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Great content, but after the long hiatis, I realized that I didn't miss Brad's a-hole, pompous demeanor. Good luck!
This is a super fantastic podcast with flair in all the right places. Great chemistry between the hosts. I found that after listening to a couple of episodes I have several movies that I MUST see! I look forward to the next episode of pure horror awesomeness
A great way to find out about movies that you didn"t know you needed to see.
Screamcast has the best horror guests and commentary around. I love Brad! He's super funny!
The sexual tension between Sean & Brad is palpable.
Great podcast! The show elevates to new heights when B.J. Is on the show great conversations and guests. Been listening since the early days and love the banter between Sean and Brad.
One of my top three podcasts!
Love the reviews of horror and cult cinema. Well executed discussions about the schlock we all enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed your 3 part Blaxploitation episodes, I would love to see similar approaches to the Eurocrime and Spaghetti Western genres.
This is one of my favorite podcasts, the cast are so cool and awesome. I have learned a lot from listening to this show and have been exposed to titles/films that I would overlook. The chemistry between the hosts is awesome and amazing. It is always important to listen/hear different opinions on films, news, or fandom. -Luis (@Scrface87)
This is a podcast you need to hear. Sean, Brad, and BJ provide insightful recommendations for all genres of horror. They cover modern, classic, and the hard to find movies.
One of the few podcasts I listen to, and it hits me in the genre-lovin' sweet spot every time. To me, Brad's a-holery becomes an endearing trait the more you listen, with Sean dishing back out in earnest. The rapport between these guys is brilliant, and their experience levels within the horror genre lead to interesting discussions every time. In other words: here's to a prosperous 2015!
Always happy to hear a couple of fellow horror fans geek out, or bash if need be, the latest and greatest releases. Thanks, sirs.
I am a huge movie fan, I crave anything have to do with obscure cinema or fringe film so this podcast is right up my alley...HOWEVER, i HATE Brad. He is the so annoying, he is the worst. Here are just a few reasons off the top of my head as I am taking time out of my work day to post this...1) He swears unnecessarily, a bit crude and seems to think he is cool for doing so. 2) His knowledge of film is not that broad, nor in depth, yet he gives the impression of a know it all. 3) He is an awful interviewer 4) Just listen to the Burning episode.....ugh. Brad needs to listen to that one and reevaluate how he does things. Anyway, I think the other guys are just fine...My buddy Brad needs to dial it down, realize he isn't that funny and adopt the less is more approach.
Definitely worth a listen! Looking forward to hearing more.
Brad really knows his stuff. He's the most amazing guy ever!!! Keep up the great work Brad!! Love listening to this podcast!!
Best horror podcast there is right now. Great guests and great conversational pieces.
Immensely good and fun podcast, with one problem that’s popped up recently: Brad clearly feels that he is above this show and the rest of its crew. Whatever he brings to the show is wiped out by his frequent belittlement and derision of his show mates while being nowhere near as funny or clever as he thinks he is himself. It makes the show uncomfortable to listen to. Without him, it would be a full five stars.
One of the best podcasts in recent years. Very fun ad conversational and you can tell these guys are passionate about film. Love the guests as well.
Great podcast with great guests. One of the best podcast on earth.
One of the only podcasts revolving around film that the hosts know what they're talking about.
There aren't too many home video disc related podcasts out there, but even if there were tons this one would most likely still be among the best. A great set of hosts and guests. Top grade podcast! Highly recommended!!!
Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson manage to add to the impressive Scream Factory catalog yet another informative layer of horror expertise. You WILL learn something from this well-produced new podcast.