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Johns show is top notch because of him. The interviews are ok so we want the full show.
WGN needs to bring back full show podcasts . The random snippets they post now are terrible . John has a good show in its full format . I’m unable to listen to the show live , so WGN has lost me as a listener .
I have listened to John ever since he joined WGN many years ago. I have always been so impressed with how he interviews people, and the way he is able to disagree, without offending people. He has a great sense of humor! And I look forward every week to his “Mincing Rascals”. King John rules!
Why not allow listeners to hear the whole show? You can still have the segments but allow people to hear all of it if they want. I miss enjoying the whole show when I can’t catch it during its time slot. If you are going to play foolish conspiracy theorists at night, at least let us hear your sane daytime shows. I wonder what Dr. Most would think of the misinformation WGN promotes at night? At least let the sane listeners have another choice.
I absolutely love the John Williams show however I am not able to listen to it and it’s schedule time many days. I used to rely on the full podcasts but now we only get the excerpts. Not adequate. It seems as if Wgn management is doing all they can drive their listeners away. Please make an exception and bring back full podcasts for your best shows: John Williams, Bob Sirrot and Steve Bertrand.
So annoying. Ugh, the excerpts. No.
I totally agree with most of the feedback here that says that you don't get the full sense of the wit, intelligence and humanity of the John Williams show when presented in segments as it now is. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE! BRING BACK FULL SHOW PODCASTS FOR JOHN WILLIAMS AND ALL ON AIR TALENT.
I like to listen to John Williams’ podcasts as I go about my day. They are gone with the exception of some pictures. If I was looking for pictures I would watch TV. Bring the podcasts back, preferably in full show form. Otherwise I will have to look somewhere other than WGN.
Pls post full show ! We all need dbl John on many days! Catch up on days we miss! especially since Steve is gone !!! John gets 5 stars. No full show podcasts 0 stars.
August 27: The last podcast posted is August 18. So even the podcasts are old. GN doesn’t really care anymore.
I’ve loved John Williams since he was a WGN newbie over 20 years ago. His friendly love of people radiates from his voice & makes me feel happy. He’s one of the best WGN radio hosts for interacting with calls & texts. Since his schedule got switched to mornings, I’ve been forced to listen via podcast. John’s Full Show podcast used to be the highlight of my listening day. But since WGN switced to “segment” podcasts, they no longer are. The Full Show Podcast revealed the many little gems of droll wit & humor that John drops into the conversation, that DAILY ranges among multiple topics varying from entertainment, current events, social foibles, Chicago life, sports, parenting, food & much more. The few Segment podcasts we get now LACK most of what makes John’s on-air show great. I’d gladly PAY and/or listen to commercial-infused podcasts, if I could have Full Show podcasts.
I rarely listen now. I miss the full episodes. Now I skim over and really just listen to jokes. Shameful you all cut out the meat of the show and all the characters involved each day. Snippets is not enough to draw me every day anymore. I found other podcasts. I do miss the full episodes! I live in Nashville now and have listened to John from here and in Chicago for years. Please reconsider?!
I don’t even mind playing ads at the beginning and throughout show. It just stinks to have cuts because we miss things discussed and have to try to piece it together. I love to listen to WGN live, but not always able to do so when my favorite shows are on.
I echo many of the reviews—-bring back the full program on the podcast. There are many times I want to write down something that’s been mentioned but the podcast excerpts don’t include all the commentary. Is this a cost issue or simply misguided management?
I’ve listened to John for along time, I’ve always loved his show and mostly listened through podcast form. However, since the full episode hasn’t been posted I’ve been missing the show. Please bring the full show back. Even if you bring the commercials in just get the full episode back please. John gets the extra 2 stars, otherwise I’d rate this at 2 stars.
We need to hear the whole show, callers and all. They share good information. Shame on GN
Please bring back the full episode option. My 5 ⭐️ rating has gone down to 2 ⭐️ because it is so difficult to listen to segments. I haven’t been tuning in because of this. I cannot listen live because I have relocated to Phoenix, AZ.
Separate interviews is not great form for a podcast. Very frustrating. Still love Mincing Rascals podcast but will be deleting this one. Sad. One of my favorites. Dont understand the new setup.
Would rather listen to the rest of the show than just interviews(they are ok, but lately all they are are on the virus- getting tiresome) bring back full podcasts
The jerks at GN will no longer put up full podcasts. It 2020 GN stop with the “we don’t want fans listening to the whole show in less then two hours! They have to listen for the sponsors! You stink GN. The fans want John Williams full podcast
While I usually enjoy listening, it irritates me when John is interviewing people on his show and interrupts and or talks over the person. Some advice to his highness... Relax! Let people answer before you speak.
I love this podcast. Almost better than listening live.
Chicago expat, here, thankful for the technology that let's me listen to John Williams from 400 miles away.
If you like John's radio show, you will like the podcast. Opinionated but balanced news & talk.