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Love these two, keep it up! DNealz
Good format and commentary Listened to Hateful Eight episode before watching movie, watched movie then listened again - Felipe is awesome Breaking glass sound effect is not cool when driving
Listened to the intro of The Big Lebowski episode. If you don't get it, stick to something other than movies.
I'm digging this podcast, as a big movie buff, I love hearing people take a deep dive in. Matt
I am constantly in the car with work and always enjoy when I can listen to a new podcast and not only revisit some older movies and hear some great perspectives but get a glimpse into some newer ones as well. The guests are always amazing, and if you enjoy drinking games and movies they have some great ideas for you during their episodes. Keep up the great work guys!!
I discovered comedian Dwayne Perkins off his special Take Note & was so impressed by him that I followed him on Twitter. I noticed he did a movie podcast with another comedian friend TK Kelley & I'm a huge movie fan so I subscribed to the show. Much to my delight looking through the archives of shows they reviewed movies that I loved both older & recent. From the 1st episode I was hooked & genuinely laughing. They pick 1 movie per week & have another comedian friend on to discuss the movie which adds something different to the normal movie podcasts I listen to which is they joke & have fun with it. After reviewing the movie they add a nice touch by playing a few games like recast the movie or write the sequel which is really where the comedians shine with their witty answers. The show is also the perfect length at around 30 minutes. Both the hosts are relatable, funny, & very likeable & if you love movies & to laugh then I really think you'll enjoy this podcast. At the very least look at their archive & pick one of your favorite movies they have reviewed or one of the comics & give it a shot. It's not too big of an investment of time like binge watching a season of television like so many of us do.
Great reviews by funny guys.
This show is great, if you are looking for a movie to watch. Very funny. Great guests.
It’s always nice to hear what people thought - really thought - of a film afterwards, especially if you loved/hated it. TK and Dwayne are wonderful hosts, and bring a lot of humor (because they’re comedians, duh) to the conversation.