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The person who plays Henry Allen now played Flash in 1990 and 1991! Great podcast
give it a try, you won’t regret it (:
This show is wonderful. Let’s me get all my flash stuff out because my family doesn’t like it when I’m always talking about it. Absolutely love it. Go listen to the podcast now. ~Isaac the Geek
I previously listened to another flash podcast, but the primary host’s inability to speak clearly and not say “emmm...” 50+ times an episode sent me out into the podcast l-verse to find one that clicked. Happy to say that I found it! These guys are utterly fantastic and I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to any fan of the show. Keep it up guys!
Fun show that goes in-depth on comic book lore which I have no knowledge of. The two play off each other well and speedster speculation makes it very entertaining. I just wish that if only i could turn back time I could listen to the review as the episode came out.
I love this podcast! I think it’s so awesome how excited Beau gets about The Flash; he’s my spirit animal. Bell is just as awesome and he’s just so chill about it all. With an amazing mix of humor and knowledge, I get so much of my Flash info from this podcast and it’s really nice to listen to people who are so passionate about this subject as I am because it helps me get through the “omg science” of it all, and it helps me forget about life for awhile. Love your podcast and keep up the good work, guys!
Good podcast, but the only problem with this is you do movies and tv shows other than The Flash. I would probably give this five stars if you keep this Arrowverse related.
I appreciate that your show is positive, yet you're willing to admit when parts of an episode don't make sense or are just poorly written or acted. I look forward to hearing more from both of you.
I love this podcast and it makes watching the show more fun. The hosts are a great source of flash knowledge and it’s entertaining to listen to their theories and speculations.
Beall, thank goodness you are around to reign in the madness of your cohosts ramblings! Beau, your theories forking stink! Sherloque is Eobard?! You are a clown friend!! If it weren’t for your pal Beall i’d have stopped listening years ago because you make no sense half the time! And then you take your theories as fact! A clown I say!! Thanks for doing the show I dig it week to week. These guys are fun, Beau is just that one annoying friend with crazy theories. Thank god for Beall, also love that other show you do with Seth Rogen about the space rangers of CW.
This is so funny for a young flash lover like me. Y’all are very dope and show agreeable reasons to like and dislike the show. The arguments and how you handle them are funny and agreeable.
There’s no reason they shouldn’t cure any meta who is using their powers to do bad things. It’d be like not taking a gun from a criminal. It could be used for good but if that’s not how they are using it, then they don’t deserve it.
I LOVE the Flash and this podcast dives deep into it! Definitely recommend to lovers of the Flash in the CW
Their names are Beau and Beall, and they are the sharpest podcast on air, utilizing the power of the “beard force” they keep us updated on all things the flash, great work!
Before I even watch The Flash, I have to make sure I’m all caught up with FlashTVTalk
I love listening to this show after watching The Flash the day before. As a relatively new comic fan, it’s so helpful to hear a breakdown of characters and other insights I might have missed. I also love the speculation about where plot lines are going. Keep up the good work guys!
I listen to a couple flash podcasts and this one is a must. Love to hear from these really chill guys and their theories. The only problem is that I can’t jump in the conversation when something they say gives me a new theory.
Best Podcast for the best show! Great hosts who always have the best character breakdowns, laughable moments, and flashy (pun intended) speedster speculations! Anyone who watches the Flash should totally listen to this podcast 😁
I started the Journey literally a week ago today, and have listened to every episode starting from #1. Bo & Bell (sorry for spelling guys) make listening to TV Podcasts enjoyable. Each week these guys go over the episode of that weeks Flash episode, as well as Hilarious Commentary, and Comic Book Comparisons, while still maintains Respect for the show and Characters. (GrandDaddyThawne) (Sherlibard) LOL If your Looking for a PodCast that uses Puns, creates Laughs, and is Enjoyable to sit and Listen too, Run over and hit the Subscribe Button. !!!!!!
Great podcast. Insightful hosts. Really enjoy their recaps and opinions regarding the episodes. One of my favorite new podcasts!
After all these years, this podcast stays fresh and a delight. I can’t wait for the new episodes to upload and if you can catch the live broadcasts, do that because they’re a lot of fun
Excellent work on a weekly basis!! Thanks guys!!
These guys are awesome! Very insightful comic knowledge and interesting theories. I really enjoy speedster speculation segments and look forward to hearing their thoughts after every show :). Keep up the awesome work guys!
The way the episodes are talked about is great. The character breakdowns are good and also the knowledge of comics is a plus. Speedster predictions is my fav segment of the podcasts!!!!! Safe listen no matter what character you like, which is also a plus.
This podcast is like sitting down to talk the Flash with some new friends. There is no better breakdown with some fun thrown in the middle. After one listen you won’t be able to wait until the next episode
Their knowledge of Flash and the mythology makes for a fun listening experience. You can tell they really enjoy what they are doing.
Been listening since Season 1. Always makes my day when I get that notification. Keep up the awesome work, guys.
The speed force is a force to be reckoned with and so is Flash Tv Talk!! I just recently found this podcast at the beginning of season 4 and I am so happy I did! These guys break down the episodes and explain everything so well and they make it FUN!! They are organized and interact with their listeners which is awesome and make watching the episodes even more enjoyable! The best part of this podcast is how well they explain everything in the episodes and help make sense of some of the confusing parts and their speculations are great! Keep it up guys!!! ⚡️DuBehry_Flash⚡️
Best Flash podcast, and it’s not even close. You guys are always positive about the show and having fun while doing it. Please keep them coming. You guys are the true SpeedForce Gods!
I tried a number of Flash related podcasts before I found Beau & Beall...but once I found this show I didn't need to search any longer. Great dynamic. Deep insight. Passionate and humorous all at once. There is no better FlashCast than this!
I love how informative and the quirky jokes and rants that these two bring each week!
I found FlashTVTalk after binge watching the first 3 seasons on Netflix. I was always intrigued by the series when searching through but never stopped and watched. After Justive League I wanted my Flash fix. These guys and their knowledge base of comics and the lore behind the different characters has me researching more and more every episode. While I don't partake in reading comics I'm glad I can come to FlashTVTalk every week and get some background knowledge. I teach HS and my students and I are able to talk Flash and we able to build a better relationship for it. Thanks for the hours of entertainment!
This is a nice, entertaining podcast that touches on a lot of the details of the show. The hosts know their stuff, know a lot about the actors, writers, directors, and the source comics to boot. They certainly can disagree about things, but they do so in a very nice way, everything is always kept light and friendly, so it's actually enjoyable to listen to and you come away from it both hearing some new idease about the show but also with a general positive feeling.
These guys have the knowledge and ability to do a solid professional Flash podcast but the show too often descends into unfunny bro/dad humor and self-indulgent bits like singing and disc jockey radio-style “character” voices. It would be a much better podcast without all the schtick.
I just found this podcast and these guys are so entertaining and funny! Love listening to their insights and geeking out with them and trying to not bust out in laughter while listening at work. Keep up the good work!
I listen to this podcast and many other podcast when I do my homework and work every time I get a notification that there a new podcast I get very happy
Great job fellas! I’ve been listening since the beginning and love y’all’s knowledge about the Crimson Speedster and his multiverse. Keep up the good work!
These guys really know their stuff and are never a let down to listen to. Definitely the best Flash podcast out there - accept no substitiutes.
I'm a long time listener, but also a procrastinator so first time reviewer. These guys have gotten me through a lot of long car rides and errands. I enjoy the in-depth analyses and speedster speculations which I then use to discuss theories with others. I've also been known to play parts of the episodes for friends to see their eyes glaze over during time-travel discussions. Thanks for always bringing a smile, guys!
I look forward to the next episode of this podcast as much as I look forward to the next episode of The Flash. These guys take a great tv show and make it better by giving me something to get me through the week between episodes of The Flash. I watch The Flash then eagerly await for the podcast to come out to help me process what I've seen. Some people call this a podcast. I call it therapy.
Beau and Beall are amazing hosts. Very knowledgeable show, entertaining and great content overall. Even their other shows are great (Panel to Screen and Legends TV Talk though I'm partial to Will on that show). :) a weekly listen for me. You should listen too.
I have never listened to podcasts before, but I have a long drive to work, so thought I would give them a try for The Flash. I have now listened to 3 different podcasts, and the other two were so annoying I couldn't finish. This one is very well done. I appreciate the amount of detail and the lack of random pointless comments.
I came into this show second season because my nephew would rave about the tv show and I wanted to be able to talk about it with him. I think I'm now more obsessed with the show than he is! These guys have great chemistry and are super knowledgeable! Gives me great talking points when talking to my nephew and he thinks I'm an awesome aunt because thanks to these guys I sound like I know what I'm talking about! Thanks!
Hey fellas! New listener from Warren Michigan! I drive a recycle truck for work like pick up and dump recycle bins lol but podcasts play a huge part in my day. I just found your guys podcasts last week and I'm already hooked! I'm a big superhero guy, probably Dc over marvel and flash batman green lantern and arrow are my favs. U guys do an awesome job with the show and are super knowledgeable on flash. And on a previous episode I listened to u guys state that Joe would die instead of iris and That seems more and more true every new flash episode and h r being savitar.... could be a possibility. I'd be shocked if he was. Anyways keep up the work fellas! And a shout out this week would be dope! Names Brandon!
This show is always insightful and funny. Great way to spend the workday. Keep up the great work!
This show is fantastic for anyone who enjoys listening to podcasts about their favorite shows. The guys are knowledgeable and hilarious. Their discussions encourage you to think about the show at a deeper level. I love hearing their theories, especially when they align with my own haha. Please support these guys on Patreon, they very much deserve our support!
I love how well the show is put together. The chemistry both hosts have is amazing and the way they tie in comic series to the show is amazing. Keep up the great work guys.
Hey guys, always loving the podcast since day one. Great duo for the podcast. My theory is that Harry from E2 is the Harry on the roof that Barry saw when Cisco and him went back to the future not HR. My other theory is that Eddie is the Flash from Earth 19, not future Barry. Keep up the great work. Have a blessed week.
Gents, Last episode was hilarious. I was in tears over what you guys were saying about Barry's turtle. By the way guys I just saw a turtle literally vanish into thin air. Thoughts? Anyway enjoy the show keep doing what you're doing and you have gained a fan from Earth26. Cheers.