Creating Your Own Path

Reviews For Creating Your Own Path

Jennifer E. Newman has a gift for sharing her unique, her inspiring wisdom, and her clever ideas in this delightful podcast. Though she features amazing guests with generous links for more information, her real talent stands out in the episodes where she reveals her true self. Thank you, Jennifer. Always looking forward to what’s next!
Jennifer and her incredible guests shine the brightest of lights on what it means to be the best human you can be while blazing your own trail! Engaging, inspiring, and informative are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Jennifer - keep up the great work!
Listening to Creating Your Own Path as I go about my day feels like living in the company of other artists and creative people, which I can never get too much of! Super uplifting and real, fun AND mature, definitely informative, super easy to listen to, and not too much off topic small talk (just the perfect small touches 😆) THANK YOU!
Jennifer has found a very cool, unique niche here. She speaks with creatives and in doing so, helps inspire the creative energy that flows through all of us. It is a relaxed and comfortable listen so the message is well received and her interview skills have obviously been sharpened over time.
Jennifer, host of Creating Your Own Path, highlights all aspects of all different careers in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
What a wonderful collection of creative and brave individuals who have the courage to create their own path! I highly recommend listening to this podcast! May it lead the way to creating your own path.
Just finished listening to the 3-episode series with Keah Brown and it was so good! I had a smile on my face the whole time. Great message and lots of fun to listen to.
Thanks to a blog post about creative podcasts, I recently discovered Creating Your Own Path with Jennifer E. Snyder. Each episode I’ve listened to thus far has been chock full of great nuggets of actionable insights delivered by both Jennifer and her creative guests. It’s obvious Jennifer is a writer as her questions reveal the truly unique stories of her guests who share vulnerabilities and experiences that resonate on an authentic level. As a voiceover talent operating a business in the creative industry’s gig economy, I’ve found myself nodding in agreement with so much of what is discussed and am looking forward to binge listening to more.
As a creative small business owner, I love listening to this podcast and learning how other creatives work. Thanks!
Really happy I’ve discovered this podcast. I always love listening to other people’s success stories and learning from them. Jennifer has a variety of guests who are both interesting and very inspiring. I’m looking forward to checking out the other episodes!
I love how Jennifer puts real thought into choosing her guests and the way she releases episodes. As a brick and mortar business owner, I loved her series on b&m business and I appreciated that she grouped these interviews together. Thanks!
I'm drawn to stories of "humans doing awesome things." It's inspiring, and it reminds us all that we can have an impact on the world. Creating Your Own Path with Jennifer Snyder is one of those shows that puts those human stories at the center, giving us all something to aspire to.
Episode 90 is my favorite check it out! What a great podcast keep up the good work
This is one of my favorite podcasts...and I listen to a lot of them!! A wide variety of creatives sharing their stories and dropping advice & how-to. Love the host, she does great interviews and digs deep with her guests. Thank you!!!
I love the questions Jen asks her guests + she has such quality, interesting people on her show from all walks of life + career paths but still makes it applicable to my own story. Always get a boost of inspiration from this show!
This podcast is very encouraging for creative people. The interviews are really interesting and I always learn something from other people's experience in their creative journey. It also made me go back to an old dream and it motivated me to start doing what I really like - which is painting. Jennifer is doing a great job curating interesting people to interview and I am listening every week! It's very honest and inspiring. Thanks for doing this :)
Jennifer has a great talent for connecting with her guests to tell stories around the good (and tough) parts of forging your creative path. The diversity of guests mean that you’ll find things you can immediately identify with and new perspectives that will challenge your thinking.
Jennifer E. Snyder's CYOP (create your own path) interviews with creatives are fabulous. I'm so happy to have found these and I'm binge-listening like a boss at the moment. If you're searching for inspiration on business, creativity and self-development, have a listen. Such good stuff.
I love the diverse individuals Jennifer interviews - every episode is different and there is so much to learn from each conversation!
Love this podcast - Jennifer is absolutely wonderful at seeking out interesting people to interview and I truly love her interview style. I learn something from each of the podcasts and each of the individuals she’s interviewed. I cannot believe she went on a six week road trip by herself to hunt down the neatest creatives all over the USA. That level of dedication alone should tip you off on how passionate she is in creating and producing such an interesting and fun podcast. I’ve learned a lot and cannot thank Jen enough for all her hard and interesting work!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Jennifer.
Thanks to Jen Snyder for this excellent and inspiring podcast! As an independent maker, I often feel isolated when facing the myriad of business challenges. Hearing the stories of other makers facing many of the same challenges is so helpful! It's also a great way to discover new brands / designers. I'm looking forward to episodes from the CYOP road trip.
One of my favorite interviewers! She’s fun, funny, and has the best guests.
As a busy mom of 2 who is running a business in limited hours, I often felt guilty taking time out to exercise. I feel that every ’spare’ moment should be dedicated to the development of my biz. Since discovering the Creating Your Own Path podcast, that is no longer the case. I pop on my headphones and go on a jog and have turned my exercise time into business inspiration time. Jennifer finds a diverse group of creatives and asks insightful questions that get into the meat of what it means to be a creative. In each episode, I either find encouragement in hearing that my experience is not unique or inspiration as I hear how other creatives have worked through projects. Now instead of feeling guilty for exercising, I want to exercise more because I truly feel that I benefit from taking this time to improve my health and fuel my creative fire! Thank you Jennifer, keep up the good work!
Jennifer is a thoughtful interviewer with interesting guests! She gets to the heart of the experiences of the business owners with questions covering the journey, the triumphs and the hiccups. The stories are all so inspiring, and informative, with great tips, from small business owners for small business owners!
Jennifer explores the powerful thoughts and motivations behind creatives. She asks the perfect questions and gives the podcast a relatable conversational tone. Love every minute. Can’t wait for more episodes.
I have been a fan and follower of Jennifer’s blog for some time now, and was thrilled when she released her podcast series. It has been amazingly inspirational to get the behind-the-scenes details of these truly talented creative minds. As a freelance worker who often toils alone, having these extra “voices” with me in the afternoons helps put the fun back into my days and keeps my motivation levels high. Great job Jen!
Listening to these incredibly creative people describe their journey is so inspiring and fun. Thank you!
One of my favorite things about the show is that Jennifer goes behind the scenes to really find out how these entrepreneurs and creative thinkers got their start. She doesn’t just gloss over the surface. I think this is one podcast to keep your eye on!
We all need inspiration in life and to hear we aren't the only one that face struggles while walking a path that isn't beaten. Through Jenn's podcasts you get exactly that. She has created a place for listeners to connect with people who are on the same journey, while creating a confidence that it can be done.
I love hearing about the creative lives of others and that's exactly what Jen provides with each episode.
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jennifer for this series and, first of all, let me say it was so much fun. She totally has a way of making her guests feel comfy to open up and talk about their journeys! As a creative, I am very much inspired by stories of people who have made a life doing something they love. Such a great idea, Jen. I can't wait for more!
So I might be a little biased as one of Jennifer’s first podcast guests, but let me just say that our interview was so much FUN. (Check out all the laughter going on in episode 1.) And that says a lot about Jennifer’s interview style, which brings out the best in her guests and allows them to get to the good stuff for listeners. Definitely a great listen for creative types.
As a creative, it's important to hear the thoughts and inner workings of other creatives. And even more so, their past, struggles, and what it took to get to where they are. Jennifer Sneyder offers a great platform for just that. She asks the right questions which obviously bring out the right answers. Definitely a fan.
Sometimes leading or dreaming of a more creative life can get lonely, but Jennifer’s Creating Your Own Path pod cast brings amazing folks who have created their own path right into your living room, car, or office. It’s so hopeful to hear from others who have made it made it work and the friendly interview style makes this podcast extra enjoyable and encouraging.