that's so much smarter than you and hates everything you like? This is his show. Marvel Noise and DC Noise--Lots of fun.
if the host wants to discuss a topic in comics shouldn't he actually get the facts correct before he comments? this guy doesn't think so. there's too many better comic book podcasts out there , unless you just want an empty rant
Derek knows how to present an honest, in depth, thought-provoking comic book podcast. His passion for comics is quite contagious. Good stuff!
Geek Brunch and Comic Book Noise the dynamic duo of comic podcasts. Geek Brunch is the young upstart with all the potential in the world with two awesome and funny hosts. Then we have the grizzled vet in Comic Book Noise that keeps everything together buy it's support to the younger upstart and the undying willingness to help all interested into entering the podcasting arena. Derek you are truly a class act that inspired me to follow in your steps by doing a podcast myself. Geek Brunch and Comic Book Noise they are at the top of my comic podcast stack every time they come out.
Derek is simply the best podcaster out there. He not only provides a quality show but helps other shows constantly get there footing. He also has segments promoting other shows and is a huge asset to the comic book podcasting community. Not afraid to voice his opinion and delivers several quality shows including Comic Book Noise, Comic Book Noise Talks, 52, Countdown and World War Hulk. He also delivers several other Delibernate Noise podcasts. Keep making the noise Derek!!!!!!! Highly recommended.
The Geek Brunch episodes are always a lot of fun. Heath and Mike are two very funny dudes with a lot of interesting insights and opinions on the things they talk about. You can hear talk about anything from comics and movies to chorizo and chile and its all great! The Geek Brunch has become one of my top 5 favorite podcasts.
This Podcast is like sitting around and talking comics with a bunch of buddies. Keep it up.
Comic Book Noise. Derek Coward delivers a great show that not only offers a lot of information, but he talks to you like a friend talks to you. Agree or disagree, his points are spot on and he knows his stuff. You can't go wrong listening to Comic Book Noise. Tell Derek David A. Price sent ya. It should also be mentioned that the other comic book related podcasts that make up the Deliberate Noise Network are wonderful complements to Comic Book Noise.
Derek is never afraid to tell it exactly how it is. In a sea of podcasts that will either tell you that everything is great, or rant about what's wrong with the industry, Derek just talks comics. He gives his honest opinion about what he likes and why he likes it. The top five lists are always fun and unique. Bring the Noise!
You have to try this pod cast at least once and you will be hooked. I tried it and I was hooked Derek is the kind of guy that wont give you bs about comics and he has a ton of knowledge about the subject.
Derek is THE MAN!!! If you want brutally honest comic reviews and a reliabe and dependable podcast, that's always giving you new episodes... this is the place for you. Funny, thorough, and most importantly fair (it's not ALWAYS a negative review, unlike some)!!!